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  1. @Leo GuraI have the feeling that many people are looking for the ultimate sollution to everything in tech and AI. As if ultimate efficiancy will resolve everything. All of my friends are really turned on by this. And when i say to them , that i think that the most important change is social, political, spiritual and emotional they think im going back to dark ages and im stupid. I feel like people ignore the obvious things and get lost in fun and gadgetry and thino that that is the future. Im worried.
  2. since im studying architecture, i just wanted to share what the design process (in 2. Semester !). Can look like if youre going through ideas and revisions πŸ˜‹
  3. Is there a booklist update coming like last year ? Or do you even read books anymore ? πŸ˜‹πŸ˜„ @Leo Gura
  4. @Leo Gura I just watched you second episode on life advice for young people im 20 and discovered you when i was 16. I just wrote 35 f*ing pages on these two episodes and im more determined ..everyday a little bit more. Thank you ! Love ya
  5. This is a talk frok indy johar, an architect which ive discovered and really like. I think he is really forward in his thinking about the city and our place in it. Love it ☺️
  6. @Leo Gura that is so tricky, i thought i figured it out, but it goes deeper. Its like im stumbling in the dark forever to figure out reality
  7. @Leo Gura a few days ago someone asked about the level of consciousness of some spiritual figure. I suddenly grasped why its a very slippery undertaking to try to determine others state of consciousness. Trying to do that (even though someone might want to do that with good intentions) is still judgement. Which itself implies dualiatic notions between the one judged and the one whos judging. Its a survival aspect..although a more subtle one.
  8. @Leo Gura im using onenote like you, my question is, do you have any method of double or triple saving the notes on some other device or externel software ? How likely is it fir onenote to crash and loosing all my notes ?
  9. @Leo Gura what do you think about the aghori ? And theyre "special" method of embracing nonduality?.
  10. Ive decided a direction i want to go in. I have not even taken the life pourpose course. I posted on this forum a while ago, that i was thinking about starting a bachelors degree in architecture in germany. Well, 1. Semester is over ☺️. I found something i can passionately work on and learn. Im so interested in the interdisciplinary aspects of the subject and im happy to be in a construction and building oriented university in germany. In 2016 i struggled to even get beyond 10th grade because of my depression. Now im here and more positive than ever, even if minor struggles come my way.
  11. @Leo Gura been a while since i started this whole thing. And of course im struggling very much to be persistend. But im in a constand contemplation background mode the entire day and im realizing a lot of my own bullshit. One example. Im seeing that im not very good at practical\logical thinking. And i have always conflates that with some spiral dynamics stage blue stuff which im "oBvIoUsLY" beyond. Bullshit. Im not. Im pretending to be beyond that and not needing that when im really not good at it and i have to integrate that shadow. I have to be able to switch between practical everyday life chores and work and contemplation\thinking stuff. Its not about desperate stupid destruction of ego. Its about realization of the working of ego and befriending that shadow. Amazing how blind we can get.
  12. Pretty cool video i think. Might want to check this out for some inspiration. I love stuff like this.
  13. @Endangered-EGO what is even your question ?
  14. May i ask you something more ive been pondering? . Ive had a few insights into different facets of reality now. (Oneness especially). But im just wondering how that is possible. To glimpse an absolute only partially. I have a deep feeling that everything will remain mysterious at its core ..forever. even if i realize some of these facets. πŸ€”
  15. @Leo GuraI think its very difficult to explain what absolute perfection really means. Ive had insights into what it is and why it must be that way. But there is really no way to communicate it. From a needy perspective (even my own needy perspective sometimes) it seems as though reality could be somehow "better" or something. As though reality could "better suited according to my needs". If you fall into this kind of paradigm, it seems as though reality "could do better" or something. But i realized that this simply not possible . Not even in theory. Its like some people think by "adding" something good is going to improoce reality. Or "subtracting" for ex. Nazis from reality would make the world better. No. Actual subtraction or addition to reality (in whatever way you can imagine) is not possible.