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  1. Don't forget American Psycho. I have seen an interview once with Christian Bale where peak Orange people were worshipping the movie. He asked them if they knew that the book and movie is one big satire, but it completely did not register for them. That whole life style is worshipped by Orange. Also I have heard in 2010 from my former colleagues who were working in the banking sector in when the financial crisis happened in 2008, no (moral) lessons were learned by the industry. They were at it again, while the world was still feeling the impact of their actions, they were gathering selfishly all the money and power again. Peak Orange has no personal responsibility and accountability. Causing damage as an individual is bad enough, for the last 60 years we have major sectors who affect peoples every days life working this way. Hopefully we will transcend Orange more now, only Orange still has so much power it's hard to get out of the web. Even if we get out, than we have to undo the damage. It will 20 to 30 years to fully transcend (and include) Orange to Green.
  2. Read this to understand the impact of especially climbing Everest. Do you really think it's worth the safety, ecological, social and culture impact to satisfy your own desire to push yourself to the limit? I was in Nepal in 2014 hiking Lang Tang, for a small 3 day trek. That was the exact same time when the avalanche happened on Everest. My Nepali guide lost 2 friends of his on that day. The danger is real, and not only for yourself.
  3. Hmm, I'm not to sure about how real this all is. On 0:57 the robot says uuhh. Sounds a bit fishy to me. It will not be first time that a company will fake their capabilities. Still need to watch the whole video though.
  4. Be a master in being a jack of all trades and be jack of all trades in mastering. Only by mastering you will understand the true nature of the subject and only by being a jack of all trades you will discover the patterns within mastering. You will discover it's fractal nature. It's both and none of them at the same time.
  5. No man, this is just Blue, and Blue only. There are clear rules stating that a swimmer can't cross to another lane before everyone is finished. The guy did cross the lane. So he gets punished, clear Blue thinking, break the rules you get punished. If this is fair, that depends on your point of view, maybe a warning could have been a better solution. Be careful not making toxic Green and Wokeism the patsy for everything. I see it happening more and more now. 1st tier love to find patsies for problems. A few years ago, it was toxic masculinity, and before it was probably something else. After 9-11 it was the Islamic , before (in my birth country) it was the Turkish immigrants and many things in between.
  6. Oh boy, Have you actually seen the movie? The whole shtick of this scene is that they are already a couple. They are doing a whole role playing thing to make their relationship more interesting. That is why he is suddenly doing the turn around because, he is prentending to be a more insecure guy, but the turn around is his real character (in the movie). This whole scene is a fantasy in a fantasy, not worth discussing for real life situations.
  7. You're free to come by here, I'm staying in Malapascua famous for it's diving and many beautiful small and big under water life and most importantly sharks 🦈 . If you don't know how to scuba dive don't worry, I can teach you 🙂.
  8. Plenty of Frogfish here in the Philippines. Also around the place where I live they're a common sighting. For most scuba divers the hairy Frogfish is the one that is the highest on their list. They're wonderful creatures, the underwater world is truly the closest way to explore alien life forms.
  9. Be careful with this 23andme is already actively selling your DNA data to other companies. And they claim it's legal because it's in their disclaimer. Also be aware that is not only your data, but also data from your family. If at some point insurance companies start to deny people for certain treatment because of DNA profiling and they use your data to not treat your mom or dad, with all the shit we see companies do it's not out of the realm of possibilities. This is just one potential example.
