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  1. people in india undergoing life threatening surgery to grow taller and fit their insane beauty standards. no foresight of how dangerous this is.
  2. Yeah I think I just wrote my own thoughts to try to clear things up for me. But it's clearer for me now.
  3. @Leo Gura i have a question because im thinking about this rn. in the video at the beginning, you give an example of how rationality comes after the facts, and you gave an example with calculating the trajectory of a rocket. my thought was that, it seems as though the theories come first but i thought , that is only so because that knowledge has built itself up over a thousand years, starting with fuckin gun powder rockets in ancient china. if the theories REALLY came before the rocket, wouldnt that mean that you could calculate the entire mission to the moon of 1969 and then execute that perfectly?. but i think most of what we see is trial and error and the theories are adjusted after the facts. pls gve me your take on this.
  4. @Tim R stimme zu haha
  5. @Leo Gura look what I found on YouTube 😂😂
  6. @gettoefl thanks for the answer. I read another book from the booklist today and it freed me up a bit. I think the art is in being dynamic. Thanks !
  7. @Leo GuraOf course I'll contemplate in the future but ...this whole situation that we have worldwide with fake news and the entire epistemology of mankind being weird, generalizations, biases, strawmen, fact vs fiction, "science", "not science" , left,'s leaving me with an existential crisis. Sometimes I'm in awe about the fact that I have the potential to change and observe this. Other times I'm just completely powerless. I don't Know what to do about this. I want to integrate this flood of epistemology and knowledge into my life. Is this possible ?.
  8. Rehab facilities in the USA can claim any treatment to be true and charge tens of thousands. Complete insanity.
  9. @Leo Guraomg, i just realized death cant be bad. we feel things are bad ...only in relation to ourselves !!!. you see?. a starving child in africa doesnt affect us cause we dont identify with it. yet we think that our own death will be bad. but notice...WE GO!...when we die. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN create evil or feel bad is ourselves. so what can be bad about me going away. death must be asbolutely good. this may sound like a line of reasoning...but this insight is true to me. of course that does not mean im not afraid of pain. theres more contemplation to do,
  10. @Tim R thought the same. Green tea doesn't spike your alertness as much. It feels more fluid. Coffee feels aggressive. For me at least.
  11. @Leo Gura Are there things I should care for in advance?. Any Tipps?. Is there a special importance to the location ?. Should it be an Airbnb ?. I'm excited. 😀
  12. Cool exercise, but ....this post could not be written if get my point. The title is misleading. There IS existence. Absolutely so.
  13. @Leo GuraThanks for the answer, I have a little bit of a conflict in my own life. Sometimes I can just contemplate while I do stuff like gardening or washing dishes. I've overcome a lot of that thinking that I used to have of like "this is beyond my level of consciousness , I need that time to meditate Yap Yap Yap whine and bitch and moan 😄...." Carry water. Chop Wood. I think it helps to develope yourself while handling dayli matters and conflict. I'm not running away from that so much anymore, although I recognise when something IS a distraction. There's subtle differences between handling dayli life Like a conscious and loving human vs engaging in dayli drama and bullshit.
  14. Was just interested if you like, or to what extent you are surrounded by those dayli or weekly activities. Do you cut your lawn and stuff like that ?. Fixing stuff around the house etc. ?