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  1. @Leo Gura I can't help but think that's you got inspired by lex Fridman But anyways, a Good idea.
  2. @Cykaaaa funny, without even seeing your post, I adopted the same strategy for using them both. I couldn't decide between one or the other, but i just decided I have the freedom to use both. And so both are stored in my hardrive locally.
  3. Yes I agree, that was refreshing to hear. It feels good to come Back to the realization that this work is in MY hands for myself. You know ?
  4. @Leo Gura Btw I Just found out that OneNote also has "section groups" which you can create in every section. Meaning, now there's infinite hierarchy in OneNote. Didn't know that before.
  5. Thanks, will definitely try That. Im Just paranoid all the shit will be lost through some unfortunate coincidence
  6. @Leo Gura I used OneNote 2019 in the cloud but soon realized its BS. So now I use the old version (2010 or something) locally on my PC. I don't care SO much about the format. I Just want it to be Really safe. So now I do monthly pdf backups to Google Drive and my external SSD. When I'm on the go I'll use Google Keep and when I don't have a phone I'll make sure to write it down on paper. Perfect and secure.
  7. @Flowerfaeiry crazy I would say I'm currently at the exact same stage. I'm figuring out how to find balance between my uni stuff (which is architecture), increasing my requisite variety, doing ACTUAL consciousness work, and finding free Time activities That are not totally unhealthy. I've seen that just adopting ideas from teacher's leads nowhere. And another thing, does it happen to you that you watch a video of some teacher and out of like 1 hour of video you remember like 1 single Phrase and you get hung up on it ?. Happens to me.
  8. Until now , I didn't really know what "incles" were. I've heard you @Leo Gura talking about it here and there but I had not looked it up. There is a documentary on vice and I've even dugged into 4chan to find out what it is. And I must say it's that looking Back, i could see That at a point in my life up to now, I could have easily been flung down this rabbit Hole myself. In the Vice documentary , there was a guy at his desk for 2 days straight without a job and just running chat rooms and smoking cigarettes. I really find it quite unbelievable that young people like me in their 20s could be so deceived with this "Chad" ideology and shit like that and how they are the opposite to that. It just boggles my mind to be honest.
  9. @Leo GuraThis exercise made things surprisingly clear for me. I was baffled with insight's about confusions i held in my mind about spirituality and science. It wasnt like I expected. I didn't get the experience of a bang or some light or something Like that. The more profound thing is, I recognised these expectations as such fantasies. And I was just left so speechless. I couldn't write those things I gained insight into, down. But one thing which clearly made Sense now, is that science can WORK in reality, without it being TRUE. That's obvious now Im shedding a little tear of joy as I'm writing This. ☺️
  10. Oh okay
  11. Wtf 😂😂
  12. Hey!, I'm also from Germany 😌. Would be cool to connect with someone who's also from Germany . Wenn du dich angesprochen fühlst, schreibe mir doch einfach Mal ☺️. Würde mich sehr freuen.
  13. I've looked elsewhere, and it seems there are books and courses for less money, not that I'm trying to be cheap, but as a student I have to be realistic. And I'm just going to bring it fourth here...the course costs 1800 euros. Currently , that is too much for me. I am able to save 500 and invest that. I have to be realistic.
  14. @Leo GuraIs it bad If I can't invest in a course right now because I can't afford to work a side job right now?
  15. @Leo GuraWith this online semester now, im struggling. I'm not really having REALLY bad marks in Uni but it could be much better. Is a Coach worth it or can someone create similar results in their own ?. This question seems weird and dumb. Sry. Im just wondering the end. CHANGE... ALWAYS boils down to ME making the effort. So I'm wondering if the course I want to take is worth it . I know you or others can't Make the decision for me. I Just want to hear your words to it. In any way im desperate for change.