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  1. Hey hey, searching for a coach, who can help me get out of my rut. Got any recommendations? Thanks for all replies!
  2. @marinaaniram This is a journal entry I wrote to myself. I thought I might share it with you. Just know that the pain I am talking about is not only from heartbreak, it also comes from stagnation. "Instead of trying to fill the hole [name of my ex] left. Instead of trying to close it as fast as possible. Allow the pain. Allow the sadness. Let it talk to you. Be with it. It is part of you. A very important part even. It can tell you what you are seeking. It can motivate you to grow, to see what you could not see, to feel what you could not feel, to learn what you need to learn. It can transform you. Allow it to transform you."
  3. Richard Leider: There is a free course by him, and he has a method using "Calling Cards".
  4. Hey, coming from the TRAPS feed on the main section, one trap was, not expanding your input and teacher base. That's why I want to create a repository of all kind of teachers or coaches (you can hire), who have something to say about: Finding your Purpose Creating a passionate Career Figuring out what you want to do in Life Figuring out your passions, desires, motivations, strengths and weaknesses Thank you so much, if you have can post someone! Please don't post teachers who have just very little content on these subjects or who do this to gain traffic. I want / need teachers who know what they are talking about and have experience to back it up. Otherwise all perspectives are allowed.
  5. I got heart broken 3 weeks ago (4 year relationship). Personally I accept feeling sad. I am happy if I cry, I find it's quite a reliving mechanism. I try to use meditation skills, to let go of useless needy thoughts like ("I need her back", "I will never be happy without her", "Nobody can give me what she could", etc.). Those are some pretty useless, false, needy thoughts. Just move on. If you feel you lost something, just consider that you can create that thing you want with someone new eventually. Everything you miss about the relationship, you can recreate, if you put in the effort. Yet I also use this break up to detach myself from this desire of approval by a girlfriend. It really stilled my hunger to grow as a person. I believe I will grow a lot from being alone for a while.
  6. Getting demotivated, because you don't manage to live up to your potential Not taking action because of perfectionism, entitlement, overthinking, confusion
  7. I will try to make this clear from the start. I am not really looking to blame Leo. I don't care that much for blaming Leo. But I care for acknowledging, discussing and sharing this perspective. I think there can be considerable psychological damage, when adolescents 14-18, get drawn into the consumption of spiritual knowledge, especially enlightenment ("Illusion of the Ego", "No self", " Selflessness", even spiral dynamics to a certain extant). But I guess I will just state my case and others can judge and share if this is something more general. Again I am not really looking for blame (even if the desire is there). I am looking for healing. I am 25 years old now and I started watching Leo almost from the start, so I guess I was somewhere in between 14-16. But I was immediately hooked. I had experienced self help before, but I found Leo I immediately saw that he went more in depth, was more right and was more serious about this all. So I really got into him. Not really sharing this with my friends, since I felt that Self Help was almost a tabu. So I started growing from the knowledge, I started understanding myself better, I started understanding others better, I had more success jumping over my fears, interacting with girls, it almost felt as if I had discovered a super power, no other kid knew about. But then the moment came, when "the videos will get deeper now". When Leo did not really want to stay on that psychological surface level, but actually wanted to share spiritual content. And as 16-19 yo men, whose role model was Leo, of course I was willing to get deeper with him. But I did not get the content. He suddendly said "The Ego is an illusion" "You don't even exist" and I couldn't make sense of that. I kind of knew it was true, because I trusted Leo a lot, but I had not a single experience, not even a glimpse of this realization. Also no others I interacted with, or who I knew about, had said such things, so I was even more in a conflict. Trusting Leo or trusting everybody else. And that also meant things like, trusting friends, trusting parents, trusting more basic self help coaches. The "Selflessness is the most beautiful thing" "Try to be selfless" was more understandable. But trying to be selfless at that age is so counterproductive. You need to grow at that age and in this society you need to fight for your place, you need to want things for yourself. If people don't get that you need to be selfish, when growing up, you don't understand how much this psyche is still in the making and that growth and acquisition is vital to create a positive foundation. So I was understanding that selflessness was something beautiful, I wanted to be it, (at to some extent it also worked), but to a bigger extant I think it made me hesistant to satisfy my needs. To satisfy my need for growth (not spiritual growth). How things like spiral dynamics affected me is even more complicated. It made even more sense and I felt smart learning about it. But I realize that is also make you loose trust in other and especially superiors, if you know you have metaphysical map, which imcompasses their entire being and knowledge. But