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  1. - adapt to the person you are selling to. People respond to different things. If they seem very conscious, then you should probably try to match that and be honest. If they don't you could get away with some manipulating (but you know that is the craft of the devil) - you can always try to make it a win-win situation. Think about how your product is making you customer win.
  2. @Bob Seeker I don't know if you can relate, but I also started studying psychology out of this curiosity and interest for the mind, that came from self help & watching Leo. But the study itself did not really respond to that curiosity. Maybe the problem was, that it was just about learning things by hearth to succed at the Multiple Choice Test, which really does not stimulate a human mind who wants to synthesize, reflect and apply. But I also had the feeling that most information I was learning were kind of superficial. Yes they were "proven", which has value, but they seldom spoke about self deception, about values and moral, about how survival shapes the mind. I did not learn about the subconscious, about Jung etc. In some sense psychology as a scientific concept promises so much, the understanding of human behaviour and experience, but in reality it does not deliver, otherwise it would probably be the most in demand degree on the market. Keep me up to date how you go forward!
  3. @Bob Seeker Haha I am 24 years, also have BA in Psychology, but I live in Austria^^. Honestly I was a bit disapointed with my study and even to a certain degree with the field of psychology at large, but that's my opinion. I was also thinking what to do with it, but to be honest I don't think I want to work in the social field or as therapeut (I am introverted, a perfectionist and I think I would get bored). I also don't want to work in HR (again not that great for introverts I think). The thing that would probably interest me the most at this point would be to use those statistics skills maybe in market research (you can also learn a lot there and transition into product management, if you like do work in the buisness world). I am contemplating about trying to go into psychological research. I think qualitativ research, developmental psychology, differential psychology could be interesting, but it would mean continuing to study psychology which I did not enjoy that much. To be honest I am bit concerned about psychological research, because I feel that it is expensive research (especially longitudinal studies) and there is a strong quantitative paradigm, which basicly work with questionaires, which will rarely go into the depths and subconscious aspects of the mind. There is also the whole replication crisis in psychology if you heard of that. In the end I think you would need to accept the currenty scientific system and maybe later you can really influence and direct this type of research. Personally I am thinking about still going into an another field like computer science, architecture, design or art, but I am bit lost, so I am not a good example.
  4. you can check out thijme Termaat, not sure if he is enlightened, but his painting have definitly metaphysical content, which is kind of interesting.
  5. Sometimes I feel they do it, because they themselves struggle to find happiness and making your children happy is easier..
  6. We have had better childhoods than our parents, but a worse adulthood (less agency and purpose at the workplace. I dream big and don't even realize that I am lazy. I want to change the world, but I am afraid of conflict and hate to lead others.
  7. but there are a few good examples of democratic companies. For example there is Mondragon in spain, which is a giant cooperative. Really interesting example if you are interested in this, especially due to the size the company achieved. There are also companies like Ecosia, the search engine, which went the path of stewardship economy, where they are forced themselves to follow the purpose and mission the companies has set itself. (not sure how much this is worth)
  8. Democratic Workplace is still a bit naive in my opinion. First, a democratic workplace is probably a lot less productive and fast paced than an a classical /authoritarian one. Second, the decision quality, believe it or not, especially for the long term survival of the company, will also suffer. I really think that a company is extremly dependant on a visionary leader, which will lead it in a authoritarian manner for at least the first 10 years. Third, don't forget that we have good old global competition going on. That is also the reason we don't tax companies anymore. With the drawbacks in the first two points, a company would struggle in the global market. I mean just look at it now. With China as an authoritarian regime, a lot of democracies struggle to keep up with their pace and effectivness. Yes democracy is not very effective. Fourth, all attacks on property rights, including company property have been a delicate political subject. Usually people get very easily scared into thinking it is a bad idea and that their own property will be next. So on a political level this would also surprise me a lot, if there was not a huge backlash. It is probably even unconstitutional, so there you have an even bigger problem. In order to bvring democracy to the workplace, you really need to solve the problem of global competition first. The hands of the government are very tight in the moment with regards to the economy. The economy has emanicpated themselves and that is the problem that has to be tackled first.
  9. @Blackhawk its also interesting how anti vaxxers seem to be so present on social media like twitter. I have more and more the feeling that actually smart & good people just use way less social media, maybe because they don't have the time or maybe because they don't feel the need to get their opinion affirmed by some internet mob. Anyways what annoys me is that anti vaxxers, and similar groups often get the feeling they represent the majority, just because their have their giant circle jerk on social media, but they don't realize how many people actually disagree with them, but just don't bother to answer or comment. People talk about echo chambers but honestly its not a chamber its almost the whole platform. Have you had similar observations?
  10. there are even enough anti vaxxers on this forum, which honestly surprises me a bit.
  11. @Purple Man vaccine does reduce infencting others. its just like 60% reduced. But with a third shot this could go up. You even said it yourself, transmissability corelates with symptoms. Well guess what, vaccines reduces the symptoms of covid if you do get it. Second, if you don't trust mRNA vaccins, you can take one of the others. + since when are vaccines evil and dangerous? you probably got vaccinated a dozen times already. Vaccines that got allowed with the same amount of clinical trials. Third, if you worried about long term effects of vaccins, why aren't you worried about long term effects of covid, which are also unknown and evidence is coming out that it can even lead to alzheimer. Fourth, i don't think there is anything wrong with trying to reduce deaths caused by the flu, with asking people to wear a mask on public transport. Fith, if you don't like lockdowns, you should like vaccines, because they are our best chance to reduce covid deaths without a lockdown.
  12. i have some friends who like joe rogan and they are not alone. People think we are one step from fascism and that the gopvernment is evil. The government needs a better image...its better than some think.
  13. lol, I hope he starts regretting that he did not get vaccinated and will talk about it on his podcast. This will do wonders to convince some, if papa rogan gives the ok.
  14. Oh lord this one is hard to swallow. Jordan Peterson with some decent question, but his guest are really down the far end, extreme levels of materialism, a omnipresent unconscious fear of the government, america style. There are a lot of things that I think are just blatantly wrong, especially in the fact that inflation is robbery. Doesn't the government use the money it prints for its expenditours, so it basicly it prints instead of taxing, which makes inflation a very flatly distributed tax over all in possession of money, probably taxing more the upper classes! Not sure, but they always make it sound like the poor get fucked by inflation and that sounds weird.
  15. @Roy I actually said that this doesn't change anything, because this is a common opinion among Leo and other people on the forum, who think in terms of spiral dynamics. Personally I dont know. Most people do nothing for the climate and forget their morals as soon as they want something. Then it has to be cheap and easy. This won't change that quickly. So government measures is the only thing that really maters. I agree that most people use this as an excuse to not think about climate change ("nothing can be done anyway"), but in some way they are right. Just because you became a climate messiah with 0 carbon footprint will not change the behavior of people around the world. The behavior of people around the world will change when their old behavior becomes illegal.