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  1. @JosephKnecht Nobody needs anything really, after all: you could just die(;
  2. @tatsumaru If everything is fine then it is fine to not think that everything is fine. I don’t think there is really any “should” in spirituality. There is no reason you should or should not be an entrepreneur. If you are going to be an entrepreneur that is fine, same if you are not going to be one. Do what you want, and if you don’t know what you want just make your best guess. Of course, not doing what you want is completely fine too, so no worries if you think you make bad guesses right now. From a truly spiritual perspective, IMO - even spirituality isn’t something you should do or something that is good to do(;
  3. @Leo Gura Haha, thanks!
  4. @Leo Gura Would it also be fair to say that the highest truth is happiness, as at a relatively high level the two become indistinguishable? Does truth ever not lead to greater long-term happiness?
  5. @Hulia True, unfortunately.
  6. @Hulia Isn’t everything transient though? Eventually, even you life will end. Eventually (supposedly) the universe will undergo thermal heat-death or something. I agree with you though that happiness isn’t really what people want, but I have no idea of what a better metric would be. Integration? Peace? Love? Nothingness? Anything you want bc everything is equal? Anything at all? I have no idea.
  7. @Hulia sure. I have had insights that have convinced me that we do everything out of love, and I think Leo had a video about survival that talks about this topic in detail, but I think we both agree on the most important thing: you should always try to do what leads to the greatest happiness.
  8. I feel like this is incorrect - at the beginning stages it might be a waste of time to do this as you won’t be effective at it but as you get more actualized you are able to help more and more people, eventually including those that you used to call cruel. All cruelty is ultimately inspired by love, even if it is in an incredibly “perverse” way.
  9. Maybe try changing the people you hang around with. Not all people are cruel or extremely selfish, although certainly a lot of people are.
  10. @dflores321 to cultivate this type of equanimity: whenever you have a fear based thought, imagine that whatever you are scared of actually happened and tell yourself that that is ok. Everything is ok. This is what I think Leo might mean by replacing fear with love/acceptance. I actually start naturally laughing when I have a fear-based thought, as it is quite funny how much of our suffering is so obviously self-caused.
  11. @dflores321 I actually have the same “problem” where I always think about the worst-case scenario. I have found that learning to accept those possibilities makes me happier. For example, say you are worried about your mother getting raped. Is that really so bad? Your mother would probably recover, if she doesn’t, you can still be happy with a dysfunctional mother. If you can’t, then it is ok to be sad. Always remember this: Everything is perfect no matter what happens.
  12. That’s a lot of construction (; I like making things complicated, it’s a personal preference. Plus, isn’t the duality between complicated and simple a false duality? Of course the duality between a duality and a false duality is still a duality but whatever lol.
  13. Deconstruction must itself be deconstructed. The idea that deconstruction must be deconstructed must also be deconstructed. The idea that decon..... you get the point lol.
  14. @Leo Gura But how do you know that all there is, is consciousness? Because you experienced it? How do you know that direct experience leads to the truth? I am of the opinion that truth and understanding are just two more concepts that you will eventually have to deconstruct. Of course deconstruction itself must also be deconstructed.