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  1. @Leo GuraThis is from a german newspaper. A story of an asian billionair trying to find a wife to fly to the moon with him. To some people this may sound romantic. But to me, it seems as though he is deeply unhappy even thou he is so rich.
  2. I was going to prepare my first trip and inform myseld about the risks. I was glong to use salvia sage leaves and brew 3-4 as a tea. I would like to hear your guys opinion on that Im 19, 180cm tall and weigh 67 kg.
  3. Look at bill gates
  4. @undeather this is so beautiful ..
  5. @Leo GuraThis is just a nice sort of interview called "the examined life". I love how compassionate he is. In the interview you will notice he definitely has studied nonduality. Me as a nooby, i cant tell how much he has embodied but i comceive of him as a human being with a fairly large circle of concern.
  6. I watched the video on reproduction and Ive began to realize that reproductions can occour in so many ways. Its so silly to think that by not having children you somehow stop reproduction. What i found interesting is this: i watched a video on volcanos and just realized that the tectonic activity and volcanoes erupting and so on is MUCH more important for the planet and the entire ecosystem than me having children.
  7. @Leo GuraI study architecture and we create a lot of concepts in university , and even in spare time. And what ive now noticed(which i couldnt notice in highschool) is that creativity doesnt come from me, my ego, my identity. I finish a floor plan or a perspective and wonder how that happend when it looks beautifull. It just seems to happen on its own accord. As though i work on something amd sort of wake up when its finished .
  8. @Leo Gura i just wanted to ask you, how do you view things such as zoophilia and objectophilia ?. Ive been wonderjng about this and i dont know if i should view that as normal or plain weird. What is the connection with oneness or nonduality there?
  9. @Leo Gurai am at a point now where its really difficult for me to make statements about reality. Its difficult in a metaphysical context. But ive become extremely carefull and less heated in conversations about politics and generall life and morality questions. I cannot argue with my parents about refugee politics here in germany because they are just so stuck up in their way and they dont seem to notice. They do not have a sense where hate can lead and how twisted our motivations amd emotions are. They see me as a kind of left wing sheep who is just weak and not decisive. They do not see any complexity in such issues, while for me its difficult to utter any stupid phrase like they do, and then call it decisive or "experienced" Is this normal ? Its totally weird.
  10. @Swagala ive had or rather still have this same condition
  11. I can savely say that after i have had a grasp of actuall oneness that i can understand the misconceptions of enlightenment a bit better. I just watched a video of rupert spira where a woman said that she is tired of seeking enlightenment and that she expects something great to happen. Some great blissfull experience. And i know that feeling all to well. But now i know why such confusion arises (and it still does for me). Its this, there really is not "the enlightenment" . There doesnt exist some single thing which you figure out and then call enlightenment. Becoming conscious of a matter is quite different than "figuiring stuff out". You have to be extremely percise in what you want to know/become conscious of. At least for me, its just not enough to have a vague wondering about my true nature or some fluffy spiritually tainted thing. The wondering about a matter has to COME FROM YOURSELF. In that moment where i had the consciousness, i was only and exactly wondering about what seperateness is and i was shown what truth in that matter is. And yes, that consciousness was hugely profound but also very simple. But i was NOT intending to just have some vague profound experience. I really think the key is being percise about the investigation and honest about the possible outcome.
  12. How important is special posture like sitting upright and so forth for self inquiry? Does it matter? .
  13. About a week ago , i posted that i had what i might consider a minor awakening. I saw the oneness of reality. Now im trying to navigate my way further in this work. I watched leos episode on "the ten ox-herding pictures" and considered what stage i might be on, although of course, its just another model. I came to the conclusion that im on my way to "seeing the footprints". That makes me just ponder how much further this can go. I know that i had this insight but i have doubt about it now. Even though in the moment, there was not a shadow of doubt or any thought about it whatsoever. It seems so weird to me that i know i had this experience but i cant even remember it . But i have made a little progress in sorting out the difference between enlightenment amd transformation. Although in this regard there is also so much more to grasp.
  14. @Leo GuraThis is just my insight of the oneness of reality. Now, i dont want to sound like a spiritual "know it all" or like someone who has found like a theory of everything. Thats not at all what this realization is. Its hard to describe. All that happend was , is that i saw that reality is in its essence one thing. And having this insight , there was the actual oneness. Not like some idea popped into my head. No. Just oneness. Thats it. You cannot appreciate this if you have never actually grooked this. What ive noticed is that it is clearly different from hearing about the oneness of reality because,upon having this short insight, which lasted like a few seconds, there was no mind in the moment trying to explain oneness further. Its profound and also the most normal amd grounded thing that happend. Again a disclaimer, im not a native english speaker , sorry for that inconvenience😅