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  1. I'm currently on 3 antipsychotics, 2 maximum dose and one medium dose. Try cutting gluten to see if it helps the psychosis, it made a huge difference for me. When I first got ill i was semifunctional on only one AP. The doses got raised over the course of about 6 years until I cut gluten, haven't raised them even a tiny bit it in 1.5 years. But that's me, most people with psychosis won't find relief from it, I think its worth a shot though. If you're going to quit meds I'd suggest you do it with the guidance of a professional (I don't mean a psychiatrist) instead of isolating yourself. You could look into the work of Sean Blackwell (bipolarorwakingup, he helps schizophrenics too I think) or Stan Grof. Good luck!
  2. Cooldowns are not as important as warmups, for me at least. I think cooldowns are more important when you're starting out. My version of it is that I go over the biggest hands, if I think I've made big mistakes during the session. Here's a link on how to do one: http://www.mentalgamefish.com/poker-cool-down/
  3. I used to be a pro poker player for many years. Jared Tendler's 2 books are alright. What helped me the most with this issue was visualization. I knew about it for almost 10 years, wrote how I should do it in my poker mission statemen 8 years ago but rarely actually did it. Nowadays I know that if I skip me pre-session visualization I might make similar mistakes. 5 minutes is enough for me. First "get into your body" . Then just visualize yourself being extra present in those tough situations, also I visualize myself "In the zone" as they call it, looking at the right stats at the right times, really being very present and when I realize I'm beat not making that stupid call even though the math says so, etc. If you don't do a warmup/visualization, your first 5-10 minutes of playing are the warmup. I'd suggest doing a cooldown as well. Leo's visualization video is actually pretty good, what I do is very similar.
  4. If I'd double a certain drug I'm on, I could probably get milk out of my tit. I'm male.
  5. Why if we torture animals, it's a heinous crime, yet when nature does it, nobody complains(and I do mean nobody, never heard that question discussed on TV or in the "mainstream"). If we tried hardest to cause as much suffering as possible, I don't think we'd come anywhere close to what nature is doing. Before you start flaming me, I'm vegan. I'm for everybody going vegan as soon as possible. I think the majority of vegans love nature, being in nature, marveling at its "beauty and magnificence". So to me, they're sleeping with the enemy. Save the whales, save the pandas, save the lions. Save them for what, so we can harvest them or force them to reproduce when they don't want to? Would you like to live the life of a lion? 9 times out of 10 you won't reach maturity, you'll get eaten by hyenas, die of disease, get killed by other male lions, etc. Lions have probably relatively low attrition rates, prey animals have it way worse, in the oceans it's another order of magnitude worse. What if insects feel metamorphosis? Nature would have no reason to not make them feel their body getting transformed, they're trapped, they might be in intense pain. Even if they feel a fraction of what we do, the huge amount of insects everywhere makes it a terrifying thought. I haven't heard many vegans tackle this issue, they're usually on the wrong side of the fence from my perspective and are concerned with preserving animals in the wild. Obviously, eradicating all of the suffering on this planet would leave no room for human activities, for me it's a small price to pay, for most, they'd rather see the carnage go on. Maybe we could have virtual reality machines on Mars and blow this planet up, while we "watch" from our virtual environments. I don't know if we can cure the disease without giving the average person something in return. I see the chance of we ever coming to grips with reality relatively low, there are even talks of spreading life onto other planets. So it'll be another billion years of this until the sun blows up. The only silver lining is that life is not something the universe summons easily.
  6. I went trough RSD Luke's "Social Circle Blueprint" product like 2 months ago mb. I liked it overall, some eye opening stuff in there for sure. I think he said that for him, there are not many clubs to go to even in major cities like NY (but that might have been partly because he has a specific taste in girls). He explains how he befriends the promoters, get's into clubs free(I think he actually wears sweatpants and a jumper often, not that it's mandatory or anything , these are high end clubs we're talking about), gets boatloads of free alcohol from those clubs(he said that on any give night, if he'd drink all the alcohol that is give to him, he'd die), befriends the rich guys who go to those clubs etc. His game is not that strong, but it doesn't need to be, any conventional PUA stuff in these environments seems tryhard and is unnecessary and actually counterproductive. He also completely shat on the idea that bringing a big group of even attractive girls to clubs with you will make any difference in terms of getting in yourself, he made sure to drive that point home hard :D.
  7. It took me over 3 years to be back to normal after being on a SSRI for only 9 months. I have read about some people being cured of it with Licorice Root, you could look into that. I tried it and it helped but couldn't tolerate side-effects, tried the Deglycyrrhizinated version but that did nothing, so I just waited it out.
