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  1. What a gem! Thanks for sharing.
  2. good = this benefits my survival evil = this threatens my survival Absolute Good = God = Nonduality = no more dividing reality Why do we use Absolute Good as a pointer and not Absolute Evil, even though Infinity is basically death, the end of survival? - You'd have to ask God for that one.
  3. He gets a million views a podcast. A million views will plant a million seeds. At least a thousand will be sent down the rabbit hole and will do the work. That is if the conversation is goes well and Leo presents things in an accessible manner. Simply mentioning awakening on such a podcast pierces the mainstream in a slight way and can have ripple effects and make other people more likely to talk about it, or to host Leo themselves. I don't think there was anything on the line personally. Also Kanye is too famous not to interview. Lex won't be going down for a while, he has too much to lose. If he were to take the things Leo teaches seriously he won't be able to have fun and speculate around with some scientists because he would know it's all bullshit. That would be too hard to accept. Awakening = no more games - as Leo said above.
  4. I think Leo should have taken some serious action against the cult accusations. Now the timing lined up, but what if Lex searches 'Leo Gura' on YouTube and the third result is a one hour video with a million views calling him a cult leader. You can't really trust someone will care enough to check if the claims are legit. Also that form Lex put on his Instagram is for anyone to fill out, all of you can take a minute to suggest Leo. I am optimistic about his chances.
  5. You can't consciously create meaning, what you find meaningful is entirely unconscious. Things you find deeply meaningful are the guide to your happiness. So you have to find that internal motivation within. There is no technique that I can use to motivate me to become a professional football player. It would be practically impossible to rewire my mind to that extent. Deep meaning lies in the soul. If you've got no motivation to do excellent work or go regularly to the gym - go within and find a good reason to propel you. You can also find out that you've got no good reason to go to the gym beyond patching up insecurities - that's what happened to me at least.
  6. These 3 about Love are amazing - both spiritual and practical. Survival episodes are crucial, they interconnect so many concepts from life and from beyond life. Becoming conscious of biases within is how you advance your love for reality, break down limits, go beyond survival, this is probably my 2nd favorite of all. And this is my all time favorite, I actually had a full blown love awakening while watching this on mushrooms.
  7. This is very helpful, thank you for taking the time to write it so well and concise. The way I understand it right now, ''my'' experience defines actuality, so EVERYTHING ''outside'' ''my'' experience is (second order) imagination. So everything that is not within the now of experience is potential and everything that is is actuality. What is within or without is completely relative to where I draw lines between forms of course, but this distinction has been very useful to me to articulate my understanding of all of the solipsism talk. Actuality and potential is one, but due to limits of the mind and it's compulsive thirst for sense-making actuality is what feels really real. Then everything outside is graded on an arbitrary scale of 'real, even though I can't see it' to 'completely imaginary'. Both Paris, France and Gondor, Middle Earth are potential, but the world has given me the confidence to assume that I can, right now, book a flight to Paris and it will be there. It's faith. Same with people. All other POVs are potential, ''my'' POV is actual. Even further, my mother's POV and Gandalf's POV are also both potential. One is not more real than the other, that would be bias. ''I'' like to think I am special and everything revolves around me. ''My'' body moves the camera and is the center of action, it holds the thoughts and sensations, it is the main actor. This is, of course, bias and delusion, there really is nothing special about my body and my thoughts, but it feels so because I created this duality actual - potential. Actual is not better than potential, my character is not more real than other character, my thoughts are not more real than other's thoughts, it's all bias and sense making. So there is one moving picture that is everything and whatever appears or disappears is a matter of the ''main'' character making distinctions. The picture is God, it's all there is, God is Oneness, he can't really talk to anything but itself, it's Absolute Solipsism for God, the silent witness, show and the audience, but a dream full of people for me, the character, the one who talks. Am I on the right track? I only recently started piercing the veil while sober, I am well behind in terms of amount of awakenings.
  8. Spirituality is applied metaphysics. It has a theoretical and practical side, so it overlaps philosophy. Spirituality is about getting to the core of the deepest questions of philosophy. It takes these questions seriously, goes beyond the mind, and maybe even takes some of the answers back into daily life (embodiment).
  9. The way I see it, personal development is about mastering life and spirituality is about transcending life. They go hand in hand, but one after another, not at once. All of my huge leaps of spiritual problems came when I let go of personal development for a while. Life is the human character playing games. There are lots of games you can play, personal development is going to give you the foundations to engage the different games of life in a masterful way, avoid the traps and learn from your mistakes, help you see the rules of the different games. Personal development is about going all the way though the different avenues of life - health, socialization, money, relationships, life purpose. Personal development is the game of games. Spirituality is the game to end all games. It's the end game. It's also the main quest in a way. If you want to go all the way, you'll have to drop all goals, desires, attachments, biases, preferences, all your relationships will get recontextualized inside out, all of your passions will be questioned to the ultimate extent, everything you work so hard to master during personal development will be exposed as power games of survival. At some point the structure expands so much the content has the opposite meaning. That's how I have done it anyway... I stop deconstructing and focus on life, I start deconstructing so I can beyond life, then the cycle repeats.
