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  1. Just Love. That is all. Thank you for this.
  2. Beautiful report and experience ?
  3. thank you for the heads up
  4. @MsNobody well done
  5. Beautiful my love... Another gorgeous remembering, reemerging. Iove you so, so much
  6. @Thought Art beautiful
  7. It is a beautiful substance. I haven't taken greater than 150 mg but with frequent daily encounter one quickly realizes its potency, and great potential at very low doses, for a transformational, extended (6-8 hour) open hearted support of the consentual reality experience, without the psychedelia which might hamper work, family interactions etc. I am very curious to see how deeply one might go with this novel tryptamine. I love you all
  8. @halfknots amen ♥️
  9. Ha.. Always seem to work the next day too. One day I will schedule a sitting with plenty of time off afterwards. Enjoy these potent echos.
  10. Greetings brother! I also saw your reddit post. I'm the guy who was talking about the MALT. Your experience is so beautiful. Congratulations on this breakthrough.
  11. Ha - - same! I insufflated somewhere between 14 and 19 mg MALT (bedeviled by the low dosage) and was watching the breathing with great curiosity as it seemed like there was no longer a need
  12. This always helps me ?
  13. @Leo Gura What a joy! So, could one say that this is analogous to the Kybalian statement: "All is in THE ALL, but It is equally true that THE ALL is in ALL.". Such that, while everything is consciousness, everything (including planets) has it's own consciousness? Panpsychism within panentheism?