  10. @koops Good effort for trying to make this list. But there's a couple of things that I want to add. One thing that is important is to make is a distinction between a natural integration of Red when the time is right to integrate, and an integration of Red for people who have missed out on it in their cultural/social upbringing. For me this post strikes me as the second distinction, integrating Red after people past the natural window. What I have seen multiple times before, in myself and others, especially in 1st Tier colours, when trying to integrate from a reaction of missing out there is a lot overcompensating done. Mostly this comes from repressed and uncontrolled emotions from denied natural integration. Multiple points in this topic look to me as overcompensation towards missing out the natural window. Why is this such an important distinction to make? Because people who are passing through Red in their natural window (as @Lila9 pointed out, age 13 to 20) may pick up at the over compensation points and in the end does more damage then good. At this moment we have a unique situation in the world where the need for integrating Red is high, because (western) culture was demonizing Red the last 35+ years. Now most of the information found (online and social media) out there is a reaction to this lack of Red. So this is OK for a (man) 25+ who missed out on Red and trying to integrate, so long if the person knows how to filter out the toxic stuff. But this information (I mean this trend, not this post) is not OK for the 14 yo who is exposed to this without asking through social media. Perfect example we have is Andrew Tate. This is classic over the top Red over compensation, (don't mistake him with proper integration). And you see the biggest defenders of his arresting where 14 to 20 yo protesting for his release. This age and development stage is still highly deceptible to any kind of imprinting without logical or sceptic thinking (because that has not come online yet for them) . Ask yourself this question, do you really want 14 yo experimenting with sex perversions, walking in a dangerous neighbourhood with money, etc. At the people trying to wanting to help yourself and others integrating Red. Contemplate on this question: Is this point I'm trying to make an reaction of missing out or is this something that a person passing through in the natural window also should know about? It's clear that society has no right answer yet of integrating Red in a healthy way for both distinctions. Opening the discussion how to integrate Red in a healthy way (in the natural window) into a society is something that needs to start now. Should this be a thing left to parents, or should the government provide possibilities for this for example in schools. Maybe a 2nd Tier society will have the answer for this. Because Green society is still reacting against Red, so that is not going to work. Exiting Red Another thing that I found lacking in this post is knowing when Red is fulfilled and it's time to exit this stage. @koops Maybe put a disclaimer in your post (and upcoming posts) that this is advise is meant for people who already past the natural window and trying to integrate, not overcompensate. BTW, this overcompensating and repressed emotions of denied integration is not only visible in the societal discussion of Integrating stage Red, but also you see this happening with feminism, gender equality, discrimination and racism. But that is a discussion for another topic.
  11. Within tourism there are a lot of options for women. Tourism and hospitality are closely connected. One of the things to increase your chances in tourism and hospitality is languages. The more languages the easier you can communicate with people. Within tourism at least from my working and traveling I have seen. English, Spanish, German and French are the most important. Also Chinese and Korean to some degree. In different parts of the world Arabic can come more in to play. Working in tourism can be really fun and build confidence communicating and leading people while making sure they have a good time. If you want to see as much countries as possible go work on a cruise ship or an airline. You can build something for yourself within tourism. Within tourism you usually don't need many certificates. With hospitality usually there are some certificates. Tourism relies on your ability to reach people and convince them to take what you are offering. You can focus it on any target audience, men or women, does not matter. If you don't have the confidence to start on your own yet, apply for a job within a company first.
  12. Tourism must be pretty low now in Mexico/Peru, if they're trying to scrape the barrel for UFO and alien tourists. I think I will open a t-shirt stand nearby, and let the money roll in. ? BTW if the bodies were retrieved from Peru, how did they end up in a hearing in Mexico? One would wonder that Peruvian government will not be happy by bodies found on their land being exported to other countries, if they condemned them real in the first place. Bizarre story.
  13. Yup that's what you can expect from a SD stage blue country. I caught a news message last year that they trying to open up the rules a bit. I don't know what the current state is. The effect it creates is hollow mariages. I call them MINOs. Marriage In Name Only. As a result a lot of infidelity. But still for a lot of Filipinas marriage is there ultimate goal in life. That's what they were indoctrinated with. And what is typical for a stage blue society. You don't speak of it, and when you speak (openly) about a certain (forbidden) topic you are looked down by society. The Filipina Pea on YouTube sometimes tries to speak out about these kind of (forbidden) subjects within Filipino culture. Mostly her subjects are focussed towards foreigners.
  14. Good you have got your passion sorted out. ? But in your opening post you mention making money of it 7 times. So I'm not sure what you really want here. You want to work on a passionate project for a year or so, when you finish you can be proud of for yourself? Or you want to make money? Passion and making money can be contradictory to each other. If you want to make money of it, sometimes you have to make decisions that can have a negative effect on the passion. Let's put it differently. How can you make the ultimate passion project for yourself if you put the pressure of making money of it? It's a pressure you put on yourself then, so in the end you can't put ultimate passion into it, because in the back of your mind you want to make money of it.