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  1. I guess things can only "happen" in duality, so in the truth nothing ever happens. So knowing that, yeah this question can't be answered
  2. I think you can't really go back to how it was when you were a child, when you're young you basically see reality as new, exciting because it literally is new to you. Your best bet is to undo the desensitization that happened as you grew up with meditation techniques, don't use psychedelics too much though because you can get dependant on them to feel a certain way
  3. @Visitor I guess you could say it never occurred, but the illusion of seperation definitely exists. One plausible idea is that we got caught up in the material pleasures and lost touch with the self
  4. The seeker is gone, the illusion of seperation goes along with it, so you are perfect, no need to seek anything
  5. @Anna1 That's different that the answers above but Ok, now you're confusing me lol. But from what I experienced in my meditations/self inquiry is that once the disidentification occurs, it's permanant, there are no more people, lifetimes or even time. Lives come and go but "I" as awareness remain eternally unchanged even by death. I guess rebirth (if there is such a thing) could potentially perturb this realization but there's no way to test that, I doubt it though, there's a reason why alot of groups and teachers say it's permanant I think....
  6. @Shanmugam Wow yeah very "enlightening" lol , thanks for the answers!
  7. @Shanmugam Yeah this is the point where my brain stops working lol. I guess you have to transcend concepts at this point. I mean if everything recycles how can you not be unenlightened again as a new ego, or do you like stay as the entire ocean instead of becoming another wave?
  8. @Shanmugam How is merging with the ocean different than annihilation ?
  9. Oh, so now it is a cycle, become enlightened, fall back asleep, then enlightened again. For no reason? Just for God's entertainment I guess, it would make sense actually. Except it contradicts some teachers that say enlightenment is permanant (This topic is so going to be closed for mental masturbation lol)
  10. @Nahm So you're saying as God we felt lonely so we decided to create this dream of life? And if that's the case is enlightenment akin to loneliness, the bad kind of loneliness (since we wanted to "get away" from it) ?
  11. @Shanmugam I don't claim to know more than the Buddha but isn't that answer kind of silly, I mean we have an entire life to become enlightened, so that analogy is false, also I think in the meanwhile we should know WHY we are doing this anyways? And what caused us to forget ourselves? I don't understand why answering this question is some kind of forbidden fruit lol, if it can't be communicated, at least give it your best shot
  12. "How and why did the seperation occur?" Every source I've come accross says this question can't and shouldn't be answered because the ego is trying to manipulate or something like that, I think they just aren't aware/enlightened enough to be able to answer it. I want to know, we as God were once happy and what happened so that we are in hell now? Is it possible to answer because it just fascinates me so much
  13. @Max_V You cannot realise it, you literally are it
  14. @Joel3102 I think true happiness is a black and white deal though. If it's somewhere in between then it's in the realm of duality. For example meditating can make you 2x happier for a period of 5 years, and then you get cancer and that happiness drops. Idk, just an idea. I think to have real happiness we'd have to leave this hellish realm permanantly somehow