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  1. Was too proud that i had the best one. But looking at all the others, I'm finally grounded ?????
  2. Hey Daffcio Good to hear this. YOU voiced my mind. Yes everything is useless, meaningless and waste. Only constant in your life is you. If pleasure /happiness or anything that feels nice just go with the flow. Just start watching Sadhguru on YouTube and question his teachings. I had exact questions bogging me down. Once you get clarity, you'll be rocking yourself with the answers. Start with Sadhguru & see where you float. Good Luck ???
  3. Yeah Sarper..I'm nearly in the same position as you. And yyou know what! ...People who matter don't mind and People who mind don't matter! Hope you can zoom in the hidden meaning; ) Lots of love pal..Take care♥
  4. Hi!.I'm 20 this Jan..and I've wasted last 3 years where I flunked in Engineering..which I eventually dropped out. I'm from India and my circles of people believe and force me to believe that a college degree is must for everyone. But as I can see..with rising competition for Jobs that barely pay the bills, I can't win that game in long run . Instead, I feel that it's a waste of 3 years,getting a least in my case. Am I being dogmatic; )?? My question is, In long term whether my degree is helpful or the skills that I can develop with in the time frame. By the way my first priority is financial independence and respect in family. Please someone help::Is it really that important and mandatory that you have a university degree! !