you can't get far on your own at that age and having some real life superiors, mentors, teachers your are aspiring to, is quite important. So I was basicly left with aspiring to become Leo. I lets be honest. there are so many stages between an 17-19 yo, and a enlightened 30 yo Leo. In the end I started distancing myself from spiritual content and Leo, but I this left me trusting no one. Even worse. I can't trust normal folks, because Leo showed me how full of shit they are. But I can't trust Leo, because his content isn't helping me anymore. I felt really disoriented. Instead of having focused on getting myself a first job I like, maybe gather some experiences abroad, I was obsessed with making sense of the world. Trying to understand how my ego is illusiory even though nothing in my experience could point to that. I was trying to master the advanced stuff and thought those basic material pursuits are bad. It was only later 23+ yo, that I started to get more that "You need a strong ego to transcend it" and etc. But still this dirorientation is still to this day affecting me and really hindered my growth. Not trusting universities, lectures, seeing how weak science was. Seeing all the wage slavery and selfishness in people. I feel like I need to let go of and just live life like the the other unknowing humans. Have a certain naivity and believing I need more money to be happy or something like that. It is hard to explain exactly how all this affected me. I cannot also really say to which extant it was responsible for all this suffering and lack of growth, because there are certainly also other factors. I am also certain that Leo warned often about these traps, but it must also be said that a person is not going to watch every video and may miss one where is explained better. Also uploading spiritual videos about the illusion of the ego, doesn't give you the feeling that he is actually considering this a trap, if you are not ready. And even if he puts a few disclaimer at the start, which kid doesn't watch the intriguing video from his role model, even if there are disclaimer before. I am not looking for blame, but I want to ask you guys: Is it the right thing to upload a mix aproachable self help stuff, and really deep metaphysical spiritual content on a platform like youtube, where there are so many kids. And kids aren't stupid. They can get into that stuff. That's it. I am just wondering what you guys thing of the ethics /healthiness of this and if someone had similar experiences.
  8. As a last comment, I want to add, that when you are nearing yellow at an early age (or came extensively in contact with this type of thinking) choosing a degree in University becomes quite difficult. Personally I had the feeling that I was extremely interested in everything and in the interconnectedness of everything. I could have played a videogame and suddendly learned something about politics from it. Knowledge and insights just seems to flow so seemingly across fields and degrees and could not be contained anymore. Choosing one direction just seems very limiting. Especially if you have the false belief, that you will have to work in the field you study for the rest of your life, this choice becomes excruciating. And doesn't reflect at all the type of thinking you have and want to show. Also interested in the meta perspective of things, epistemological deficiencies of my first field of study were painfully obvious (really discouraging me to continue further). Really curious if others felt to be nearing stage yellow very early and how it affected them, especially in regards to university. @Oeaohoo Given this problem I experienced. I wanted to ask you which stage yellow universities /degrees you know about. This would actually be a very useful information to gather and have. Stage yellow thinking can also become problematic at an early age, not only stage turquois. Both are depressingly hard to get recognition for, and if so not at the entry ports of society.
  9. You are all right, but I just want to add, that it was not only about having your friends to validate you. (even though friends are a value of mine and I don't think that's wrong either; I just can't let them restrict me) If you're somewhere near stage yellow by the time your 20, you feel great at first, but no college program is going to be stage yellow, certainly not a bachelor or master. And no entry level job is going to be stage yellow and in general creating a stage yellow career is quite rare in today society. There aren't so many role models, institutions, employers, that can help you with that. It felt frustrating. I think I have to learn to be patient, not expect my job and purpose to be the same for the moment, and accept to engage with lower stages. Thanks for all the replies, very kind.
  10. @Leo Gura It's just more difficult, when you're young to handle the alienation, because your self worth isn't fully there yet. You want/ need to show the world, who you are, but the world doesn't recognize you (or so it seems - the solution is to be patient and not give up)
  11. @Danioover9000 I think if spiral dynamics and spirituality was more widely understood in society, it wouldn't also be too much of a problem for an adolescent to learn about it. The problem I felt, was that it alienated so much from everybody else, that I became dependant on Leo. Also feeling unable to show all this growth, when studying or in early stages of career, I lost my sense of self worth. Would I have been able to get some recognition for my growth, I would probably not have fell down this vicious circle of stagnation, depression, confusion. So I agree with you that in theory it could be taught.
