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  1. Here's a way to shut up naughty figments of my imagination. There's also the fact that this is just what's happpening. Nobody is in control so I forgive you figment boy.
  2. Just because you're not having an experience doesn't mean it's not worth it to interact with you. God has provided others for me to interact with even if they are not having their own experience but so what? I've already seen other people on reddit admitting they don't exist. Razard86 here on the forum said he is a figment of the readers imagination. There is only one reader. That is me. So yeah I'm just doing this for fun. I don't care about your petty insults
  3. Bro. In the solipsism video leo admitted he is imaginary and that he doesn't exist if im not looking. Once on LSD i had an awakening in my bathroom that while I was in it all that existed was the bathroom and nothing else. You are my mind participating in self deception. I already seen how other people are manipulated by god and do things that don't make sense. My father knew things he couldn't possibly know. My POV is absolute in this instance of reality. In the next reality someoje else's POV will be absolute and the only thing in existence. Other people arent feeling anything right now, it's impossible because there is only one consciousness, one instance of feelings. Other people are just objects in my POV. It's just a simulation of how they would act and feel if they were real.
  4. In practical terms. Whatever happens to the detail is god's will. It's a sovereign construction, nothing can happen spontaneously without being willed by god. God has to construct absolutely everything and it takes no effort
  5. I can't just realize who I am out of my personal will. This is what I meant by useless advice. I don't have control over self realization. It might be destined to never happen and I have to accept that
  6. What contradictions designed and handcrafted does not contradict that it is imaginary. Having an awakening to no free will contradicts with what exactly?
  7. This particular instance was imagined in one way only. There is only this until there isn't and we're back to infinite possibility
  8. I don't have patience for that kind of ignorance. It's very simple. God imagined all of reality one way. It can't be any other way. I've had a direct experience awakening to no free will. I can see how my entire life was designed and hand crafted. There is no such thing as free will for a created character and there will never be for all of eternity.
  9. Since everything is predetermined, no free will, any advice is completely useless because no matter what, what's meant to happen will happen. This means most of what people say is completely and utterly useless. Just some robots spouting their lines in this coordinated play. There's no thinking behind it. Nobody is thinking of what they're saying. Leo didn't think anything through, he didn't spend hours in contemplation. Like the good robot he is, he just spouted his lines to the camera in a completely dead happening. Everything is just happening, nobody is thinking and there's no advice to give. This illusion is just sad and a complete waste of time. I didn't think this through, it came out automatically. Nobody is reading this but responses will happen automatically or not. Nobody is willing any awakening or causing awakening. Nobody is breaking any limits like mr breakingthewall likes to say unless the big boss wants to. And guess what the big boss is a huge stinking turd so it simply won't happen. The big boss doesn't want just good things to happen. It wants all unbelievably shitty things to happen forever and ever. Who wrote this? God and it's perfect. There is no me.
  10. It's designed to fool you into thinking evolution is real
  11. God helps those who reality is kinder to. Everything is god's doing. He's either helping you or fucking you over
  12. No one has realized god or infinity. Only I can and I probably never will because it's not god's will. I'll die and become the retarded bastard that is god and that will be the end of that
  13. Infinity is everything. That means everything is perfect. If everything is perfect than nothing is perfect. That's just some bs delusional people tell themselves. Including god. The most delusional one of all.
  14. Why would you love someone who sexually assaults a baby or someone who burns his baby alive. Why would you love someone who is abusive to his family. I could go on and on with examples. Like why would you love getting all your limbs cut off. But you catch the drift. God is infinitely intelligent yet he is the dumbest entity I have ever seen. Loving all these things is unintelligent and just outright stupid. There's nothing to gain and everything to lose. I hate unconditional love with all my heart. I hate god with all my heart. Thanks for putting me in a hell realm you c***