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  1. One of the deepest games I've seen is this: The Void / Tension / Тургор
  2. I'd say - daily journaling. You can start with this technique:
  3. @Mert Here is answer to your question (12:36)
  4. I do concentration practice before each meditation session. I use metronome and I like the sound of Google metronome - But I noticed that if I use one object for concentration all the time (metronome sound), I get too used to it, and my attention does not want to stick to an old object so much anymore. Therefore, I'm planning to change objects of concentration from time to time - metronome, visualization of a color, physical touch, breath, etc.
  5. (sorry for being late) Happy Birthday
  6. @Leo Gura Leo, do you want to make a thread like this about meditation techniques too?
  7. I think one of the most effective ways to train conentration is to do this:
  8. The whole "You" thing is Infinity's profile picture already lol
  9. @Leo Gura , Do you mean here mindfulness meditation from your Mindfulness Meditation video - noticing and keeping attention on objects in awareness? Or no-manipulation kind of meditations?
  10. He probably called that "Meditation for Beginners" to attract more new people to high quality meditation, and meditation is also necessary for people to understand videos nowadays - remember, Leo knows marketing Also, read this, please. It's from Adyashanti:
  11. Guys, do Leo's Exercise worksheets that he posts with his videos if you want to have better results in self actualization. I've always skipped them until the last video (Rant against culture), but from today I've started doing them. It is not always easy to do them, and it takes time, requires intellectual and emotional labor (if you take them seriously). But it's worth of it. Worksheets make videos 3 times more effective for you. Do not skip such a good boost to your work.
  12. Yes, I aggree with this. I believe that intellectual knowledge cannot help with practical use of intuition. But topic of intuition inspires me. So, I want to get more information for inspiration.
  13. After watching the latest video, I want to get more knowledge about it. Do you know any high quality sources of information about intuition (videos, articles, books, exercises)?
  14. I have a narcisstic father. What really helps me: This channel: This subreddit: