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  1. @Joseph Maynor Language was constructed as time went on, its more a by-product that reflects what we already function from when born into this world
  2. @sgn I thought you put an image up that hadn't loaded for me and thought "I can't see anything" and as I continued to scroll down it hit me "oh" haha!
  3. @Socrates It'll be subjective but in terms of anime I find something magical about studio ghibli films, like totoroooo
  4. @Alexo45 Focus on small steps, if you can only learn one thing at a time and read for 10 minutes at a time, just do that consistently. Recognise in yourself how your improvement is happening a little at a time and that your competence will gradually get better too. I think you're stressing yourself out with goals that are too far out of your current comfort zone, the perfect place for learning is only a little bit out of your current level but not so far ahead. The little bit of challenge will feel exciting but not daunting, a nice dose of mental effort but not over strained or hopelessly grasping at something too difficult.
  5. @CuteCornDog It helps to see their challenge as meaning you can get further in life BECAUSE of them Be confident in your ability to rise above the ashes and you will soon find yourself wanting to send them a genuine thank you note
  6. @kieranperez You will never really know everything that may have gone into shaping another person and what influences helped them, and everyone comes into life with their own sets of challenges. Not everyone comes to the same place in the same way, we all have our different routes to take, but at the end of the day you've got to make the right choices for yourself whether it was the same route as someone else or different. You also never know if someone else's route is best for you or others, sometimes appearances change or results may not reveal what is in store for the big picture. Maybe there are some psychological blocks you have to work on that others don't and you just haven't seen them or noticed. Heres some questions to help you What are you trying to achieve specifically and concretely? What do you want to change? What are the obstacles or blocks? What are you doing that isn't working to sort this out? What could you do that would work to get the ball really rolling? What high leverage things could you do? Why are your new solutions going to work better? What issues are you avoiding or not confronting? Where can you find real solid techniques that work? Are you doing the most effective thing or are you just doing the productive thing? Are you following the rules too much, could you try relaxing a little and tapping into intuition to give some clues, some gut instincts? How much more do you need to learn about an area of your life that isn't working? Can you sort the advice that is helpful vs unhelpful for your life specifically? What are you not seeing or noticing? Where have you made assumptions that might be false or misguided?
  7. @Akshay I heard they're not occasional it's just that we forget most of them a lot of the time so it seems you have a great memory for them Sometimes different people in dreams represent a different aspect of your own personality. I think dream analysis is open to a lot of mistakes when us regular people try to do it unless it's more explicit and easy to recognise the direct issue I just focus on the feeling that I get from a dream and if it's intense it's probably due to a lot of resistance in real life
  8. @Ryan_047 Questioning and paying attention to your inner world (actions, emotions, purposes, wants, values). Questioning beleifs, paradigms. Learning about topics relevant to whatever you're doing, don't be ignorant or get complacent about improving how you're doing something. Recognising reality in as accurate way as you can, keep in mind paradoxes, the big and small pictures of what you're contemplating or doing. Consider your environment (that reminds me of the spiral dynamics model stages). Take responsibility and recognise where something is or isn't working, do something about it in as productive way you can. Own up to your mistakes, don't be afraid to be wrong. If you have avoidance behaviours or pain, try not running away from it but finding the root cause and resolving those issues Looking at any mechanical behaviour or thinking, seeing where it could be changed or improved I think a lot of the actualization topics all relate to it, anything that is about seeing things more accurately and not walking through life blindfolded
  9. @Lynnel I don't think the mind can shake it off tbh, even when enlightened people say "this is all play" it feels like a meaning to the mind, the best you can do while functioning as a self is pursue non-toxic meanings that are valuable to you. At the same time it's helpful to keep remembering that there's nothing inherent in the things you're chasing, you already referred to your experience where you recognised that once, since it was an experience it's not going to hang around so don't expect it to, being a person who appreciates the now and meditating is the best you can do if you're not trying to become enlightened yet. Just keep the balance, don't resist that fact that you want to pursue things, use them to keep you having a sense of well-being. Finding value in things just for the sake of it can be helpful too, it's not always about relying on a result to come then, it's just about living in the process.
  10. @Jack_Clark It's better if you focus primarily on the vision part (to produce a society where people don't have to work and struggle to survive) The rest of it is what you have to be very flexible about, how you go about it should be left open, keep exploring and coming up with lots of ideas, get experience with your degree and understanding the social situation, the opportunities... eventually you'll craft a perfect way to go about it for you, but if you cling to that one way of doing it, you'll dismiss the entire vision as inauthentic or unachievable which may not be true
  11. @Alexo45 Sometimes you have to force yourself to do at least a little focused activity like reading one paragraph without distractions, allow yourself to drift off after that, and over time you might find it gets easier to read more before deciding to do something else. I think the main thing is to show a concerted effort to focus on focusing otherwise you have no idea if you're improving or not and it remains a vague wish with no results. It can be difficult to focus on focusing when focus is the problem in the first place but just try noting some of your results built into the activities you already do
  12. Do it properly this time, if my responsibility tank lowered enough, I'd have committed suicide by now and same will go for you if you carry on like this, if you don't learn now, you'll have to learn from experience when you get pushed to an even bigger breaking point than this Law of Attraction is great for victims as is studying successful people who were forced to pull up their bootstraps through times of hardship many of them have endured, they all had faith, responsibility and optimism even in the face of fear Where there's a will there's a way so make your life work or die Hope you have a nice day, it's up to you lol
  13. @Ilya I was helping my sister with this issue, she likes fiction writing and reading fiction books but she thought it was just a little side hobby and she doesn't put in much attention or focus on it even though she quite enjoys it from time to time So I asked her if she could do this as a hobby consistently every day or every other day for 10 or 20 years to come and she said yes! It made her consider that as a great possibility and now she's throwing herself into it lol Just like your hobbies it seems quite average at first, but I think a question like that can help you discover if something has the potential to be more than average for you, maybe you can't see the full picture yet but this helps with finding a place to start
  14. @kieranperez I think the comment by @wavydude could be a great help Following your intuition is a lot to do with following what makes you joyful, taking action from that place can then make you much more confident about the action, whereas if you take an action from a place of only thinking and reasoning you can run into patterns of thought that keep you stuck. Even visualising and strategising may not be as compelling or well done when you haven't got your intuition involved. If you want to shift your limiting beleifs through affirmations, involving your intuition will be about ensuring the affirmations take effect on a feeling level and from day to day that might even be different, you might also run into different kinds of evidence throughout the day which become more impactful in helping you shift your self-image This helps you to be more flexible and in-the-moment about your changes, whatever techniques you choose, and sometimes intuition leads to inspirations that come from no particular technique you were doing but just an idea or emotion
  15. @Shin For me it was definitely a life purpose need Life purpose and games parallel in that they offer: A tangible and easy way to be creative without too much skill required so you're more likely to achieve flow states, and fulfil a vision with more ease too The ability to build on a skill and see yourself become better more quickly Meeting goals and feeling successful with achievements that you can build on which gives a reward-like feeling The meaning, it means a lot to see yourself as doing well in a game, or building something you can be proud of. You see a part of your identity fulfilled in showing off your talent for it. Move all that over into your more productive real world passions until the games stop being as meaningful as what you're achieving in the real world Then also ensure you're taking time to relax and keeping energised when you're tired or stressed. The game will provide an easy way to get those listed needs fulfilled with less effort when you're stressed and you'll turn to that instead of the real world passion