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  1. I love the evonomist of all the stuff i heared, listened and watched its my favourite one and it was recomended by a recognized university teacher enjoy it and good luck. I would sugest you to also follow it on facebook if you have it.
  2. @Vido Hi, I would say fearlessness.
  3. What motivates you to run? A vision!
  4. Well, I would suggest, that you should take her to the psychiatry. It is painful but I have to say it you have to cut her off as however you know. You don't need to move away completely you can become a digital nomad. And it's not the country problem I live in Colombia which is less developed than Europe and also got independent. You know if she wants to kill herself you have to let her or let your younger sister take care of her. BUT YOU CAN'T STAY WITH HER. Here is how to move to a place without having to pay for your stay just work and you will get your meals.
  5. @Cabot I used to live in Dubrovnik
  6. @NoSelfSelf @Fortunate Son nisi... there are many croatians...
  7. At the moment in Bucaramanga Colombia but I am also half croatian.
  8. Something much more advanced my English is not so good and I don't understand this yoga terminology(kundalini).
  9. Breathing Techniques To Release DMT!
  10. Also try running it relaxes you, releases toxins from your body and you burn faster calories.
  11. I think you should calm your monkey mind with breathing :
  12. Well, I think if I am not wrong it releases toxins from your body.
  13. For example, if China invades Hong kong? What will be the terrible consequences that are predicting the global economy? How will that affect the diplomacy between China and the UN? Will the Chinese currency fall or go up? Will that set backward the growing Asian market? Is the trade center then be in Singapur? Would Taiwan be the next target of the chinses SD stage blue nationalism? I am very interested in the Hong Kong topic. Answers are welcome.
  14. Hello there, I have a web page for you who are interested in volunteering You can travel meet a new country and have some meals while working for the place you are staying in.