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  1. DMT seems not regulated in Morocco, lol.
  2. bufo boiling/vaporization, melting temperature research so- I was kinda researching how to extract 5-meo-dmt from bufo, and soon I figured out that during the vaporization of bufo, unless it is a highly skilled facilitator with a scientifically accurate temperature sensor during the vaporization, cardiotoxins get vaporized anyway and inhaled. it brings more evidence that Nasal/rectal administration of bufo has proven to be safe. still vaporization itself is dangerous by many reasons and bufo is impure, risky to dose, and difficult to administrate
  3. So.. I am in Mexico, mail system here is so messed up so I rather sourced bufo, which contains 10~30% 5-Meo-Dmt It costs like 60~120 $ per gram. effectively still expensive than pure 5meodmt I mixed it with vinegar, as it comes as freebase, It has a weird jelly texture but I grind and destroy it with syringe I did microdosed, nasal sprayed, then did rectal 5mg, it was yeah, 5-Meo-Dmt I wonder if there is health risk this way. Any concerns?
  4. 5meomalt and 5meodmt, microdosed myself No problem, quite identical Somebody had proper trips on it, still no problem
  5. 5meodmt to wake up (breakthrough doses) 5meomalt to embody (micro-low dose) 5meomipt to show up (5~8 hours length) Haven't tried 5meomipt yet
  6. Toxins from bufo are actually used as traditional Chinese medicine, As bufo alvarius produces mainly 5meodmt and bufotenin, other toxins are actually minor. Still unknown how much safe it will be, simply no Data in human history that has been putting toad venom in the butthole. Subjectively I've done it once, 50mg, so about 5~10mg 5meo, it felt safe. About nasal, after 2 days my nose recovered quite well, feels much better, will never snort.
  7. well it seems like other ROA does not work for you, so you go on vape Would be more interesting to focus on why panic attacks are caused in the first place And yeah several experimentation, dosages will be interesting.
  8. Yom difficult to source 5meo now so I am going with bufo It is basically synthetic 5meo, with subtle extra things added on it, cardiotoxic elements such as bufalin, or another tryptamine bufotenine adds more body load I guess. When smoked it feels almost identical. Nasal administeration shall better be forbidden via bufo, because it's 10 times more particles than 5-meo. And other toxins may damage nose much faster. I have already very messed up nose(my nose gets blocked frequently..) Rectal administration, is much better than nasal, still it is unsure about the safety Vaporization with glass pipe is surely safe but feels smokey flavor due to proteins in bufo flakes
  9. 2 days ago, with bufo nasal administeration I made it successfully to be recreational, but it's quite hard to make it recreational And 5-meo-dmt on scenting, micro-dose level, or at any level can have some mild headache and dizziness, sleepy head
  10. so conclusion is, well, I would stick to pure chemical version as much as possible, burning it or applying heat, with incense holder is considerable, scenting would be still very fine
  11. bufotenine is known to be harmless, other bufotoxins such as bufalin and bufotalin and so on, are traditionally used in chinese medicine context, lethal dose for cats and dogs are notable though
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bufotoxin It can contain 5-MeO-DMT, bufagins, bufalin, bufotalin, bufotenin, bufothionine, dehydrobufotenine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.
  13. So you are that guy who are reading all the horror stories of psychedelics?
  14. Note: I am currently unable to conduct this experiment, so I'm documenting my query here. I am curious about the potential degradation of 5-MeO-DMT over time when dissolved in distilled water and vinegar. Based on my subjective experiences, it has consistently maintained potency during my travels in various conditions. Experiment Setup: Tools Needed: Reagent purity test kits available at DanceSafe Substance: 5-MeO-DMT, dissolved in distilled water/vinegar Experimentation Conditions: Test the substance in both liquid and powder form. After dissolving, set up different conditions, including variations in container type, temperature, light exposure, and using different liquids. Perform purity tests on each sample to assess the 5-MeO-DMT purity. Please note that I am not conducting this experiment personally but am interested in understanding the stability of 5-MeO-DMT under these conditions.
  15. oh, i just developed nasal sprays on my own, cool they are good for meditation and being.. sleepy;
  16. subjective experience is that it has never been degraded.
  17. I am using this method personally, also dissolved in vinegar as I had freebase, personally I did not experience degradation, but sciencific research may say differently,
  18. so i hear @Leo Gura telling that he is sensitive to any psychedelics than other people, but wouldnt it be result of taking 5meo so many times? after taking 5meo and malt 40+ times, I became so sensitive to any psychoactive substances, smelling 5meo impacts me quite well, shroom becomes more 5meo with solipsistic realization I find that 5meo makes mind supppper sensitive in general
  19. yeah haha, will not be useful in every cases, plenty of bad implementations, but definitely there will be useful cases, you may use micro-dose to low dose to do creative-holistic writing, for creative Work that is not intensive(in my case, Writing an article, or building a business)
  20. 1. **Sleeping:** - Microdosing 0.5mg nasal of 5meoDMT for napping induces a comfortable, death-like sleep. - Concerns arise about breathing, feeling dissociative, but overall, it's manageable. 2. **Working:** - Enhances non-linear thinking and relaxation. - Potential downside during robust work and intense social interactions, depending on the nature of the task. - Excellent for creativity and holistic thinking when working alone. 3. **Partying:** - Similar to working, but considering my introverted nature. - Effects may vary, especially in social situations, amplifying anxiety intensity. 4. **Relaxing:** - Best taken when I have no commitments for the next 4-8 hours. - Ideal for unwinding, but effects depend on my current state of consciousness. Consider that I am socially awkward and easily overwhelmed in a normal state of consciousness.
  21. well there is melatonin which is also a tryptamine too there are literal upside and downside of 5meodmt, it can be actually anxiety inducing, exposing to stress or noise after trip enduces anxiety, the higher dose it is, it is likely will that be. it will demand you to breath and relax, regulate your nervous system constantly, when this process is interrupted, it induces anxiety. that's the downside, but when you manage yo get relaxed, there is embodiment of Zen, emptiness, stillness.
  22. Smelling, Tested every ordinary situation, good for everything, If you aim for relaxed vibe it's good to go, it works even at the party setting but you may get just relaxed Spraying(1~2mg), is in my experience not good for socializing, too much anxiety inducing, Though, it may just mean that mind has to be able to rest and relax properly
  23. For smelling you want to make it dry usually, so put 10mg in the bottle, put 0.1ml of water or nice fragrance
  24. I had quite long solipsistic experience in shroom at the new year festival, I felt also super insanely angry but motivated, active, furious, and felt also divine and pleasant at the same time, I felt so sad, so sad but insanely gratitude and happy I felt solipsistic, cause that others were like disorganized sub-mind or sub-processing unit, that are not part of my mind, even though this shroom was not like going directly breakthrough, mushroom does not deconstruct my obsession about models and theories, still shrooms, it felt insanely profound. I felt it was quite a breakthrough, it has impacted me for 3days just like I had 20mg of 5meodmt and intensely breathed for 3days straight.
  25. yes, also I dissolve every 5meo powder into vinegar(freebase) or water first, 1g into 10~50ml of vinegar. as I know, 10mg per 0.1ml is solubility of 5meodmt with that I know how much 0.1ml for 5meo.