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  1. @AMTO Beautifully put. I want to add a few thoughts to this. If God imagines everything right now, that should include the cause (ate bad food in the past) and also the effect (has cancer now). Can't God imagine a different cause and effect? If time is imaginary, if past & future are imagined in the present moment, then causality (which hinges on the notion of time) limiting God's imagination doesn't make much sense. Can't God simply imagine a different past in the present moment? If God is everything and there is no other or outside to limit it, any limit that God has (even causality) must be self-imposed and imaginary. Can you imagine the possibility of a higher degree of God awakening where God stops imagining every single limit? @Leo Gura Any thoughts?
  2. What do you think about techniques like the law of attraction to manifest using finite will? For example, if someone gets cancer, which of the below options make more sense? Scientific: Research cancer and find a cure using finite intelligence Law of Attraction: Apply techniques like intention and visualization to cure using finite will Recognizing the highest Good sounds like the best option but in terms of actionable options, which of the above two options make more sense from your perspective?
  3. Does this limit make God's Free Will deterministic? So you're saying God who can see Infinite moves ahead and compute the highest Love: 1) Can determine the exact flow of reality. 2) But can't change the determined flow?
  4. Hey @Leo Gura, Can't God save its mother? Limit to God's Will? Noticed a contradiction 😂 in your videos: 1) God is Infinity & Limitless. 2) God's Will only goes for the manifestation of highest Love, and hence God can't save its mother! Isn't God Infinity & Limitless? Do you see a future super-malt 😂 letting God save its mother without the highest Love Limit?
  5. I want to share an interesting experience I had on Shrooms (1.5 gms dried - lemon tek) in July 2020. Pre-Trip Mindset Let me explain my state of mind at that time (taken from that trip report and my journal entries of that time). I was approximately in the achiever(80)/pluralist(20) stages according to susanne cook-greuter's 9 stage ego development model. I've done a few psychedelic trips, few meditation retreats, quit major addictions and life was pretty stable in general. I also started noticing how much my own perspective is affecting my life, almost like a distorted lens, and got interested in understanding more about the lens. Trip I took 1.5 gms dried shrooms (lemon tek method). The hallucinations were very intense and fluid. Then I had a mind-blowing insight: The wall I'm staring at is not a solid wall which is x years old, but actually a fluid visual perception being freshly constructed every moment (kinda felt like staring at a wall in a lucid dream). At this point, it's not very clear how this perception is being constructed, but I had a strong intuition that I can morph this fluid perception using my will. So I got excited and decided to perform a miracle (change the content of my perception using will). I tried and tried but nothing happened, and even worst, the thing I'm trying to manifest is something I usually crave, so in this process, I generated craving and lost the balance of my mind, also losing awareness and experiential touch with the insight. Retrospective Even though my miracle was a failure, that trip really changed my perspective profoundly. Many things which I used to consider woo-woo (like law of attraction, miracles and maybe even awakening), I am now very open to such possibilities. Now I did a few more trips afterwards and they helped me understand a lot about myself. Now I'm exploring law of attraction and different approaches to it (visualization, affirmations, etc.) but nobody seems to be using (or at-least openly discussing about using) psychedelics to manifest in a much more direct way. I'm also skeptical about my interpretation of the insight, but it felt so true and real. Sometimes I feel like I'm expecting too much from psychedelics. New Hope I watched Leo's Advanced Explanation Of God-Realization and it greatly helped me make sense of my trip. I am very much open to the possibility that reality itself has a god mode and am excited to explore that in the future. Some Thoughts/Questions What are the capabilities and limitations of different psychedelics? Are all psychedelics taking us in the same direction? For example, can someone take a massive dose of shrooms and become god-realised? Can we approximately plot a) psychedelic x with dosage y and b) various insights and powers on a y-axis representing conciousness (like Leo explains in God-Realization video)? What do you guys think? Do you have any similar experiences? Am I misinterpreting anything?
  6. @Leo Gura Do you think it's not possible to witness pure formless infinite consciousness without dropping dead? Let me use buddhist terminology to frame my question more clearly. Parinirvana instead of Mahasamadhi Buddha attained Nirvana (with a remainder) first at the age 35 and probably many times in his lifetime. He attained Parinirvana at the age 80 (death) So do you think Nirvana is lesser than Parinirvana? If not, do you think there's a trick to attaining Nirvana without physically dying? In your recent videos, you explained how 5-MeO-DMT can give you access to levels of consciousness beyond Buddha consciousness but isn't Nirvana (the unconditioned - the purest formless infinite consciousness) the end of all spiritual paths? Is there anything deeper than that which 5-MeO-DMT can help you with?