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  1. No, I don't think it won't muck it up, doing both meditation and mindful eating. I think they are both great. What you might want to avoid is the start up of creating many different new habits at the same time. Creating a new habit takes time, focus, energy and willpower. You can pick the ONE Thing you think will give most outcome, and "go all in" for it. Somehow it tend to be a very good strategy to pick just one main action to prioritize, giving it enough time and energy. It was not long ago in the news about a man going on a diet eating only potato for a whole year. He lost 50 kg (95 lbs). Funny story! More positive food experiences! This is where you want to be going. This is a nice vision to aim for. This is very sad. Food is so big part of our lives. Let food be something nice and positive.
  2. I think if it was me I would focus on working with only ONE habit at a time, making sure it becomes a implemented habit. It is supposed to take an average of 66 days to make a behavior to a habit. Your goal seems to be to have a good relationship with food. Eating mindfully could be the habit that will give most effect, or what do you think? You could have eating mindfully as your main mission during the day, and be satisfied executing it, and just see how much willpower you have for other things. There's a book called The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller. This book argues why focusing on only ONE Thing is the best way to go when reaching for our goals. Nice! A positive food experience!
  3. We Swedes always tell each other: Let the food quiet your mouth! I think we sometimes need to remind ourselves why we want to be eating healthy, asking ourselves: What do I want to eat, and why? Why do I want to take care of my body and soul? I myself have lost 20 kg (44 lbs). I still want to lose just some more. Now I tried a very simple technique: Throughout my day I ask myself: Why do I want to lose weight? Every time I am about to eat I ask and ponder this question. It fires me to starve and going to the gym.
  4. Making people wiser is a nice slogan. That's a good aim in life, I think. I don't know if you read The Alchemist. This book can be an inspiration in following your dreams. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." Paulo Coelho
  5. For me it takes like a day to read one page in a book. I read quite slowly. Sometimes I can read fast, but mostly I read slowly. Luckily I went to school in Sweden. The school environment is creative and not so focused on "information absorbing", so I had top grades. But when I went on to university I had to quit my studies, because I couldn't be myself in that environment.
  6. @Aleksandar Why does software engineering interest you? Where will it lead you in life? So why don't you do it? Or you could do as I, be unemployed and live on savings and discover yourself.
  7. Just be lazy. Laziness is really good sometimes. I suggest you to study who you are. Study different personality profiles and models. Discover your strengths and weaknesses. There are many great books and other materials to find. I myself discovered that schools isn't really my thing. I am learning more by doing nothing and just being lazy. Do as Finnish students, study less, and go climb a tree and have fun:
  8. Discovering your life purpose could be an idea too. And discover your values and what's important to you in life, so you know what to aim for and you get some direction in life. You seem to be lost. Having a meditation habit is great. Study meditation and experiment with different techniques. I get a feeling you need to do something about your academics, if it's draining you on your energy.
  9. Many years ago I read about interpreting dreams in one of Sigmund Freud's books. He had some interesting ideas about dreams, so since then I have used these theories to interpret my own daydreams and sleeping dreams. I think it has worked well and been useful. I don't know about any other books. I haven't done any research. Anyway, so what Freud says is that a dream is a wish that's presented as fulfilled. I will give you an example: It's common people dream about searching for the toilet, and when they wake up they realize they actually need to pee. So, what takes place in the dream is that they are searching for the toilet, but just the moment they reach the toilet and start peeing they wake up. So, the wish in this case is to reach the toilet and pee. And as always, this wish is fulfilled in the end of the dream. The end of the dreams is the interesting part, because it shows what you unconsciously dream and wish to happen. Would you like to share what you have been dreaming about?
  10. I would look for a better job. The world is big and full of opportunities. At my last job I had the problem that I didn't enjoy the work I was doing, but I was satisfied with my coworkers. Because I saw no possibilities improving my work situation, I had to take the responsibility to find an other job.
  11. @Scarecrow You can play with the idea that you can be perfectly happy and fulfilled in life without having any friends at all. It is no rule having friends is good or bad, right or wrong. This insight can be a relieve for some people. Spending time alone is often a good thing. Study the subject of friendship. Ask yourself questions like: What is a good friend? Do I need friends? How many friends do I want? What is a friend? What kind of friends do I want in my life? Am I a good friend? When do I need to spend time alone? This makes you more confident in who you are and what you want in your friendships. Meditation will help you too.
  12. Your body is a biological machine and all the actions taken by this machine can be explained by the laws of physics. You experience you are the one taking these decisions and actions, but in reality you are not. Your body has already taken the decision for an action before you yourself experience the feeling of taking decision and action. I read this in a science magazine many years ago. So I think your body has its own destiny, and you can enjoy the ride of life and see where it takes you.
  13. I think the reson why you can't take action is because you don't believe in what you are doing. You have to be deeply sure that your actions are the right thing to do. To be authentically sure about what you want in life, do inner work. As someone mentioned before, Leo's Life Purpose Course has content about finding your true values. That's a start. Whatever you are doing in life, make sure it serves humanity and the world. I think serving humanity and the world is a core value in all humans. Align your actions in life with this value. Maybe you also need to detach yourself from the need of taking action. I get a feeling of desperation in your writing. Play with this idea: You can spend the rest of your life doing nothing -- just sleeping, eating and pooping -- and still be happy and fulfilled. Try during your meditation to let go of your needs. Let yourself just be. About visualization: I think you are pushing it too hard. Try to let the visualization come more naturally. Daydream instead. Let your unconscious mind lead you to new interesting visions by daydreaming. You have to deeply believe your vision is the right path in life for you. Feel free to let your future vision morph and change by time. Ask yourself: What do I want in life? And give yourself a deep answer to this question. And don't think too much. Use your intuition.
  14. 100% better results. The few digital books I have bought are unread and forgotten. I avoid staring into screens if I can. It is tiring for my eyes. I love paper books, especially with hard covers. They don't get deformed after usage. I have a silly habit every time I buy a paper book; I smell the book and then I fantasize how the book will impact my life and future.
  15. I can feel your pain. It sounds like you are having a mild depression. But there are ways out of anxiousness and stress. You can get back on track in life, and feel the flow and joy again, that life has to offer. There’s a video called “Why am I depressed?” It is one of my favorites. Have you seen it? After about 11 minutes into the video Leo describes a mindset or meditation technique. See if it can help you. You can study the content in this video, try the technique, and also discuss the video content in this forum.