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  1. I started going to the graveyard to visit my grandmother and i noticed that there's a special ''burial'' place where ashes are on display in urns. So i went there to satisfy my curiosity and i felt in love with this beautiful woman's ashes. She died in 2014 and she looks so beautiful in the picture next to the urn, so naturally after many months of visiting her on the daily and bringing her flowers and talking to her and forming a relationship with her i decided enough was enough and i broke in the graveyard at night and i stole the the content of the urn ( the ashes ) but put the urn back there so the family wouldn't notice anything. Since then i had sex with the ashes and now i wanted to start snorting it but i don't know if it's safe to snort it.
  2. Humans & Animals have been killed as a sacrifice for God since the dawn of humanity. Why God ( You ) want an animal or another human to die for you? Does God enjoy the concept of murder?
  3. If you follow me you know that i started seeing hookers since 2 days ago and now i feel ''depleted''. I lack motivation in every mundane tasks like taking a shower or doing my bed. So i want to start this old pratice of mine of harvesting sexual semen to regain my sexual energy and then maybe start balancing out my hooker visits on maybe monthly visits instead of 2-3x a week.
  4. Nothing, just awaken. Every other move is a distraction. Save yourself 10-20-30-40 years and awaken now.
  5. Sure. But you can't deny that i'm more masculine and divine because i can freely choose as a man to sleep with any hot hooker in want. I can host 3, 5, 10 somes and have sex for days and truly tap in my divine masculinity.
  6. A distraction. More content inside a meaningless dream. Awaken now instead of chasing.
  7. Wrong. My life has never been better since i started having sex with hookers. I'm more masculine and divine now that i can sleep with any hot girl i want.
  8. Your whole life is nothing but a distraction. What do you do in life? Pursue money? Fame? Sex? Knowledge? Happiness? Everything you can think of other than awakening from this dream is a distraction. Leo made an entire episode on distractions and how to avoid them. Watch this :
  9. Everything is a distraction, there's no action to take. The quicker you realize that the quicker you will awaken.
  10. Do you believe in this concept? Do you see yourself as an alpha male or a beta male?
  11. Those are not sick needs, those are normal sexual urges that every male gets. She probably enjoyed sucking your cock and getting paid for it so don't feel too bad.
  12. Anyone here knows this guy? He's a baldy like Leo and he is super rich and he fucks hundreds of women a month.
  13. You will quickly understand if i piss in your soup.
  14. Anyone else finds what happens to the body after death frightening? Being eaten by bugs or reduced to ashes by a hot furnace doesn't seem to appealing to me to say the least... What is your favorite way to get disposed?
  15. I just posted a full review but it was taken down. I guess it's not allowed here.