  12. Hey, sorry for the late answer. Had to stomach a hefty breakup. Was kind of giving me the impulse for this post. It felt good reading all the replies. It was kind of what I was looking for. thanks for that! @Leo Gura Thanks for accepting my feedback @Razard86 Hey thanks for the reply! Maybe not trusting anyone will have its merit eventually. Trusting myself... well I need to show myself now, that I can trust myself, because I haven't taken great care, even though I tried. I really am not on the right track. I stagnated, regressed, for too long. That's not so healthy. Also trusting other can be useful. Just trust them temporarily you know. I don't know if it is best to plow forward alone (maybe if your leo). @flowboy I don't know if "The belief that you need these things [reffering to money, etc.] to be happy, has been broken." this is true. I certainly accepted it as true, but a bit more experience to back these things up, could be a good thing. I am just disoriented. Fearful to commit to anything. Because nothing resembles Leo and Leo is back in my mind the only that I could somewhat trust. However I will change some things. I will just do some things I ve never done before, like bartending, just some things to get myself in touch with working and career. Purpose is still my goal, but I won't try to think too much about it. I tend to get uncertain about everything, when thinking. @Oeaohoo Interesting how you describe how the medium and process of spiritual teaching has changed. Definitly something to keep in my mind, when comparing modern and ancient teaching. @mmKay Well that discrepency between inner and outer game can suck quite hard. But good to know you ended up somewhere positive. I do believe it to be the for me, aswell, it's just I have to make the rubber touch the road. @Chrisd At the end I am not that far. Maybe i'll lift my hands to the sky one day, thanking for the blessing I had become. But i am not there yet. @purporing: yeah you get me. It's hard to get going, when you are grow a lot at an early age, and the starter survival stuff is just so unattractive. Looking for Leo and finding capitalism. Well I was to kind with myself, not engaging with capitalism. I have to start somewhere right. @theMysticalMan: Thanks for the reply. One problem I have, you are not addressing, is that I mainly conceptualized. I need to get in touch with doing and this is not something you learn on the internet^^ @ThoughtArt: Misapplying is huge. And overly conceptual teaching you get from watching videos on the internet is prone to that. Not to say that Leo doesn't compensate with excellence. But Misapplying is a problem. I whish you luck friend! @ShardMar: Actually talking, to some one helps right. Consuming spirituality on the internet is too much one way. You must be able to give back. I ll keep in mind, to use a psychologe if I feel too.
  13. @integral as far as I know heavy metals incorporate into the cells, which is the reason they are so dangerous. Same probably with other molecules.
  14. Depression is hard.. It's the first time in my life that I am experiencing something in this direction along with insomnia and I can relate to how stuck one can get from depression. It is is vicious circle of underachieving and getting demotivated and feeling bad about oneself. For your goals I would like to give you one practical advise, with which it is easier to feel happy about pursuing your goals. Instead of saying " I will do X every morning for eternity" - a bet you will most certainly loose at some point, leading to disappointment and maybe the loss of other habits, Instead of that I use a challenge system. So if you do a certain habit for one week, you are successful. You then have to decide if you want to continue or if you want stop and be happy about how long you managed to keep a habit. If you continue the next milestone is always twice as far, so that you quickly get to bigger goals (so this means: 1 week, 2 week, 1 month, 2 month, 4 month, 8 month, 1,5 years etc.). At the end if would note to which stage you manage to get (you can also give the stages a cool name, such as Spartan 1, Spartan 2, etc.) so you can feel happy about that instead of disapointed that you didn't manage to do habit X for eternity.
  15. @How to be wise not even bad advise, and you can hear that it really comes from experience. Also the " if you can't handle pressure, thats okey, but you got to know it" was interesting, since this isn't really a fascist mindset. It kind of gives me hope that he won't be as destructive as other fascists. I mean his biggest problem/ bias is just that he is a complete capitalist, (from his upbringing, to his buisnesses). I have been thinking how much damage he could do, if he gains power in 2024, and I was quite unsure (it may even be more dangerous what he will do if he doesn't win the 2024 election). The MAGA movement will probably peak during that time and he could use to create a conflict with China or he could try to create some sort of civil war/ division, where the MAGA and the democrats become completly opposed. Seeing that video I kind of believe he won't do that much, he will just be nice to buisness, make a few irrelevant political stunts like building a wall or some other cultural stuff and be gone.
