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  1. Could you love your life, even if your ego was dying / ill / Badly injured?
  2. I am curious, what Leo thinks of his younger self (older in thinking) ... what do you guys think
  3. @Epikur racism is not only about numbers (not even systemic racism). It can be about forgiveness, history, support, love.
  4. @Gesundheit I think a black man can also be racist. Racism is a social phenomena and not an individual one. Besides racism is often subconcious (would not believe that a black man is conciously racist).
  5. Interesthing thread! A lot of different opinions.. and what if we just don't really know how bad (or not bad) climate change is going to be? Usually science will never admit one claim, and that is that they don't know. But I am also someone obsessing over the future. I think about my personal future a lot, I think about the future of my nation and the global future. It is definitly one of my hobbies: the future, so interesting. I do really hope a lot of people take climate change seriously and try to find solutions. There really are a lot of solutions, technical, social, practical, spiritual. Anyones lifepurpose towards climate change?
  6. Did you treat it like a problem that has a simple solution or a problem that has a complex solution? (if the question is wrong, pls also explain)
  7. how do you decide on the things you want in life (even if it is enlightenment), if you cannot be sure of it?
  8. Can you be sure of something? Can you trust something? (just a question)
  9. I@seeking_brilliance I would say I do it for both. There is definitely some motivation to solve an immediate problem, but since it won't be solved so quickly, I mainly do it because for some ideologic concept of future. When thinking I definitly care the future. I kind of believe it will happen, it will affect somebody, the same way we are experiencing the good things people in the past have done for the future. It would definitly fuck my brain, if this wan't true haha
  10. So most of you guys say the future is just a concept, an illusion, but then I wonder if you should care about the future. Like all the people who work their whole life, so that their children can have a better life in the future. Everything we try to do against climate change. Everything we do to progress, as a society. Will the future be experienced, like I am experiencing this time? If not, why would you care about it?
  11. Do you think the future will happen, or is the future nothing more than a thought?
  12. The problem of censorship is also much more complicated. Of course mass censorship is wrong, but I am also not sure what you mean by that. Some form of censorship is probably necessary for society. With new technologies come also new challenges and I think social media has made it a big challenge to feed people quality information.
  13. for me its definitly green, it may not be super consistent and self reflective or even just, but at the end of the day its based on empathy of marginalised groups. @aurum I think he is right, that few people actually learned and really tried to understand what it means to be part of a discriminated group I have also my concerns sometimes. I do see double standards and believe that the time will come, when also men must affirm their value and ask for respect (but for the moment its fine). The problem is just that there cannot be an ultimate judge, who can judge so that society treats everyone equally, it will always be a back and forth and it can easily overshoot, but thats inevitable and is simply part of the process of creating a fairer world. There can of course always be critisims about methods and their effectiveness. This is important critism since stage green folk do not neccessarily work results oriented but more intention oriented. Their methods can be well meant, but have inverse effects. So for a discussion on methods, I am always open. Personally I am also not that of Marxist, in the sense that I believe that group actively suppress another. For example for men and women, I do think that this tight structering with a strong dominant man was necessery, even for the benefit of both (more for men of course) but in general this structure was needed at a time, when there was a lot of rape and violence. So it had to emerge also. Now they say it was all patriarchy, which I find somewhat unfair (not completly wrong, just too simplistic of an explanation.)
  14. it does not seem fair to see them as inferior beings. they are in my opinion tall, powerful animal, who love their child deeply and survive in the pack. Just because their brain does not allow for rationality or language, does not the mean their brain does nothing powerful in itself. They are still fighting for survival with the tools they learned.