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  1. @littleBIG You do care about progress, it's just that detaching from frustrations to progress means you're more present, open, able to observe, learn, discern, adapt and keep practicing with focus. You can pay attention to what is happening now and respond to it so as to improve in the moment rather than being distracted by a thought of the future
  2. @Omario It's all energy that manifests as symbolic representations, then the symbol helps you to understand how and what the energy is doing/playing out as i believe Uranus is all about changing the status quo, moving forward, being different, rebellion and this planet sits on its side and it's rings are moving in a different direction from all the other planets. Neptune is the planet represented by dissolving of boundaries, psychedelic states, oneness, dreams and is largely made up of gaseous matter so it's less solid in its physical boundaries, more elusive The sun is all about ego, motivation, drive and it is the greatest attention grabber, tons of fire and lights up the day The moon is receptivity and intuition, subconscious, emotions and it comes out at night and receives the sun's light Carl Jung was very interested in astrology and noticed all his archetypes were represented by the planets and the signs You can think of energy on a micro level for example how all the food you eat affects you, thoughts, emotions, music and talk affecting the 'vibe' in a place or event Then on a macro level you have these huge planetary bodies that have absorbed and emit their own collection of energy Another thing to look at is history. Astrology developed by people observing the planets and then noticing what was happening in their lives on the day to day and in their larger communities. If you type any planetary aspects you're interested in it will tell you all the major events happening at the time in response to that. People make an entire study of it and witness their lives, they notice the connections, you can do it for yourself too. It doesn't have to enable victim mentality if used appropriately. It just adds to the idea that we have a story we're playing out. You were born in a certain family, at a certain time, place with certain genes etc. You can see astrology as representing all these psychological conditions and the themes that are likely to crop up for you to be working with. This is just how i see it, hope that got you thinking a little
  3. I did it for 53 minutes after which my will was low plus i needed to pee really bad lol (don't drink hours before) So, basically i've only ever tried weed once but it was like that, not any noticeable dissociation from the body experienced but, i had a load of buzzing/tingling and noises (some ringing, some static) in the ears, which varied in location and intensity throughout, and continued for a while once i finished. I definitely got a lot quieter and slower with the breathing over time, i don't know if that's ok or if you should maintain the same level of energy into the breathing throughout the whole thing? I think at one point i kind of dipped into sleep and then out again, i had to remind myself what i was doing, but i don't know if i necessarily stopped, it was a bit of a blank moment. I listened to this music on a really low volume. I've heard that with OBEs you shouldn't listen to anything and should reduce the amount of stimuli you're exposed to because apparently you can experience them more potently as you leave. With sounds, especially if you left from your head, they'd become super loud. So i thought if this breathing technique has the potential to lead to an OBE it might be best to keep the sound volume very low.
  4. @hinawashi I guess it depends on the level of consciousness. Both are ways of going about serving the ego, but the sustainable one is likely a more conscious program, or a more developed paradigm, like going through spiral dynamics stages. I’d imagine having a sustainable way would mean needing to consider all the other egos too, whereas the other is all about my immediate ego. Even though addictions seem like an obvious non-serving exercise, it does give immediate gratification and that’s the only concern there. To get to the concern for a sustainable approach it’d probably need to face up to and realise the limits of immediate ego gratification. The rich getting richer for example, might need to see how that’s not doing anything for them, their awareness might raise to wider concern. Do you think that’s the case?
  5. Yeah just say to yourself “It happened. Fact.” Then notice the uselessness of your thoughts trying to take it further and trying to put it in your own hands, what a waste of time
  6. @Process I think how it works is it helps you tap into the essence of the thing you’re doing rather than being lost as part of it e.g. you might take the meaning of your negative thoughts and run away with them, beleiving in them, or you start seeing them as a kind of noise that is just happening for the sake of it, but that they don’t really mean anything, then that makes them easier to let go of But if you try to stop the habit without learning what the essence of it is, you’ll still be in that place of taking the meaning seriously, so in the inevitable case a negative thought pops up, you’ll go straight back to the old way of approaching it
  7. @Hardkill If you're in a situation you hate, you have to first find your emotional balance and peace within. That means accepting where you are, letting go of certain patterns of thought that make the situation unbearable and just feeling as much flow and ease as possible. Don't try to move on from a place of panic and despair, you'll end up remaining very ineffective in your attempts to move on. Once you've truly become more easy about yourself and situation, which will create symptoms of being able to wake when you need to and do better in your daily life and tasks, then start to move towards solutions. You just have to notice opportunities suited to your preferences, get creative, be realistic. Remember you have this amazing resource called the internet where you can learn all sorts of skills etc. Start taking actions but from that place of balance. You need to sort all those imbalances that are making it difficult for you to do anything properly first.
  8. @George Fil Will you be fine to survive and live during those 3 years of failure? If it's what you really want and you don't rely on your job for survival you should focus on it, and learn more about business so you can be sure of making progress If you need the money you could save up and quit later, meanwhile take small steps given your time resitriction to learn more of what you want, how to do it, where you're going etc. Then put it into proper action when you're ready to quit
  9. @Claire Verlyn I've done most of them at night and I've still noticed improvements, I don't really think the time matters except make sure you're feeling alert. Sometimes though I've meditated when tired at night, got very relaxed then stopped feeling tired, and had a really nice session, as long as you do it, you're doing it
  10. @Ariel It reflects how we must develop to be able to function more effectively as a self You can do what you want, and that will either have disastrous consequences or ones conducive to living a good life, this kind of acts as a guide to help you recognise what needs you're being motivated by and what are the helpful rather than damaging ways to fulfill those needs In your pickup example, maybe someone uses pickup to manipulate and that reduces their feelings of self-honesty, integrity and authenticity, all of which reduce self-esteem, one of the needs. You can do what you want but it will have consequences. Maybe pickup gives someone the façade of self-esteem on the outside but they will end up unfulfilled in their needs.
  11. Under stand (this might mean something) quest ion a void (avoid a void) Is you? Issue.. is you Heard .. herd Fund a mental ??
  12. @DavidBorja You have good talent for voice, humour and information giving, I'd just say the jumping to different scenes for every point was distracting so making it less jumpy might help you reduce workload P.S. Do you play animal crossing? That music was super nostalgic
  13. @Pluck This happens to me too where I'm wondering if I'm doing it right, following the technique or wondering if something should be realised The trick is to be aware of that question being asked as well or your attempts to do the technique properly Then the meditation is happening at the same time as wondering if you're even meditating
  14. @Pure Imagination The best testing ground! Just notice what issues you have around family and use that to focus your growth efforts
  15. @Joseph Maynor That's called being a zen devil, see the video on that topic to learn of the pitfalls