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  1. @Leo Gura I find the "romance" mechanics of some RPGs to be kind of boring. What if you could pick up NPCs and companions based on actual game? Maybe you could have a pick up skill tree where you choose what kind of pick up artist you become. There could also be a shit-test mechanic. There should also be a feature where you can put a neon tube light between your crotch and tell girls to lick it.
  2. Apologizing for your mistakes is entirely correct and is what a conscious person does when they realize they've made an error that could have potentially hurt or mislead someone. What, do you never apologize? Or do you never make any mistakes to apologize for in the first place? What do you mean by "Grow a pair"? That real men never say sorry? He clearly states that he knows that, so I don't think your advice is needed. Here's a direct quote from his apology: "I had to question and transgress against classic spiritual virtues like humility, compassion, and goodness itself. This was a phase and it had its uses.
  3. Please help me resolve my confusion. I read this comment that @Leo Gura made in a thread regarding Teal Swan's work: Trauma has many definitions, but it's generally defined as: Severe and lasting emotional shock and pain caused by an extremely upsetting experience Being born, being hit as a child, being sexually abused, being forced to go to school, your parents going to work and leaving you, waking up in a crib alone in a dark room, the experience of your mother being disgusted by your poop when changing your diaper, being weaned off your mother's breast, having your umbilical cord cut off, being shamed for being naked, the experience of your mother smoking while pregnant with you, etc. are all examples of experiences which traumatize children worldwide. Given that children can be and are traumatized in so many ways throughout their childhood, and given that those emotional wounds affect who we are, what we do, what we strive for, which diseases we contract, which partners we attract and are attracted to, what we are afraid of, what we get angry at or depressed about, how can somebody claim that they have "no trauma"?
  4. How did you do your job? If you didn't have a job, how did you sustain yourself?
  5. @MarkKol @universe @Enlightement @Carl-Richard @Human Mint @lizz_luna @Michael569 Thank you so much for the advice guys! I think you are right - I need to find things that I genuinely enjoy doing. I have recently realized that it is very hard for me to enjoy anything in life because I have been traumatized into feeling anxious, dismissive, nihilistic and pessimistic, and expecting the worst all the time. I am too busy trying to cope with pain and have no time to seek joy. This is something I have to work on. I wish you all the best ❤️
  6. I know that life purpose is the meaningful impact you have on the world, using your greatest strengths, but for years now I've felt too apathetic to care about improving the world, or other people's lives, or the environment, etc. I can recognize when there is something wrong or unjust happening in the world and I do feel sad about it sometimes, and I do try to live in a way that does not to contribute to these negatives. But I just don't care enough to be active and passionate about solving any issues. And I'm miserable because of it. My life feels empty and incomplete because I'm just a cog in a machine, doing a job that I don't really care about. I feel stuck. Send help.
  7. OP reminds me of this meme lol No, but seriously - get professional help.
  8. @Leo Gura Can you give us some examples? Which people inspire you the most with their work?