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  1. @Leo Gura I can only recall previous No-Self experiences. The only thing that was "real" was the Now experience. So life is like a movie, and everything in the movie is as real as a pixels on a screen. So anything that "happens" is an illusion, there's only the screen shining different frames. So, there's nothing really going on, even though the movie seems continuous and perfectly logical and materialistic. Is this your point?

    So, "taking" 5-MeO is just parts of the movie where the screen recognises itself, everything apart from that, brain, chemicals, etc., is just part of the picture frames.

    I can see where this is heading but still hard to grasp. Could you elaborate?

  2. 45 minutes ago, Nahm said:

    @How to be wise that’s the materialist paradigm. You would not be able to lose enlightenment because there wasn’t anything gained to begin with. The brain, and the person it’s in, are a dream within what is permanent. Ultimately, that’s you. There would only be the illusion of something gained and something lost. No one could know what the experience is without experiencing it. 

    That's a good point but I wonder, isn't Enlightenment like a body thing? Even after having experienced No-Self, there's still this doubt. If I take 5-MeO, then it is the body that takes it... So it makes sense that somehow it can fall back. Couldn't the illusion come back somehow?

  3. On 12/25/2017 at 6:59 AM, Thinh said:

    Thank you @Afonso a lot. This is basically what you will be doing all the time in a vipassana retreat, I've been in a retreat once and from the time I wake up in the morning till I go to bed, all I have to do is this. This seem easy when you hear about it but when you practice it, it's fucking hard. I have to say it's really really powerful, I've doing it for about 6 months and I've feel small results in myself, imagine how it would be like if I can keep doing it for 5 years @@.

    Btw, in your model "Energy in Motion => Resistance (Contraction) => Thoughts" I think it is a two way connection <=> because when you have a thought it also generate emotions in you.

    Anything can trigger a suppressed emotion, even thought. So this model is more focused on the root cause of the thoughts which is resistance.


  4. 8 minutes ago, Ilya said:

    am i doing it right if the tensions dissolve after 2-3 seconds after I summon/sense them?

    Hard to know. I would say that's way too fast. If you're feeling them, you're good to go. Just keep at it. Maybe you're aware of them when you get triggered but then you are not aware of them when you're not so triggered. Triggers are useful in the way that they expose these suppressed emotions.

  5. Maybe related:

    In the last 4/5 months, I also have been having headaches, specially after a week of a lot of meditation. I've been to the doctor because of this. However, I find that it is related to energy working through the body. It's mostly pressure above the head and around it. Some weeks it's really strong, others not as much and sometimes it's unbearable, other times it's just a tingling sensation.

    I would say to reduce your practice intensity. Know that a lot of physical stuff will come up with the practice (not just mind-stuff). Your consciousness will be elevating in the process. Be grateful for this.

    This is very important: feel the pain and accept it, give up all resistance. Let go of thoughts and feelings about the pain and let yourself feel it with acceptance and love. Please take this guidance at heart. It is very effective just to accept and "take the bullet" without resistance.

    In my personal experience, the pressure would get heavier when meditating or at high consciousness places. Although I'm not sure, I would say it's due to resistance of new energy flowing through your nervous system. Give it time and this too shall pass.


    Relax, Accept it and Let go.

  6. A lot in me wants to read a lot of stuff and understand all the important concepts. But I've been more and more inclined just to stay still in meditative Self-Inquiry. Every conceptualization feels like a resistance, a burden. I feel myself dissolving specially after the Bufo trip and am pushed just to Be and not Do. What's your perspective on this conflict?

  7. It's so amazing there's so much stuff to Life.

    Dimensions, vibrational energies, energy and synchronies, psychedelics, spirituality, Absolute Infinity, Nothingness, No-Self, auras, holographic universe, consciousness.

    It makes me want to penetrate Life's vagina and have a cosmic orgasm! It's so greaaaat, how could we have missed all of this before?

    This is AMAZING, this is Life!

    And still many people spend lives scratching their nuts and smelling their own shit (I know I did).