  16. @kray I have been having very similar thoughts for the last years I feel like following an online guru is quite unhealthy. . It's spiritual bypassing. It's dopamin and thought addiction. It fuels your narcissism. It's a parasocial relationship. We need to be grounded in our experience, in letting others experience us (opposite of parasocial relationship), in our search, in our passion (and in our families, regions, traditions). You don't need 100 advice and insight. You need 1 advice and insights that is tailored to your current situation, helping you to overcome challenges and get to the next stage. So the advice a friends gives you may be more useful, since it was created for you specifically and not for an audience. Real spirituality is anyways experience, so you are not even really missing out on anything if you stop feeding yourself "spiritual content". Understanding the deep epistemic cracks and evilry of society makes you lose trust in society, science, religion (even friends and family to some extent). And losing all this trust really disorientates you, making it hard to get started with some career. In some sense the problem is, you always start from the bottom, so you will have to accept things as they are, but if you get conscious you will want to change all this evil you see, but you just can't at this stage, which is very frustrating for me. Even things such as Life purpose has some problems. At certain ages it is probably better If you are not searching for it, because you can be more flexible, trying out things for no particular reason, doing things just because you like them for the moment, without putting on them the huge label of "Is this my Life Purpose?". Don't forget Leo Gura did not have a Leo Gura.
  17. @Yarco 0% responsibility mindset @Emrie I d say the difference between individual and corporate emission is a tricky one to begin with, because when you consume, you could say its you individual emission, but you can also its the emission of the company that produced what you are consuming. In some sense, all emissions are individual emission and corporate emissions. the more interesting difference is probably between individual efforts and collective efforts. For collective problems such as climate change, collective sollutions are definitly the way to go. And with collective I am not even meaning nation wide, but supra national solutions. However politics will not make wonders. If you tax, oil, every one who needs a car to get to work, will protest, as they have in france for example. It to simple to say the politicians will solve it and I can continue my life as is. The politicians can create solutions, if we are willing to accept change as individuals. Furthermore the economic sphere which is basicly responsible for climate change, is globalized and has somewhat escaped the grasp of political control. In this sense the situation might need also solutions which do not only try to go over politics, but which go in a more direct way. Still collective solutions will be needed and this could mean create civic education movement for climate, new forms of companies which are less profit driven, communes, inspirational work, creating technologies that could help (AI could for example radically improve recycling), etc. there is pride and honor in doing your individual part and ultimatily we will all have to make some efforts, even we are forced to by collective regulations. However if this is something you are really passionate about, you will need to search for collective strategies. I would also avoid blaming yourself or other individuals for climate change.
  18. What is corrupt about the education system? Do you mean shools and /or universities?
  19. americans don't make a difference between political elites & global capital elites. :/...
  20. @assx95 oh interesting. that' actually an option ("investment research/analysis") I am considering. Would you mind telling me more, about what you are doing, how you would describe this kind of work.
  21. there is value in democracy itself. I can value that I have a voice and that we as a people are autonomous and not ruled by someone.
  22. I am considering doing a master in political science to become a political science researcher, writer, youtuber, theorist. Wondering if anyone here studied political science or has a LP in political science. My questions would be: What tips can you give me for academic career? What entry level jobs exist in this field? How would you rate working for an agency or government (if you had this expeirence)? What's your LP? (for inspiration)
  23. @Terell Kirby what does SCV mean?
  24. @assx95 Out of curiosity. Why do you want to do finance? What career do you envision /what fields (if you know already)
  25. soon 25, I am also addicted to the internet and videogames. You learn so much from the internet. But you don't have any experience of yourself. You don't make decisions /commitments. From consuming all the self help, you start believing your are better than others. You start getting entitled and think you deserve something for knowing all that stuff. But the truth, only habits, commitments, experiences, challenges, skills, helping, allowing to be helped will actually make you progress. We are a generation that is consuming too much content and loose touch with ourselves, since we never experience ourselves. Can't really give advice, since I have not overcome those challenges myself.