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  1. @LfcCharlie4 i guess you are right. I tend to be extreme/obsessive in certain things. So i'm really on point in some areas of my life (Fitness/Health/Spiritual practice) and i'm really off in other areas of my life (Business/Relationships) at this point...
  2. @Leo Gura Yeah i get it. But isn't it a bit of a lottery ticket anyway? Getting old kinda sucks, in our western culture, anyway. I mean there are 100yo people who are pretty fit and never cared about any of that stuff. Tbh i'm just a bit sick of caring too much about those kind of things, because it narrows my enjoyment for life. I didn't give a shit about those things in my youth and early 20s and i felt alot more free. Sometimes Ignorance can be Bliss, i guess I never have been really sick in my life tho. Maybe if i struggled with my health, like you have, i would think different about it.
  3. But a bit of a Meta question: Why bother and stress so much about being healthy, if we all gonna die anyway? Just to live a few more years? So i've been living here in munich really healthy for the last few years. Which is good, but it also blocks me of of just enjoying life sometimes. I made an identity out of it. To the point where i don't even want to make trips to other (poorer) countries anymore. Just because it's not possible to eat there as healthy as in Germany, because they don't offer alot of organic food for example. Wouldn't it be more healthy for the mind, to just try to eat healthy as best as possible (e.g. don't go to McDonald's and just cook good food for yourself, even if it isn't organic and there might be some pestesides on it). It really helps me to enjoy me life more, if i don't worry about those things too much. And i feel more free
  4. So my plan is to go backpacking in colombia soon. What would you recommend me to drink there? Bottle water? But then there is the problem, that the bottles are usually made out of plastic.
  5. @Leo Gura But isn't Joe Rogan only saying, that he does TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy) which could be argued, that it's even healthy? Because at a certain age your Testosterone drops and you can keep it high that way
  6. No you won't. I've done that move on many dates, back in my Pickup hay-days, here in Germany. And it worked many times. That's what hot women are attracted to. They want a go-getter. Of course, there has to be attraction and raport first, otherwise it would be totally uncalibrated. Calibration is key, when doing Pickup. But i'm talking about dates here. So that should be a given. I've pretty much only have done daygame.
  7. It's interesting. I've seen you claiming, that you don't have any traumas. But that's definitly some trauma-based thinking/behavior. Or maybe just a bad set of believes you picked Up somewhere. I'm not blaming you, i'm the same way. But also, i would never claim, that i'm free of trauma And it's true, when it comes to your "normal" superfical hot girl. But there are definitly girls out there, who are more evolved than that, and that's the type of girl you are really looking for, i guess.
  8. @Girzo @Girzo @Girzo@Girzo I wouldn't even call it a "gut feeling" in this case. From the first time i ever heard about covid and the possibility of there being a vaccine, I was absolutly sure, that i never will get this "vaccine". It's more like a strong "knowing", than some "gut feeling". Something just felt always shady about it and i had the feeling of being manipulated right from the get go. And i just had covid about 2 weeks ago. It was a mild flu for me...
  9. @Leo Gura Dude, i can't even take you serious at this point. You make a video about how the number one authorithy should be yourself, but still i should listen to some statistic instead of listening to my gut feeling, which tells me clearly, that i shouldn't get vaccinated!?
  10. There are some great cities in eastern europe for daygame, like moscow, riga or budapest. Which is good, because it's cheap to live there as well. Maybe moscow is not super cheap... Also the city i'm from, munich, is great for doing daygame. Also the girls in eastern europe tend to be really nice and humble, even thou they look like supermodels. Which is great. I can imagine that in LA or Las Vegas you meet alot of entiteled b*tches, too.
  11. I had a pretty similar experience with 1P-LSD around a month ago. For me it really lasted for over 24 hours. I experienced so much fear. I don't have a job and my parents still give me money to live a minimal lifestyle. Also i like my life most of the time. I have good frienships, i meditate for 1-2 hours every day and i go to the gym 6 times per week but i often feel like there is something missing. Maybe i should get a handle on becoming really independent first before i start experimenting with psychedelics. I just really dont like working...and i'm already 33.
  12. @Leo Gura I wanna talk about some petty human feelings. I feel a bit annoyed/angry/sad/neglacted that you didn't answer in my thread. I made a thread about the this topic around 14 hours ago and i was hoping that you will answer there
  13. I was thinking the same. When it comes to material success, the guy has everything one can even dream and he is so young too. Also his parents seem really cool, loving and understanding. I always used to be jealous of this guy tbh.
  14. Hey, it seems like he took some Ayahuasca and seems really weird now. He even talks about killing himself in his most recent Video. Here are the videos: What do you guys think about it?
  15. I wondered about that myself, because there are so many episodes now and the statements of Leo contradict each other from time to time. So it would be really interesting, if there are any changes in Leo's View comparing to other episodes. It would be really cool, if there was a function in youtube, where you can add a little update onto the Video after a while. What are your thoughts on that Leo?