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  1. @Akshay Ironically I put some in my smoothie just this morning to try it out. Cinnamon and the other spices are great! I think I'm going to be a fan of them now
  2. @Siim Land Makes sense, eating too little or even skipping breakfast causes cravings
  3. There are risks with everything, getting harmed by a vaccine is about as likely as getting struck by lightning on a sunny day, it's less than 1%. Thinking that pharma is all evil is pretty dogmatic and unrealistic. Sure they are about money but so are the health and vitamin industry. If you're really concerned do your research and you'll find there is very little if any evidence that vaccines cause harm, apart from conspiracy theory websites like "natural news" , and the internet is not a good source of recources anyways and most is just false info
  4. The problem is I can easily buy new ones when I want it
  5. for example cravings for salt, fat, sugar, eating when you're emotional... etc. The worst for me is salt, and when I'm in a bad mood especially I'm very susceptible to binging on a huge bag of chips. What's the answer?
  6. Yeah well.... even though I eat pretty healthy and I tried all of these supplements, my face still looks like a pepperoni pizza, maybe it's a bit less inflamed but that doesn't help shit, even if I eat a little slice of cheese I break out, I'm pretty tired of this, maybe I'll go to the dermatologist eventually even though I'm against antibiotics but oh well ....
  7. @Michael569 Yeah I've heard of that. And also to increase the stomach acid if that alone doesn't work, do you know of anything that does that besides apple cider vinegar?
  8. @hundreth Why? I can just as well believe that the physical world is a mirage designed to trap me in a cycle of suffering. You can't just say that without an explanation
  9. @jjer94 That's all gold! Thanks
  10. It happens to me often and it's annoying as I'd like to do things afterwards.
  11. I haven't experienced anything bad physically, but mentally for me it was like being in hell (and that's not an exaggeration) The thing that eventually helped me get out was diet, building a strong body through exercise and nutrition, and getting invloved in the physical world (grounding) when my mental life was overwhelming Also embracing/accepting any fear or negative emotions instead of thinking they are bad
  12. This idea that we have to do things in life at all, have a family, a girlfriend, even a life purpose, even to see beautiful sights before we die, is it all neurotic and actually the cause of our suffering? Or is it possible to "chase" these things in a non neurotic way ? Edit: I don't think it is possible, since these things are so hardwired into our egos , only a sage could live without being attatched, which tells me a certain way of life is at least helpful in reaching enlightenment
  13. Does anyone know any? For me, SSRI'S were a nightmare and the side effects far outweighed the benefits . And benzos for example would be an effective thing but I couldn't get them (obviously, it's very hard to) even though it's very easy to me to not become addicted to things like this believe it or not. I know that exercise has been shown to be as if not more effective than antidepressants in reducing depression, but the thing with those kind of alternatives is you need alot of effort to establish them, and often you can't do it every day (when it's rainy, or cold) when you need them the most, and with medications all you need to do is pop a pill, and that's very practical for someone with depression because the illness often robs you of energy, then the medicine helps you further do activities that reduce your depression like exercise. But the problem is most current medications have horrible side effects for most. Are there any good alternatives that are just as practical and effective?
  14. @electroBeam It's because you're trying to "see" it somehow with your physical eyes or you're mentally looking for it somehow. What you said is right "experience is awareness". There's no infinite conciousness that you experience, that's an idea that was probably misunderstood when enlightened people were passing down stories of their experience. The simplest "belief construct " that is also helpful is that is that conciousness = matter/reality (you can replace conciousness with nothingness) . It is infinite and it does feel mystical once you aquire this strange perception, but you don't get to it by looking for something.
  15. Diet is something that isn't often brought up on anxiety forums, so I thought I'd start a conversation about it. I know that anxiety (specifically for me social anxiety) is mostly a psychological problem where a person keeps avoiding anxiety provoking events which only reinforces the problem and keeps them in a vicious cycle for the rest of their life (potentially) BUT I do know, if you're trying to eat healthy, there's nothing wrong with tweaking your diet a bit to support your process of overcoming anxiety, it is absolutely not "trying to make it go away without facing your fears" as some dogmatic people keep parroting, because just facing your fears without knowledge and the mental tools and attitudes is like trying to remove a glacier with a spoon, it is the worst advice ever, period The question is, which diet supports mental and emotional well-being the best? Specifically to reduce fear and maybe provide a bit of an energy boost to combat the depression that often comes with anxiety? Here are some ideas I came up with, 1. Vegan/vegetarian diet: Pros: Low animal or none animal protein, makes digestion easy and gives you an energy boost, also low fat foods don't tire the body and mind as much and will help with depression Cons: Takes alot of work to implement correctly, easy to be deficient in certain vital nutrients and supplements aren't as healthy as getting them from food 2. Ketogenic diet: Pros: Stabilizes blood sugars, you get a steady mood improvement without crashes (like with carbs), also certain ketones have been shown to calm excitement in the brain, which benefits anxiety Cons: A high fat may be bad for heart health, and may make digestion harder because it requires more energy, increasing anxiety and tiredness I'm new to this entire diet thing so I may be way off, and missing alot of data, but this is just an example. tell me what you think is the best diet for anxiety/depression, this information will probably benefit many....