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  1. I had a dream he commented on my YT-video
  2. You'll be fine man. Just check out the "negative sides" of meditation etc - see if someone else has been in your shoes
  3. Hi, do you have any recommendations on how to practice meditation and take action to prevent falling into Depersonalization Disorder? Books on the topic? Had to stop meditating a while ago as I felt some sessions of it, scary stuff. Thank you!
  4. Michael O'Leary - the CEO of Ryanair. A fascinating, intelligent, hyperenergized man. Very orange I think
  5. Damn, I'm sorry, that sounds like a great challenge. How has that affected your life and how do you think you'll get along in the future? @Leo Gura
  6. @Source_Mystic You're right man, that's my point. I experienced directly my whole sense of reality shift when I was on the subway and realized that from the "me"-perspective of all the women on the train, all the people in the room were related to in the opposite way. For them, the room literally consisted of a whole group of people I've never seen. . . And then as you say there are infinitely more perspectives than just 2 @NoSelfSelf True..! A bit trickier to directly experience such a perspective @BjarkeT @Spiral What I'm actually trying to discuss is that none of the people you see (construct in your own experience) even exist from the me-perspective of someone else.
  7. What's your relationship to your dad like? @Leo Gura
  8. There are four genders Men from the perspective of other men, women from the perspective of men, men from the perspective of women and women from the perspective of other women. Peace
  9. This whole topic scares the shit out of me. I currently have a conceptual belief of "having"/"being" the same consciousness as all other beings, but I'm not at the level of consciousness where it's a continuous perception in my experience. I'm currently super afraid at the thought that I will forever live, and have already lived all the worst misery and suffering of people in the past and future. I suspect my fears about these things will release or in some way change when my consciousness of the matter increases and my perspective changes. Regarding the direct questions you posted, these are games of thinking and my mental model created by the questions will differ from yours and anyone elses. Therefore my answer would only be speculation. On the other hand if you ask people that operate on a level of consciousness that correspond to having had direct experience of the things you are describing then the answers would actually mean something.