  10. OK so you have these let's call them conceptual dualities - good vs evil - which are pretty obvious to break down when you get to a certain threshold you can clearly see how gray everything is. Form vs formlessness, chaos vs order, male vs female - this is all human mind stuff, inner monologue is logic-ing around, constructing narratives and models and so on. BUT THEN past - present - future breaks down, all past and future are imagination, there is only the Present (capital P) so you have this duality actual vs conceptual direct experience defines actual, everything inside that 'feels real' right now, right in front of you is actual, every narrative and construct in the human mind is conceptual Present is actual, it's experience. Past and future are concepts, imagination, fantasies, belief. Let's focus on the Present for a second. There are these 'obvious' dualities that can't seem to just break down. Let's call them perceptual dualities. The human mind 'automatically (?)' differentiates things. I don't consciously separate the white background from the black words I am typing by imagining a difference. It's literally how it looks?! I look at a tree and it's form is constantly changing. My mind can't help, but notice the tree is in motion when the wind blows. Even if I clear my mind of all thought and just sit and stare nowhere, no focus on anything in particular, I am still perceiving forms, the dualities are unavoidable, mind keeps seperating. So perception is limit. I am stuck perceiving and I can't 'look away' from all the differences. All is oneness, but I can't help but divide it with my human mind. I can't help, but notice some things are actual and some things are imaginary. It's all forms of Consciousness, it's all the same thing, but even if I recontextualize it all to understand the present moment as some infiinite material composing the whole perceptual bubble, the words and images in my mind and every gap inbetween, it's all still constantly changing - it's 'obviously changing. There is a weird resistance in my mind. To a certain extent, I can intuit that everything in this moment is a perfect flow of an infinite 'substance', but then something in me is like - look at this blue pen! it's blue! the notebook under isn't! OBVIOUSLY IT ISN'T! YOU ARE EXPERIENCING DIFFERENCE! RIGHT NOW! My understanding is lacking. Consciousness is not just a substance. Differences are Consciousness too. Differences are not different than the lack of difference. I feel stuck. If it wasn't so twisted, it wouldn't be so fun, right? This post is messy. I contemplate by writing threads. Several times I have answered my question as I write so I don't bother to post. Not right now. I am in the process of integrating a recent trip and it's messy. I kind of feel like I'm on the edge of an awakening orgasm, but I also feel like I am reaching for things above my level and I need to slow down for a while, then trip more. You guys here, my favorite mirror, I ask you now - am I onto something? What am I missing? How exactly am I deceiving myself? Be gentle...
  11. I think I'll keep to myself for now, explaining things only for the sake of clarity. I don't think I am getting anywhere no matter who I debate with in person or in my head. I was definitely underestimating the task of communicating spiritual matters before. I have no desire to be a teacher so I won't spend extra effort preparing to explain things to others. Maybe when I have children to teach... (Also, thank you for everything you do.) Yeah, that's it... I do clash with people's perspectives instead of just offering mine. I am still attached to proving myself right. I was insecure about my intelligence for many years up until a few months ago and I guess this is a leftover from that.
  12. What Leo does for a living is actually really hard. I'm doing serious meditation. Serious contemplation. Serious psychedelics. Seriously watching the videos. Deep insights. Progress is made steadily. Then I go online and watch scientists arguing about philosophy of mind, is AI conscious, can we explain consciousness, and everything else. And I'm arguing with them in my head and I'm losing. I can't keep up with their jargon. I can't really build the bridge from their point of view to mine and really prove to myself that I understand why they are wrong. Yesterday I was talking with a friend and trying to explain that you cannot categorize Reality. He postulated that if we build a superintelligent AI and it keeps getting smarter he would eventually throw away all of our current scientific systems and build its own bigger and better and more comprehensive systems, which would have 'right' assumptions and would eventually comprehend all of Reality. Then we talked about Godel and I failed miserably to get him to understand the implications of incompleteness, the nature of assumptions, the way Reality is infinite, and so on and so forth. Our conversation was cut short, but nonetheless, I was disappointed with myself. I spend a lot of time trying to understand Reality. I really FEEL it when I grasp something, but it is implicit. I try my best to explicate it, I have lots of documents where I write out insights and contemplations. It's hard. And it's even harder when I get pressed. And I feel bad. It's like I haven't understood shit! All this time and I can't even explain to somebody why you can't categorize Reality, which at this point is painfully obvious to me. I recognize the value of field-testing my understanding. But I also don't want to waste my time. Things are getting harder and harder to explicate, much less convince others of them. A part of me wants to straight up give up the idea of talking about philosophy with anyone. I will just talk about art and physics, why bother debating. Nobody cares about the truth around me. How valuable is it to explicate insights, really explain them to yourself and to others with words instead of just focusing on going deeper and trusting your implicit understanding? Sorry if this post is all over the place, I am new to forums in general.