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  1. You guys have probably heard about this since it exploded in popularity recently. It's a fun little test that helps you determine your strong personality traits and major weaknesses. Short introduction What's your result? I've consistently gotten INTP over the years.
  2. I often hear breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That it should keep you energetic and nourished for a few hours but at the same time it shouldn't be too heavy. However in our current lifestyles it often gets overlooked. What is your ideal breakfast? Any recommendations? I'm currently switching to fruits.
  3. Oh, and don't forget a decent ammount of sunlight.
  4. Don't fantasize. Stop thinking about sex constantly (I know it sounds impossible but focus your attention on something else). Get busy, don't browse porn or NSFW content. Clear your mind, use a spreadsheet or a calendar and mark days.
  5. I guess it comes down to accepting the facts. Most girls that age aren't going to be attracted by a guy like me. It seems as they're struggling with their immaturity and the infamous "daddy" issues so they're looking for an extremely strong/masculine figure in their lives which most of the time is going to be someone a lot older. I agree about self-respect and walking away...I've made a lof of progress in that field. Well, as a guy you're attracted mainly to looks, right? It just so happens that girls in their late teens and early twenties are at their most attractive - physically and biologically. Naturally I'm gonna want to get some of that booty, right? Of course, I feel emotionally and intellectually disconnected from these girls...they tend to be pretty shallow and materialistic. On the other hand I feel at ease with older girls and seems they're more "real" and you can be yourself around them. Because they actually have some personality behind them, not just looks.
  6. In my experience girls like guys who are good with their fingers Or just guys that know what they're doing in general. Check out Leo's "How to make a girl squirt" on the subject.
  7. Lately I've been watching a lot of RSD and want to do pickup. I've cold-approached a few times in my life and it went relatively well. However, there are some issues. Approaching a girl subconciously conveys that you find her as higher value so you have to qualify yourself. Also, I find it hard to approach if I'm not in a good mood/don't have energy.
  8. Girls are batshit crazy. Period. (I kid, I kid...not really) But the ones in the 18-23 range are probably the worst. All of them are at their sexual peak (in terms of physical attractiveness) and to make up for it are a complete emotional mess. They'll love you one second and hate your guts the next. They'll lure you in with their charm but push you away as soon as you make a move. They'll play games and pretend to be hard-to-get...just for the sake of it. They'll usually search for a guy that is either a) Super financially stable and independent b) At least 10 years older than them c) A meathead d) All of the above They can be arrogant, cold, bitchy and look down you because you even thought you had a chance with them. They are in love with their phones and constantly seek approval and validation through social media...they are addicted to fb likes, instagram followers and so on. Of course, I realize this may sound bitter and salty. There are intelligent, honest and mature girls out there. But mos of the (pretty ones) are like this from my experience. It is frustrating to be a guy in his early-mid twenties unless you're already successful.
  9. Isolation? I mean, would there be any other way?
  10. Healthy food (fruits & veggies), exercise, cold showers and NoFap.
  11. Do we need friends? Who can we actually call a friend? What is friendship anyway? Like most people here, I'm an introvert and have been this way as long as I can remember. The ammount of people I've let in my life has progressively decreased as time goes by. And that's because of hurtful past experiences and disappointments. Now, I may have a pretty naive/idealistic view on the concept of friendship, However I've seen the ugly side of people from a very early age. As a kid I was really bright, smart, funny, high-achiever, talented, confident and successful at any field of interest. My parents were financially stable so you could say I was a bit spoiled (being an only child). I've alway tried to be respectful, generous and treat everyone the same. But people are envious, kids even more so. What really surprises me is that they don't want to see you succeed. A quote from english class has stuck with me. It goes like Whenever my best friend succeeds, a little part inside of me dies. I've tried to relate this to my experiences and yes, I'm guilty of it as well. I know I have very high standards for people. In the past I would cut out someone from my life as soon as he proves to be disloyal or disappoints me in some way. I am way more tolerant now and accept that we're all human and everyone makes mistakes. I've let myself be used or manipulated in some way and only see it afterwards. I've played last fiddle because I setlled for mediocrity for the longest time. Everyone has their own path in life. I understand and respect that. It's time for change. I want to be successful. I want others to be successful and will surround myself with people who will settle for nothing less.
  12. I don't like the fact that he encourages open-mindeness while being really closed-minded on several topics himself. Drugs. Okay, we get it. Drugs are bad m'kay. That used to be my way of thinking when I was 16. And an year later I tried pot. You can never be sure of the effects of something without trying/experiencing it for yourself. Drugs sure help you with broadening your worldview, adding new perspectives on life and even reaching certain truths. Also, remember what a little mr. Bill Hicks said - drugs have been the main source of inspiration for the most wonderful pieces of music we have today. So don't dismiss them so easily. Education. This one irritates me. You don't learn about life going to school. You learn about life from living/experiencing it. And while I agree that having some form of basic education is necessary don't forget that the system is different everywhere. In my country, for example, they teach us so much bullshit that has no practical use in life. They hammer in useless information even before the 7th grade on various subjects like we're going to major in everything. A lot of successful people have dropped out/never attended college so that is mostly optional. NoFap. It may seem silly to an outsider but if you've never experienced the benefits of abstinence you can't simply dismiss it. Porn/masturbation addiction is as real as any other addiction. The negative effects of regular porn consumption are proven and more and more keep popping up. It's a very serious issue, and if it weren't for NF me and a bunch of other people wouldn't be here or even considering self-improvement. Leo has to learn from us at least as much as we learn from him.
  13. @Sarah_Flagg is one naughty girl Listen to her.
  14. @Sarah_Flagg Did you read your PM?
  15. Just be positive. It's about a massive mindshift that doesn't happen overnight but it is simple.
  16. Go out on the street, start gowling/yelling/screaming how manly you are. Tear your shirt apart and start beating your chest. If you feel like it you may even pull your pants down and start waving your dick around. Yeah, that should do the trick. And don't forget to FUCK THE BITCHES!!1
  17. I think sex without ejaculation does wonders to the energy levels.
  18. @Sarah_Flagg Hello there
  19. @GodelEscherBach Sounds like you're viewing sex from a negative paradigm. Sure, it is meaningless from a certain point of view but in the grand scheme of things everything is. Don't surpress your natural urges, they are healthy and there for a reason. Go out, enjoy yourself and focus on your work afterwards (I think not ejaculating will help you with energy levels).
  20. One of the biggest adversaries of self-improvement has to be arrogance. We've all had moments when we were too arrogant to try out a new idea. We're big know-it-all's that don't need to learn about or research a subject. We feel that we're superior to others and that ends up in depriving of us of meaningful interactions. We think we're fine on our own and don't need anyone's advice. Well?
  21. Leave 5 or 10 minutes earlier. I always tend to arrive early even when I think I'm gonna be late.
  22. Fapping is never the answer. Source: Me I'm on a 100+ day streak and I'm pretty sure if I was still fapping I wouldn't have the energy or balls (get it) to transform my life the way I was able to in the last few months.