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  1. Hi all, long time reader, won't post much as I am unqualified to really say much here about this stuff, I'm looking for understanding about past. So, I was thinking about fear and survival, realizing you can't survive without fear. I then went to thinking really every fear is a belief, as it hasn't happened yet. So then, in order to test to see if a fear is true, I would have to experiment. For example, say if I believe that if I don't eat I'll lose weight. It starts as belief until I test the theory. I don't eat, and I see I lose weight. However, if I'm to be open to the past is just my imagination, then I don't know if it really happened. You could say within this dream the past is real, but then when I'm trying to forget my past to awaken the same would imply. Even when someone like Mooji says forget everything and then he keeps talking, my mind always thinks something "I understand what your saying, language was learned in my past, so how can I forget everything?" I realized lately that I'm completely lost in this work and am not any closer than when I started. I used to reduce to Truth is all that exist, but it even seems like even Truth is a concept. I hope this post makes a bit of sense.