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  1. @GroovyGuru Once you start to feel the ways you're attached to ego, it's a case of purifying your desires until you genuinely want to shift focus onto relaxing into truth rather than running to survival. Maybe focus on that journey before the actual journey, once the genuine desire is there the hard part is sorted and you can lift-off into what needs to be done, discipline effortlessly flows from what one's biggest curiosities and wants are.
  2. @Omni There's going to be addictions possible at all/most of it since it's a model of the mind and the mind always has attachments/needs/shadow issues etc.
  3. @FredFred Can't remember if i read/heard this somewhere but i don't think you're supposed to interfere with the process of developing an ego in a child as it could result in developmental issues or be unhealthy in some way.
  4. That is a projection from your mind which will just complicate things. We're already dead but everything still continues to happen, all the thoughts, personalities, emotions etc. they continue and the experience is alive. Maybe just the egoic perspective becomes redundant, things like seeing separation but not everything will become redundant, it's just that ego is usually all of our perspective, that's perhaps why you feel everything will be redundant, but of course the ego isn't everything. Just keep diving into the contrast of life and it will continue to push you in the right direction in your own time, you can't force the wanting for spiritual growth but you can always continue observing life until the natural desire arises. You're lucky though that you know about this stuff to put things in context or through comparison, that will help you a lot.
  5. @Eric Tarpall Teal Swan talks about boundaries and conflicts of interest. She advises something along the lines of taking others interests as part of your own and vice versa but not necessarily at the expense or above your own so as to allow anything, which seems to be your difficulty. Probably don't stay around anyone who is completely incapable of also taking your interests at heart. It won't work out perfectly but at least be sure that another does demonstrate this enough. If you have a tendency to not care about yourself and always be compromising, try watching for thoughts and emotions like guilt which could stem from shadow/self-image attachments, get to the bottom of them
  6. I thought these definitions of identity were interesting, in our everyday processes of seeking identity, we want to maintain a stability or sameness. Since we are trying to find the sameness and stability in the things that always change, we'll never maintain an identity. All the struggles in our life are about this inability to maintain the sameness (identity) through the changing. We need to notice what is the same again and again!
  7. @Paul92 As you become more conscious, happiness the emotion will begin to taste like artificial sweetener! Especially in the context of unconsciousness You just need to realise it by eating real food, nom nom
  8. @Anton Rogachevski Glad it resonated, i once heard a story of a woman who had an awakening glimpse when a gunman confronted her, i think it illustrates how a normally fear-inducing experience can act as a shock catalyst to recognising yourself beyond the usual story of it - she probably thought i have no choice but to NETI NETI through this! haha
  9. I agree, there could be a tyrannical leader who also wants to make an impact on the world, but it doesn't mean it's any good. It's better to recognise what we're sharing and why even if it's to one person.
  10. @Ampresus Don't force it, maybe try listening to the audio version if there is. To be honest i think it's best to read a small little segment, take it away with you and just let it seep in as you contemplate it. If you read through the whole thing faster you're more likely to forget it and want to re-visit it anyway.
  11. Hey everyone, I recently heard someone read this excerpt out from an ancient astrology book on fear which I transcribed, it's quite an enjoyable read on fear and it helps you to understand why in religious texts you are told that the religious one fears God: Fear is an angel because without its guidance we’re likely to forget the limitedness of form and engage continually in more delusion thinking that we are limitless. Human hubris is the person constantly trying to accumulate and expand themselves with and as form, and human humility is being reflective of limits. Religious people are told to fear God and be humble before him so they can recognise God more than they recognise themselves as all there is. The person who is constantly trying to combat fear through false security for example, is like someone combating an angel who is there to guide them towards freedom. I like how angels having wings, being flighty and made of light is likened to the nature of the imagination, foresight and built in intelligence/instincts, the wordless guidance we have. It seems like when you see the typical cartoon of an angel and a devil on the shoulders of a person, that it's obvious which one they should pay attention to even though usually the person gets seduced by the devil and the audience thinks they're stupid. But actually, angels can sometimes look like fear and dread, so no wonder no one likes the angel's messages! In real life angels will often look like devilish fear and devils look like shiny light beings Lol!!
  12. @Pernani I think intention comes before vision, vision is a tool to flesh out or make an intention tangible to the mind, but intention itself can be general and as long as you take actions in alignment with an intention you'll find your way to bringing the intention into concrete form. One general intention helps to keep things open where if one concrete result didn't work there's many other ways to manifest the same intention, and sometimes life throws in surprises and new crossroads while still going along to the same intention. It's like a life purpose statement which is general but can be expressed in many different ways.
  13. The Monism version would be like A sound is just a sound is presence A thought is just a thought is presence etc.
  14. @littleBIG You do care about progress, it's just that detaching from frustrations to progress means you're more present, open, able to observe, learn, discern, adapt and keep practicing with focus. You can pay attention to what is happening now and respond to it so as to improve in the moment rather than being distracted by a thought of the future
  15. @Omario It's all energy that manifests as symbolic representations, then the symbol helps you to understand how and what the energy is doing/playing out as i believe Uranus is all about changing the status quo, moving forward, being different, rebellion and this planet sits on its side and it's rings are moving in a different direction from all the other planets. Neptune is the planet represented by dissolving of boundaries, psychedelic states, oneness, dreams and is largely made up of gaseous matter so it's less solid in its physical boundaries, more elusive The sun is all about ego, motivation, drive and it is the greatest attention grabber, tons of fire and lights up the day The moon is receptivity and intuition, subconscious, emotions and it comes out at night and receives the sun's light Carl Jung was very interested in astrology and noticed all his archetypes were represented by the planets and the signs You can think of energy on a micro level for example how all the food you eat affects you, thoughts, emotions, music and talk affecting the 'vibe' in a place or event Then on a macro level you have these huge planetary bodies that have absorbed and emit their own collection of energy Another thing to look at is history. Astrology developed by people observing the planets and then noticing what was happening in their lives on the day to day and in their larger communities. If you type any planetary aspects you're interested in it will tell you all the major events happening at the time in response to that. People make an entire study of it and witness their lives, they notice the connections, you can do it for yourself too. It doesn't have to enable victim mentality if used appropriately. It just adds to the idea that we have a story we're playing out. You were born in a certain family, at a certain time, place with certain genes etc. You can see astrology as representing all these psychological conditions and the themes that are likely to crop up for you to be working with. This is just how i see it, hope that got you thinking a little