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  1. There is also a book with Osho's explanations of all these techniques, called "The Book of Secrets"
  2. In my experience, as long as I study the whole semester, I have absolutely no problem in passing an exam! You shouldn't have any problem either! I usually make summaries of courses to cover core concepts then just practice exercises! For the shortcuts though, it depends on your circumstances! If you have acces to the previous exam subjects (unofficial sources) and you have an idea about how much subjects change semester by semester, just solve one of those subjects once or twice and you're good to go!
  3. @B_Naz if you want to type, then type! Simple!
  4. Me, I do both! I'm keyboard typing when I have too many thoughts running up in my head, or when I wanna do some stream of consciousness writing! When it comes to contemplating very deep & personal things about myself, or planning for the future, I use a pen and a notebook! For class notes I recommend typing! It just saves time!
  5. You got inspired by the jp topic? 😂
  6. @Spacious Seems that it drew a LOT of attention! wow!
  7. God, What is happening here?
  8. To not make your pants smelly, so you could wear pants more often without washing them! .....or culture idk
  9. What do you mean by studying smart? A good student ,in general, would not be in a situation like this, so they can't relate. Do you want to learn or do you want a shortcut?
  10. Motivation has a feeling like, you know a 100% you'll feel better about yourself if you (from your example) do better in school! Again it's about improvement: you inprove youself in a certain area! But, motivation isn't everything! Work should follow!
  11. I personally think it like this: "I'm very good & ok with myself now, but it's always room for better!" Maybe look at change as an improvement , because with time and effort you get better as a person! But , like @ajasatya said, accept , then change! That's the order.
  12. @Homer Even if they talk about shallow topics, get involved and express your opinion! It doesn't matter if they disagree or laugh at you! You'll still influence them! If they are not interested about deeper topics or meditation do not shove it down their throats! Try to understand them more!
  13. @Actualizer777 Do you have other activities to chill besides watching netflix? You could do something creative in this free time of yours! I don't know what you like, maybe draw something, or do a vlog, or start writing in a journal. I don't know man, you choose what makes you feel better. It could be both a time problem and a mind problem! Try first to fill your time with one activity that you enjoy alot. It is good to do a little bit every day. Otherwise you'll burn out! It is a mind problem if you expect to fill every minute and second of these 7 months , and thinking constantly about how much time you have left, because you are always thinking in the future, you know what I mean? Do not expect to do something meaningful non-stop. So, if you're thinking like that, it is best to stay in the present and enjoy filling your time with one more thing you like. If you still have time, then rest your mind. You can even enjoy doing nothing! Time in which you are present is not time wasted. Time in which you enjoy things is not time wasted. As long as you have a path, you're already going in the right direction! Good luck!
  14. Despite being too complex to describe myself in a single sentence, I'll just say I'm art.
  15. Yoooooo!!!😲 I REALLY FORGOT THAT!! Thanks for this ^^ ... having the same issue here.