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  1. Dr. Brooke Goldner's advice: Get happiness from elsewhere than food. Motivate yourself. Plan.
  2. Doctors and psychologists who coach people into eating 100% healthy says working on the environment is more important than working on your self. Thus, empty you home on everything that's unhealthy, because if it's in your house it's in your mouth. So, make your environment free from junk food. Expose yourself only to healthy foods.
  3. 1. It doesn't need to take that long. 2. Andrew Taylor, the Australian who lived on only potato for a whole year, says: "If food is the most exciting part of your day you've got problems. Make your food boring and your life interesting." You may want to check out Andrew Taylor on youtube. His story can be inspiring to you. You may also want to check out Eric O'Grey. 3. Whole grains are healthy. One way to become healthier is to hang around with healthy people and influencers, because their way of living will influence you. Maybe see it as an opportunity to gain new friends, rather than a risk of loosing old friends.
  4. You can fight your addiction to junk foods and learn to enjoy healthy foods instead. I would say the cheese is by far the most unhealthy part of the pizza, followed by processed meat. I can't tell if there is any difference with frozen pizzas and restaurant pizzas. Try to eat only healthy foods for a whole week, follow a Whole Food Plant-Based diet, and experience the difference yourself. You can also research the long term benefits of eating a Whole Food Plant-Based diet.
  5. Research about Whole Food Plant-Based diet. Experts advocating this diet, says whole grains are healthy, but oils are always unhealthy. Be cautious with flour products, because they are easy to overeat. They have a high calorie density and are easily digested because flour is grinded into a powder. Oils are bad because no other food have higher calorie density, and it is just empty calories. There are basically no vitamins, antioxidants, minerals or fiber in oil. Oils are a culprit to overweight and obesity in the western world. Make it a rule to eat foods only in their natural shape. Most people don't have any issues with gluten. Be cautious with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. They can be healthy but easy to overeat because of their high calorie density. Plant-based milks can be okay if they are free from oils and sugar.
  6. @Casey Gavin Powers Leo has made a great video called Why am I Depressed. In the video Leo explains that depression isn't an external problem, but an internal. Maybe you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. At your age many are in a hurry to achieve things in life. Let things take the time it requires. One of my own favorites rules for life is: There are no "have-tos" in life. About social anxiety:
  7. MEDITATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it to a routine to always listen to both sides of an argument - especially if one side provokes you. Instead of having opinions about stuff - allow yourself not to know.
  8. 1) My former boss was a billionaire entrepreneur. He had a lot of crazy ideas, but I guess "Thinking Outside The Box" is what made him successful. 2) What can the university offer you that YouTube can't? 3) Making unconscious decisions. 4) MEDITATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. @Charlotte Yeah, why is it so hard to just be? Are we supposed to have all this suffering in our lives, or should we avoid it by meditating? What are the benefits of meditation, more than the feeling of peace? Why aren't we meditating more?
  10. 1. According to many researchers and doctors a vegan diet called who Whole-food plant-based diet, is the healthiest diet. They claim that the diet, combined with an otherwise healthy lifestyle, can reverse heart disease. 2. I never heard that different diets would be any better. @Light Lover You can avoid "plant fragment foods". Thus, processed plant foods like vegetable oils, suggar, white wheat, white rice etc. Rather eat whole foods, like seeds, dates, whole wheat, brown rice, sweet potato etc.
  11. Whole-food plant-based diet. I take advice from dr John McDougall, dr Michael Greger, and many other doctors and researchers.
  12. @Leo Gura Maybe you are overanalyzing? I myself have followed Scott Adams for about a year. I have found his explanations helpful to understand what's happening in USA.
  13. Do you feel like the less time spent on eating the better? What is the ideal time spent on eating a meal? What are the benefits eating slowly or mindfully, and what does it give you? Here is a thought about creating a new habit: You can ask yourself how this habit connects with your highest values. How does this habit align with the direction you wish to have in life? Maybe you have to build up the will of eating mindfully. It looks like you don't have your whole mind along you on the journey. It is like you are trying to ride a horse that doesn't want to obey you. Your mind has been busy elsewhere, in other words. This is mindfulness too, right? Isn’t it at least as important to be mindful about the feeling of hunger, thirst and fullness? Or being mindful of the need of salt, starch, protein and vegetables? Or being mindful of how the eating affects the mood, energy and health? Or being mindful of your present level of motivation of eating healthy, and being mindful about the rest of the psychology? Going through this phase could be a source of anger. But it sounds like you now have some breathing space in life. That can be nice. Too much reading the news can make one angry. Sometimes I imagine if the news were a real person, how toxic wouldn't that person be, always talking about war, crime and hate? But, in the same way we can avoid toxic and negative people, we can limit our reading of the news. I myself live in Sweden. People here reacted with surprised that he could get elected president. But I guess one can only accept the reality, he was the American choice, and if that's a bad thing, we know what we can be working on, in our contribution to the world. I wonder how much more divided the US will be after this presidency, or if the people will be able to unite. I wish you a lot of love. Love is all we need.
  14. Trust that by time you will get a vision of your future contribution.