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  1. i use onenote locally on my laptop now, the laptop is ok, display is meh but its relatively fast. i make monthly or 2 weekly backups on other harddrives.
  2. @Leo Gura thank you, the title was a bit sharp.
  3. @Leo Gurafirst , this is not meant to be an insult or something, i just have a genuine question. i saw your video about "is gender a social construction" i dont know if i understood that correctly, are you saying that having bisexual feelings and desires is in itself also an identity one takes on, or do you mean the various labels one could potentially take on. i feel bi myself. i dont go around bragging about it, i discovered that i have the potential to be attracted to more than one gender and i just enjoy and embrace it. cause if that were true, that would mean the default is always 100% hetero. but that also seems like a pretty tight, made up box.please clarify. nevertheless, thank you for that video, it was nevertheless eye opening and helpfull.
  4. a thing which actually made me feel loved was my dad or my mom just casually asking "how are you" after school or something. they knew that school was hard for me but they didnt ask explicitly what problems i had. it just came across like my wellbeing was always in the back of their mind and they tried to let me know it through that.
  5. nope, i like a real book i can stick notes in it, i have a "real" thing, i can write anything in it.
  6. @Leo Gurai dont understand how i could develope an understanding of politics that is "valid" or true. an understanding that represents the actual situation. i have this thought that only politicians and such can have an accurate understanding of what they are doing, the same way as only a neurosurgeon can understand how the brain works. is my thinking biased here?, am i making mistakes in my thinking ?.
  7. @Leo Guraso i did a coaching for 1800 euros. it helped me to continue stusying architecure. now the coach i had this with is offering to do another coaching over 6 months for over 3600 euros. i have the feeling that it is too much money for the value. i have so many pther recources. and my feeling is that if i cant implement the things i learned over the next semester for myself, another coaching would just be too much money. have you guys had any experience with such decisions ?. (its for higher level strategic and emotional things. i have the feeling that the life pourpose course would be better)
  8. @Leo Gura thanks
  9. im so proud of myself. i passed the two hardest exams i ever had to take. ( @Tim R drittversuch und zweitversuch ). i guess i just needed to get this out there cause this is really i tangible result I have achieved with regular self actualization material. I got myself out of my rut, got a sidejob, booked a course for a good amount of money, and i was so determined to overcome my fear of studying and other mental blockages and now i can continue studying architecture, which is just an amazing feeling.
  10. @softlyblossoming thanks, it's more like I will get kicked out if I don't pass and I will not be able to study that subject in Germany at least ever again. Like ever. So I'm just thinking about whether I should study anything else (I'm 21) or do a training (3years) in some other job. I just feel like I will never be able to achieve anything good or successful or anything if I don't get a fucking bachelors degree. ?. That's what scares me.
  11. thank you guys n girls for all your kind thoughts. its more like i will get kicked out of uni if i cant pass this test. but ill find a way. the most important thing for me is to make a commitment to never give up in life. thank u to all of you ^^
  12. @Leo Guraso ive had challanging tests in uni and they are now done, i havent gotten the results yet but my mind is racing with thoughts about this situation. i feel like if i have to drop out of university (im 21 6th semester) my life will be over. how do i calm myself and find an alternative of what i can do if it doesnt work out ?. can you understand my situation or am i just completely overreacting? ive given it all i got and even attendet a course to solve my learning problems. i got a minijob and felt better for myself, kinda proud. but rn i feel lost. is it a legit thought that my life is over if i cant study architecture anymore at my age ?
  13. generally speaking, i think anything helps that lets you visualize your situation