  8. Sorry, I somehow missed this thread when it came out, hope digging up an old thread like this isn't a punishable offence. Here's a link for hardcore fans of the movie: http://www.jackdurden.com/ I used to be obsessed with this movie. The book and movie are actually quite different, the movie is an adaption. It isn't exactly clear if Jack's illness is MPD or Schizophrenia from the movie, but in the director's commentary they call Tyler Jack's schizophrenic partner. The scariest experience of my life was finding out I'm insane, in a very similar way Jack does in the movie(I had seen the movie already at least 10 times at that point). A bunch of crazy stuff happened to me. Now I didn't hallucinate my "partner", IDK how that would even work IRL without it being apparent very quickly that you're ill, we had a relationship more covert than that. The movie was a big inspiration for him, but his philosophy is different than that of Tyler in the movie. Also the movie, imo, is not meant to stand for exactly the things Tyler stands for.
  9. I have schizophrenia. I do avoid caffeine. Avoiding gluten made a huge difference for me(but didn't cure me). For me, supps didn't make a huge difference and I've tried many that have been found to be useful for schizophrenia. Here are some I've tried, you could research them. In order of usefulness for me: Sarcosine, Pregnenolone, NAC, L-lysine, Fish oil, L-theanine, Curcumin, L-methylfolate, Niacin, Ginkgo biloba, Ginseng. I took Sarcosine for over 3 years but quit because it was not wroth the price for me(only helped memory), some people say it cured their negative symptoms, I think it's your best bet to try to get rid of negatives.
  10. You are the best person to answer that question. I got into my purpose(at the time) in middle-school and at 17 I could rent a nice apartment. How much risk are you comfortable with? I'm for(myself) diving in head first and hoping I figure it out, if nothing else you learn what doesn't work. It doesn't have to be completely one or the other. If you get a "regular" job I'd suggest something in the field your purpose is, so you can learn tricks of the trade from people who already have a similar, successful, business.
  11. Maybe you didn't read my post carefully, or maybe I suck at expressing myself. I'm a vegan and for everybody going vegan as soon as possible. My point was that as suffering on planet earth is concerned, it won't make a huge difference. We've got to go way further than that.
  12. Ever since the argument for animal welfare was made for me, I found the idea that animals in nature have a great life completely retarded. If I had to choose between a life of an animal in a factory farm and in the wild, I'd probably end up choosing the life of the animal in a farm(not that I'd choose it over nonexistence). Obviously the sheer numbers in nature are astronomically bigger. Also, to give some perspective, 1 in 10 lion cubs reaches maturity, the rest die brutally because of various causes. Prey animals have even worse attrition rates. In the oceans it's even far worse, for example, 1000 fully sentient baby octopuses die horribly so that one could procreate. I'm not trying to make the argument for futility, I'm a vegan myself, but this reverence for nature is ridiculous for me when its coming from people who are supposedly smarter and better. Planet earth will not be a great place if everybody would go vegan, that would be like giving a snickers bar to one Jew in the middle of the holocaust.
  13. I haven't been diagnosed with HPPD but I strongly suspect I have it. I have the halos; the graininess, especially in the dark(it's quite bad to the point it's interfering with my ability to see), I think it's called visual snow. Also afterimages; photo-sensitivity. I have this weird thing where if I get really stressed or if I don't breather as much as I should and as deep as I should everything starts to look a bit wonky, like somebody turned up the contrast, dark places seem more dark and deep and all colors seem a bit more vivid, somehow in a menacing way, it's quite disturbing. It's something that I've found several people describing on HPPD forums. I have done a hallucinogen many years ago and used to smoke weed all the time also. Also many people report that SSRIs made their condition(HPPD) worse. I can attest to that, after I was put on the SSRI the contrast thing I described earlier started happening, I never had it before that(I started the SSRI a couple of years after I quit all recreational drugs) and the other symptoms got worse as well. For 2 days after I did the hallucinogen I had really bad depersonalization and derealization, thankfully those symptoms have never returned but they're common with HPPD as well. If I was you I'd be very careful with the psychedelics.
  14. I have changed my diet a couple of times. Right now I'm on high carb vegan, gluten free. Cutting out gluten and casein made the psychosis much better, but I still need lots of meds. I'm on 3 antipsychotics(technically 4 but one is only for sleep) and an antidepressant plus lots of supplements. Sorry, but ditching meds when you're schizophrenic can have disastrous consequences. A lot of people with this have tried it and very few have have been able to live a normal life without them. I have watched the Terence Mckenna video before. I guess you just posted it because it's interesting, not much practical advice there. I guess there's no way for me to meditate(the benefits would be huge in my personal and professional life if I could). I've gotten lucky in many ways to be as functional as I am with this. Thanks everybody for your answers.
  15. I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia for several years. I started meditating last year, about the time when the 'Meditation On Steroids' video came out. After only a few days I saw improvements already. After a week into it I sat down for another session for my usual 20 minutes but this time it was different, I could zone out much more easily, my monkey mind was much quieter and about 10 minutes into it I could feel myself slipping into psychosis which there was no sign of the last sessions. That scared me and I haven't tried to meditate after that, except for one of Leo's videos where there was a guided meditation exercise that made me feel a bit odd as well. Maybe there would be a more suitable technique(s) for people who are prone to psychosis? Or should I ditch the idea of meditating altogether? Also, is it possible for a person with schizophrenia to become enlightened? My first psychotic episode felt a lot like enlightenment experiences some people describe, parts of it anyways.