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  1. The follow up video of him being confronted about it: "I was trying to impress a person on date - by lying"... oh lol, yeah definitely not trying to cover up anything here. lol He was just trying to impress his date guys, nothing bad is going on at Pfizer
  2. So glad more and more people are becoming aware of this underlying attitude. Looking past the words. Its always been there, and is one of the strongest aspects of his teachings present. Ive been trying to point this out for a while. Ironically, coupling "the deepest teachings" with guilt, elitism, arrogance, and consdescening attitdue is a a recipe for disaster, and couldnt be farther from the "maturity" hes looking for
  3. @BlessedLion I would say not only careless, but galvanizing. Uses guilt tripping means, undoubtedly wanting to push people somewhere. Often casting a strong shadow of disdain onto those he calls "ignorant", "foolish", all the while, i believe, knowing this will have an effect on his audience, where they will feel guilty, bad, ashamed for being that way, and will pursue his teachings strongly, and with the same attitude he portrays, hard, ruthlessly, and what I would think as very toxically.
  4. The lab leak theory has gained more credibility lately, the Senate GOP said it was most likely the result of a lab leak:, So if this ends up being true, they will have to answer to their mass 3rd degree murder they've caused through the leak. Intentional, or accidental. Still we dont know for sure, just wanted to point out its now considered a strong possibility, I'm eager for the truth to come out.
  5. anyways, theres a video link I provided guys, just wanted to share a point. peace
  6. @Recursoinominado Here's the full video then for your listening enjoyment and everyone else's My point was to get across that Pfizer admitted they did not do testing on stopping the transmission of the virus, and the video did just that. I provided that link as a last second thing in case someone needed to quickly verify my claim of the words I was speaking. I dont need to adhere to your rules of doing full context full spectrum info providing, I was courteous to provide a link so my claim could be verified.
  7. @RecursoinominadoThis was done in European Parliament. It was a quick overview of the matter in so people could see it quickly, I dont know what your problem is, I was just sharing one point out of many that could be made. If a drug company didn't test for something they claimed so strongly a product could do, then there's something going on there. Good lord
  8. Neil stressed in the video that the vaccines underwent trials and tests. The main reason to get vaccinated was to prevent the spread to others. That's been the main selling and pushing point of them and that's even been Neil's main argument in the video above. But Pfizer never even did trial testing for measuring or determining the transmission data of any kind during their trials. So if they didn't even test for the thing that they're selling it on the most, that's definitely a red flag in my view. Here's the source:
  9. It doesn't make any sense. I would like to suggest the possibility that maybe leo is not here to help, but to mislead and drive people into insanity, despair. Could be true. I'm strongly openminded to that at this point.
  10. Brilliant. Hang on, I'm gonna go sift through all your 1762 posts on here and find your arrogance
  11. Really good capture. Not to mention: "you're awakening is incomplete" "you're too stupid to understand any of this" "I wish I could just stick some LSD in your mouth so you'd get it" - yes this one is real "you dont have the wisdom to see" "you're a fool" "you're ignorant" "human beings are cringe" "you're wasting your life if you dont do what I'm saying" *insert arrogant demonic grin in between each of these lines
  12. Really well put here as well. Absolutely true too, they eat it up. Never have I ever come across some of the most arrogant, self-asserting, "spiritual elite" people than here on this forum, mostly his loyal followers and moderators. It's quite a sight to see, they've really fallen for it. I dont believe Leo is out to help, the way he looks at the camera and sneers at the audience and casts so much blame at the listener and talks down and condescends the ego in general, its like he has some personal vendetta against someone or something and is trying to get back at them. No spiritual teacher who is truly there to help would cast down so much pompous energy onto their followers. It's a complete joke.