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  1. Just felt like I want to share this video I just saw: To me it seems that the guy is saying similar things to what Leo is sharing. He uses different words, probably, but messages are similar.
  2. Emotions follow thoughts (interpretations of the situation). If you have thoughts about a situation like: "Oh no, it's horrible, what I'm gonna do? It's bad, no, it's dangerous, I need to avoid it", then you will experience stressful emotions. What you can do, is to notice and try to change your interpretation of the situation. Try to see the situation in a different, positive perspective. Force yourself instead of thinking "Oh no, it's horrible" to think "This is an opportunity". Like Leo said in one of the videos. If a girl was cheated on, she may think: "Oh no, what a bastard, everything went so well...", she will get depressed, her self esteem will lower. She will break up and then close to relationships, stop dating. And she will not find another man. This will lead to more interpretations like: "I am worthless, I will never find anybody". So she will have bad results. But there is a choice. She could have changed her negative perspective to a positive one: "Actually that guy does not fit me, wow I am free now, I can go dating again, there are exciting opportunities out there" and she will feel excited. She will go dating again and will get results. By default ego does not want to change negative perspective to positive. Because this is how survival mechanism works. But if you want to take control over your life, you have to take responsibility for your interpretations. Changing negative interpretation to positive leads to change of emotions. Change of emotions leads to change of actions. Which leads to better results. You don't have to be neurotic doing this. Internally you can practice full acceptance (meditation, yoga, journal, self inquiry, contemplation). But externally you can take responsibility for your life, emotions, thoughts and interpretations.
  3. Why not try social networks? Like FB. Go to consciousness-related groups and write-write-write useful valuable comments there. Get traffic from social networks. Make Twitter and Instagram accounts and post some inspiring quotes or valuable fragments of your FB comments and blog posts there with pretty pictures. Interact with everyone. + And also you could try live webinars, online marathons, online school with groups and live streams, etc.
  4. Have you guys started doing Kriya Yoga by reading those books from Leo's list or did you use some other resources?
  5. I'm trying to sit how Leo showed in this blog post: I like this posture, but the problem is that after sitting like this, I feel discomfort in the area between my nuts and ass for about an hour or two after practice. It's the area where my heel is putting pressure on my body while I'm sitting. I tried adjusting my pose in different ways, but heel is putting too much pressure anyway. Are there any possible solutions to this?
  6. @c_wave_arts Isn't this a good list from Leo's "Start Here" page? + I think what helps not to backslide - to reinforce your motivation. Watch inspiring videos and movies on topic of growth, sacrifice, meditation, etc., read books and articles, biographies.
  7. Maybe this could help? When you concentrate on a sound, you do not need to change it. You only need to concentrate on what is actually there. If the sound is quiet and overpowered by other sounds, so be it. Keep concentrating on what is there. So maybe you can concentrate on this quiet sound of breath even if it feels unsatisfying because you would prefer this sound to be more loud and clear.
  8. This guy has practical techniques: The Phase: Shattering the Illusion of Reality The Phase: A Practical Guidebook for Lucid Dreaming and Out-of-Body Travel
  9. I've noticed that recently I became so sensitive to movies and music that I can barely hold my tears even while watching some cartoons. If I would read or watch Lord of the Rings now, I'd cry almost non stop. Nowadays I want to cry when anything reminds me of: Hero's Journey Self sacrifice Mission that is higher than your personal interests Following your passion Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs Cutting through majority's delusions Before I have never been noticing how many stories, music, art projects, movies have these motives in them.
  10. Yeah, I know. For me not having access to psychedelics is one of the things that bother me the most. I want to grow further and I'm getting a little bit sick of being so slow and inefficient in the process of discovering truth. I want to have access to psychedelics. I think I am ready to start using them efficiently. But there are obstacles right now. My life circumstances are changing radically at this moment (moved to another country, married, quit my profession, working on a Life Purpose and figuring out how to financially support myself in all these new circumstances). It's planned for me, though, to get access to psychedelics in future, of course. I'm disappointed that I have not done it yet, but there are objective reasons for it right now, really (yeah, yeah, not an excuse, I just want to express my bitterness and disappointment that's it ).
  11. Well, in the country I am currently living in, there is death penalty for owning, buying, selling or even using almost any psychedelic. That would be a little bit too direct way to enlightenment for me
  12. Do you know any good Green and Yellow websites and blogs? Please, share? Here is a couple of websites that I read from time to time (they are mostly Green, I believe): +
  13. @luckieluuke Yeah, but it is a little bit different from blindly jumping from one technique to another. Because in "freestyle" technique you actually know and feel what will bring you the most clarity/awareness/healing right now and you do it. For this you need to have some experience with each of the popular techniques. You have to "get" what's the essence, idea, usefulness of each technique is, so you could consciously switch between them and even effectively improvise and follow intuition. I guess, that if you've been doing a technique for less than a year, then you might not have enough reference experience to actually get the purpose of this technique. And you cannot effectively use it via intuition then. Actually, what I've mentioned in my post, is more an improvisation and intuitive inner action than switching between formal techniques.
  14. Recently I started to feel resistance to any formal techniques. When I am performing a formal technique, it feels like I'm missing something or sabotaging myself. Now I do something that I call "freestyle" meditation. Basically, it's a combination of all the popular techniques and also some intuitive internal action. I sit and feel what would bring me the most clarity now. And do it. For example, I might feel that I need to give attention to my thoughts and let them run through my mind for a while. Then I might feel that I need to focus on my breath more. Then gently let my thoughts go. Then focus on some physical feelings. Then inquire what a thought is and how all my knowledge is based on thoughts. And keep inquiring on different topics. Then -- feeling my emotions. Trying to see the source of them. Let them go. Intuitively let mind and body to heal. Then Do Nothing with no control for a while. And then focus on breath. Count breaths or just focus on the sensation of breathing. And so on. Sometimes I do even guided meditations. I like it, but I am not 100% absolutely sure that it's not just me trying to avoid effort, that is especially necessary for strict formal techniques. However, intuitively this style of meditation feels effective.