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  1. What do different forms of love have in common at a fundamental level?
  2. Hey, I have had glimpses of what you are experiencing. You could take a break and allow yourself to bounce back into ego for some rest. For me it is an on and off thing, so if you're anything like me just trust that you will be back to feeling normal soon. The other option would be to go "All The Way", like Susanne Zeagal did when she overcame DP in her book "Collision With The Infinite" - I can't comment on that way to go by, since I haven't done it (yet). You will be fine man <3
  3. Thanks, have any practices to recommend?
  4. Thank you! Even in your really early videos you seem to have had the ability to be brutally honest in your views regarding sexuality and other "sensitive" subjects - so on a more every-day level do you have tips that aren't as related to spiritual practices? Visualizations etc?
  5. I am currently searching for practices to help you develop the ability to fearlessly speak your mind on dogma-dominated subjects. Currently I am too fearful to be authentic in certain important areas in my life, which feels very limiting. I'm inspired by how confidently Leo openly crushes spiritual and scientific "taboos". Any help much appreciated, with love
  6. @Leo Gura The credible material on UFOs is so interesting. I find it really hard to discuss it with people though, many are way too closed minded to get a serious conversation going. It is interesting how important open mindedness really is when trying to understand things properly.
  7. Best of luck now! @Leo Gura
  8. Make something highly unique, nische and extremely valuable for a small audience. You wont make it if you try to go for quantity these days. Check out Seth Godin.
  9. Some high yield action steps in my own experience: 1. Improv Theatre, (huge) 2. Going out with friends 3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4. Visualization 5. Moving in to a collective with good vibes Also make a clear, concrete vision of what you are really trying to achieve. If you have clear intent and do 2-3 of the above, (or other action steps that you come up with yourself) your social skills will skyrocket. Also don’t be afraid to look for new social circles - a fresh start without the limited old role you used to play. GL HF Im trying to perfect this myself atm.
  10. Thank you sincerely.
  11. Here are some aspects and solutions to bullying from personal experience: * Strategically create a new social environment. Being bullied often negatively affects your role in the overall social environment (the group of people that you and the bully have in common). As for myself: I'm a musician and I started having projects with musicians from outside my current social environment. I moved in to a collective living in which gave me an everyday sense of social belonging (it also allowed me to live in a huge villa at a low cost). I took improv theater - an extremely effective way for me to create genuine bonds with others, and become more confident while having fun. Just you don't get into good improv group. * Practice something you love. This is related to following your overall life purpose. It also enables you to bond with other practitioners of your art - enabling you to create a more healthy social environment from scratch. If you get really good at something it also helps you gain authority, and oftentimes a sense of meaning. * Have a strong vision for your life, and how you want it to be socially. Realize that if you are being bullied it doesn't affect your overall strategy towards reaching your vision. It only affects the tactics (the steps that you in particular have to take in terms of getting over certain things and taking certain steps related to the bullying.) * Consider living in a collective. * Do affirmations and visualizations on self love, confidence and whatever else. It can also be appropriate to do visualizations where you eliminate your fear of the bullies. Also being bullied says nothing concrete about who you are, someone who is bullied in a certain environment could be loved in another one. A bully and a victim could have been friends if you changed their past experiences and circumstances. Bullying can be a great motivation for you to grow, if you are strategic, brave and self loving about it. Peace.
  12. I had a dream he commented on my YT-video
  13. You'll be fine man. Just check out the "negative sides" of meditation etc - see if someone else has been in your shoes
  14. Hi, do you have any recommendations on how to practice meditation and take action to prevent falling into Depersonalization Disorder? Books on the topic? Had to stop meditating a while ago as I felt some sessions of it, scary stuff. Thank you!
  15. Michael O'Leary - the CEO of Ryanair. A fascinating, intelligent, hyperenergized man. Very orange I think