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  1. there are also some immigration that is borderline stage red. I wish every migrant was solid stage blue, but if you look at countries such as Afghanistan, Subsaharan Africa that's not really the case.
  2. This short by Vsauce explains the world view of schrödinger. For a physicist I find it quite interesting! "How the world could have not have been a riddle?" What do you guys think?
  3. I am curious if anyone saw this video. I found it interesting how there are 3 different perspectives in this video, instead of the usual 2. Also I am not fully sure who I agree with. Of course not with joe rogan. I am not sure if Johnny Harris presents a genuine stage yellow perspective, in seeing some value in Joe rogan and not hating people you disagree with. Hasanabi is also convincing in his opinion that you should not be that lenient with individuals like joe rogan. Curious if anyone has sawn it (or wants to see it) and has an opinion.
  4. @Leo Gura Do you believe that left position on transsexuality, where it is basicly a fact that you can be "born in the wrong body" and that affarmative care is the best course of action, is actually true?
  5. My friends who are usually extremly deep on anti trans, anti leftist and anti vax stuff, actually like him. The only thing that bothers them was his apparently pro Israel stance. He seems to appeal to some young people who rejected conventional politics. One quality I like about him is that he makes a real effort, to not talk bad about his opponent.
  6. I thought I understood some things about AI, but this presentations was to much. The hyperscale accelerated AI factories... I have no idea what he is talking about.
  7. Just be honest about your struggles Leo. This invincible Guru Personality is unintersting. Much more interesting to simply get a peak into your life, your experiences, your struggles, your lessons, your regrets, your emotions, your adventours.
  8. @Lila9 Nice, thorough answer. I would however be skeptical of claiming sex is not a big deal back then. And man not claiming females and getting jealous if they get fucked by someone else...Maybe if it were like orgies and multiple man would be fucking a woman at the same time. I do also believe rejecetion had to be a thing back then. A woman was surely not letting anyone fuck her. FROM A SYSTEMIC POINT OF VIEW sexual selection is an incredibly important evolutionary process. It is like evolution on steroids. Sexual attraction is not just fun and games. It was key for selecting highly effective genes.
  9. @Dauntment This comment is completely out of place
  10. @integral no I was emotionally pretty messed up. Breakup was not the only problem I had. I had hard time even wanting to have something with someone else. She was still what I wanted. I valued her during the relationship and afterwards a lot.
  11. @Thought Art no I have not read it, but I am not talking about culture, since this is more of a societal construction. What was the romantic relationship form in a tribe of 1000 human living in the wild.
  12. My ex broke up 1 year ago (together 3,5 years). She wanted to stay friends. I care a lot about her. So being friends motivated me. She also is a very good person and great friend, as I had seen. However... it doesn't work. I think staying friends is especially bad for man. As continuing to fuck is especially bad for woman. (if the guy, is not emotionally invested anymore) So proposing friendship almost feels like a trap. The girl continues to get emotional investment from you, but stops giving you her sexual exclusivity. Thoughts? Bad and Good Experiences with Friendship after Break-up?
  13. I am questioning whether monogamy is the most natural form of romance for humans. What kind of relationship form is the most natural to humans (the most aligned with our primal roots)? - longterm monogamy (lifelong) - shorter monogamy (3-10 years) - sexual exclusivity only from female part. (Harem) - polyamory - open relationship - casual Dating It would be nice, if you give an explanation on why you think this is the most natural form of relationship for humans. -
  14. @Leo Gura isn't intuition about relying on feelings?
  15. I don't know if it is really one or the other (feelings or reasons). A reason is also always associated with a feeling. If you figure out what brings you the most money in 10 years, you are still deciding based on the movitation, that you associate with becoming rich (which is very much a feeling). But I heard this idea from succesful friends already so maybe there is some merit to it. Having some fixed (rational) goal can be useful to sustain yourself through motivational dips.