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  1. Hope would be a good one to add:
  2. I've been getting into Owens old videos and they're great. Is it just me or does he seem slightly more eccentric and uptight nowadays? In his old videos, he just seems like a normal chill guy.
  3. then why did you pursue creating versus doing art professionally (after you worked on video games professionally)?
  4. Would you consider yourself an artist? One might argue that is a form of art but I see it as more of an intellectual project. Do you have artistic hobbies? I know you have been really interested in graphic art. As someone who has both interest in art and more intellectual things it's difficult for me to decide what things I want to commit to and how to allocate my time.
  5. It's not a direct chelating agent but it seems like it could be possible that it helps aid in the chelating process
  6. @mmKay I agree, but there are dangers of taking ALA and DMSA if you do it wrong. I have similar skepticisms around things like zeolite nanoparticles just because I don't know enough about them. Id need to investigate further but based on what I am seeing these things seem promising.
  7. "NAC seems to have a direct mineral chelating effect, meaning it can bind tightly to certain minerals and aid in their removal from the body. In rodents, decreased tissue accumulation and increased urinary excretion of lead has been observed following NAC supplementation,[1] and in humans, a reduction in serum lead has been found.[2] Standard oral doses of NAC appear to be protective against lead toxicity in humans, possibly related to a reduction in lead accumulation in the body and reducing oxidative stress. Lead is a heavy mineral that can be toxic to the human body. Exposure to lead causes oxidative stress in the body, which seems to deplete both cellular and enzymatic antioxidants, including glutathione.[3] NAC is thought to alleviate the toxic effects of lead by aiding in its removal from the body while also acting as a building block for the synthesis of new glutathione.[1][4] In animal studies, NAC has shown protective effects (assessed by biomarkers in serum and histopathological examination) against lead toxicity in the kidneys,[1] the brain,[4][5] and liver tissue.[5] In workers with high levels of occupational lead exposure, oral supplementation of 200–800 mg of N-acetylcysteine daily for 12 weeks reduced blood concentrations of lead and improved markers of oxidative stress.[2]" @YimpaI'm surprised I've never heard about NAC for this, thanks form informing us.
  8. Why God Forgives Devilry & Evil??
  9. It also depends on how long your rounds are, how many doses you take per round, and how much heavy metals you have accumulated. In 20-30 rounds you will probably feel a lot better but in my experience that's not enough. As you keep going you can do longer rounds and do them less frequent which makes things easier. It's hard to quantify how many rounds you should do, just keep going until you feel better and then continue to do maintenance rounds after that. Perhaps a good estimate is plan to detox for 2-5 years (i think this is what the book recommends). Hope this helps.
  10. @docs20 A reduction in anxiety/depression, less derealized, more mentally healthy, improved mental clarity and concentration, significantly less fatigued, and a significant improvement in sleep quality. So All the typical things youd expect. I have also noticed an improvement in my ability to read and learn. I've been doing it mostly non-stop since Leo posted that video on heavy metals. @mmKay Currently doing 100 mg DMSA And 250 mg of ALA, every 3hrs for around a week, then I'll take a couple weeks off. I would do a smaller dose of ALA but the site I get mine from doesn't sell 200 mg, but I haven't noticed anything negative from taking 250mg.
  11. I have been chelating for roughly 1.5-2 years now with only DMSA + ALA, and I have gotten amazing results. I was wondering has anyone here experimented with DMPS? Are there any upsides to it? If so what is the protocol you use with DMPS? If not I'll probably just stick with my DMSA and ALA protocol
  12. I'm looking for the best sources of news that I can access online I'm located in the U.S.