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  1. Lately I have observed that when I meditate I became very uncertain about things and also I get confused a lot. Is it possible that meditation is causing this? If yes then how can I deal with it?
  2. @Rilles Confusion for example - I get confused if I should do exercise before meditation or is it okay to meditate without exercise or I get confused if I should breathing meditation or sitting still meditation and I can get to a conclusion at all. I remain uncertain and don’t get a solution at all and then I get frustrated about it. So I want to if this uncertainty about things is caused by meditation?
  3. In one of his videos Leo said that whey protein is toxic and it should be avoided. Why what’s the reason? @Leo Gura.
  4. I did the chanting meditation fot some days and I’m pretty sure because of that I developed anxiety and confusion. I’m getting confused at everything and it is bothering me a lot. But now how do I cure the confused mind I developed due to meditation?
  5. @Prabhaker is facing loneliness also going to make me aware of my demons and will that also make me suffer?
  6. @Prabhaker I’m taking meds because of the confusion.
  7. Internet and my cellphone are t letting me face solitude? I almost automatically go and use my phone. I give myself excuse that I’ll watch some educational videos and later I find myself watching videos of Justin burner kissing teens.
  8. I know that slowing down is super important and I will make my awareness grow. but why is it that I can’t succeed at slowing down at all? No matter how much I try I lose at being slow/mindful.
  9. I'm sorry but are all these things actually real - evil eye/ tantric & black magic?
  10. I agree that loneliness is the best - when I tried to be lonely I become super DEPRESSED(negative thoughts) and super ANXIOUS(Over thinking - over analysing the stupidest stuff) plus damn I got a terrible headache too. I didn't go and meet my friends for 4 days and those days were like hell. Today I went and met them and I felt super good and happy. What do I do?
  11. @Erlend K because solitude is better than hanging out with friends Leo said.
  12. 1. A life where in one has a lot of people with him and a good social connection and great family. 2. A person who has no social life.? If 2nd is better than 1 then why do you feel sad?
  13. Okay how do I deal with boredom? Personal development is boring and that's the reason I backslide. I don't want quick fixes like make personal development fun. I want a mature solution to deal with boredom. I'm ready to use all my power to deal with it. Please tell me how one can deal with it.
  14. @Leo Gura My parents aren't keeping well, plus I'm the person who manages all the stuff here.
  15. @Leo Gura anything else apart from these two? I can't leave my home and office.
  16. Guys I have all the knowledge and I know everything about diet, personal development, meditation, solitude, addiction and stuff. But I just am not doing it because I don't have a strong desire to change. How do I develop the need to change?
  17. I know that concentration is freaking important. So can you please give me a list of things that - a) build concentration. (Things I gotta do to build my concentration skills) b) destroy concentration. (Things I gotta stop doing so that I don't lose my already weak concentration skills)
  18. Whenever I try to calm down my mind gets agitated and confused and I keep thinking continuously literally like a mad man. Please help I want to do all the good stuff like being mindful and stuff but my mind gets agitated when ever I try to calm down.
  19. Please help guys my dad is losing all the money in business by lending it to people he can't recover back from from. He is basically a fool he doesn't maintain any accounts and he forgets to ask money from people he gave. This irritates me a lot. I scream at him and stuff. I don't know what to do he makes a lot of mistakes and is seriously a fool. What do I do?
  20. @Prabhaker he is giving me food money and shelter and that's because of my grand father's money.
  21. So yeah I'm doing this meditation and the problem is I cannot feel my breathe its like there is no sensation present and I'm getting agitated and frustrated after every meditation session. Please help.
  22. He has given money to people he knows are dangerous and fraud. Plus we gave a building for rent and it's been 15 years and he has not increased the rent yet in so many years. He could've made a lot of money just by increasing rent a little bit. OMG he has made a lot of mistakes. What do I do?
  23. I have anxiety and a confused mind so I overthink a lot. So whenever I try to do good things like being mindful or sitting alone in an empty room I keep thinking a hell lot and I become mad. What do I do? Please help because of these racing thoughts I'm not able to go all the good stuf. I have a lot of potential but my brain starts over thing because I have a confused mind and I get confused a lot.