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  1. ESV as mentioned is nice but if you want a more literal translation look into NASB. The NET is also another lesser known translation with commentary to the translation. no translation is perfect so it’s best to use multiple when doing studies.
  2. How does one have the caring aspect with unbiased love? seems from my experience one cannot love absolutely without having an uncaring about them. Caring requires a bias. not arguing just genuinely trying to understand how absolute love could have a caring to it without it being biased (finite love). It stumps me
  3. It does. Faith = fides, which is Latin root. The meaning of the two words do not change however. When studying words one has to go deep. The Bible is the example here, any bible you pick up just scroll the New Testament and you’ll find the word “faith”. The NT however was written mostly in Greek so one must use the Greek word for faith here. Most people when they talk of faith especially when they use it in the context of the OP they mean it in the form of a Christian understanding - which is usually wrong. “Oh you just gotta have faith, just gotta believe”. People use these two words as if they mean the same thing and they don’t. Belief comes before faith, that is the point I’m trying to make here.
  4. I often read what you write when I see you post in threads or create your own. They are usually above me at this point. This resonates with me, however, and has me contemplating about it. Never thought about it like that.
  5. @Jenkins Not sure if this will be helpful to you: Faith is not the same as belief. faith = pistis (Greek) = trust, have confidence. believe = peitho (Greek) = to be persuaded. Faith comes once you are persuaded.
  6. I’m not sure this is the forum for this so this will probably get locked. I will say this though, after being very analytical with the Bible for 12 years and looking for some kind of solid evidence that would lead towards proving it is true it eventually lead me to Truth. Christianity is not true, but Jesus tells you how to find Truth.
  7. If God is no-thing then what would it have to destroy? Destruction is for the finite.
  8. From what I’ve heard it’s just confirmations from people who haven’t actually seen them so far. Even this guy didn’t specifically say he saw them, only interviewed with people who did. I think this will be bigger when the public actually sees one.
  9. Does using a word like ground or task 1 imply a starting point? I’m not arguing at all just trying to get a better understanding of words and what words I can use to help all of this resonate better for myself. I appreciate the helpful responses I’ve been getting. Even words like “void” or when someone says become nothing to become everything seems to imply a starting point, which there cannot be if Truth is eternal.
  10. It’s funny in a way because I already answered that in my last contemplation that wrote when I said Truth is eternal. Don’t know how I didn’t put that together. so then collapsing somehow has to be different than ending.
  11. I became a parent about three years ago. I am not the perfect parent so take this for what it is. it is not beneficial for everyone to have babies. Only have one if you want one when the timing is right. you have to be financially and mentally ready. Be ready to support your other half as that is just as challenging as raising a newborn at times. Your other half must be on the same page as you. know that your child will be selfish and have no expectations and also expect nothing in return, not even a lasting relationship. What separates is the willingness and wanting to be a parent for yourself only and willing to love and also willing to let go. parenting can be rewarding, but the rewards are not a reason to want to be a parent. All egos are selfish. You have to ask yourself if this is how you want to be selfish, because you’re only doing this for you.
  12. What is actual is Absolute Truth and nothing more. What I’m experiencing right now is Absolute Truth. Anything else is imaginary. If I believe someone is having a different experience (which they are) that is imaginary. If someone tells me they experience differently then the Absolute Truth is them telling me they are experiencing differently. Everything I experience right now is Absolute Truth, so I can say that my experience is fully me - Truth. Awakening is imaginary and there is only this here, whatever I am experiencing. The entire experience of every sense, felt emotion, and thought is Absolute Truth. Can there be something more? No that is imaginary. Even if I experience a state that is more or less, that would be Absolute Truth only then. Becoming nothing to become everything, if I ever experience that, is imaginary now and is only Absolute Truth when that is experienced. I guess the question I want most answered is how Truth developed imagination. How do I even contemplate that without imagining?
  13. One time I used a well renown book for an essay while I was in college on a topic completely unrelated to anything we talk about here. The topic, while for a class, also was a topic I loved to study at that time. I posted the entire essay on a forum and and few members corrected a part of my essay I got from that book and after doing research it turns out the book was wrong and they were right! This particular thing I got wrong was something I had no knowledge of due to to it being a subtopic that I really didn’t dive into or read about until then. Not making excuses at all, I still read. That has set in a bad way with me though. Especially when one realizes books are written by people who have biases and their own agendas. There’s always criticism of another person for whatever book so I take things as more of an opinion than fact which is why sometimes it may be better to do videos of what multiple “experts” are saying to get a clearer understanding on a certain subject within a subject. For instance in nonduality, for example, I’ve read Jed McKennas “The Damndest Thing” and I’m sure there’s some people here that disagree with his position. When I have to do my own research on a book I give them the same grain of salt I do to any other form of information.
  14. Thank you, sometimes I wonder if I’m contemplating or just ranting essentially lol. I’m still thinking about this statement. It says a lot. The statement implies a duality (ego=fish/Truth=water). A fish can’t live without water.