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  1. Leo criticizes and condemns people for being human and playing "ego games" the same way a madman would criticize a dog for acting playful and being its natural self.
  2. Whether you guys think the outburst was abusive, mean, outlandish or not, can we at least agree on the thing?: That he said he was going to clean up his communications and he hasn't? "I will also be making an effort to improve my communication with you to rise to the level of maturity, wisdom, and respect that you deserve." "This forum will no longer be a safe haven for immature or emotionally unhinged people. Anyone not mature enough to communicate or socialize in a mentally-stable and integrous manner will simply not get to participate around me." The outburst was unhinged to me, he started going into Buddhism and a bunch of s*** that wasn't even mentioned in the thread at all prior! Seemed like total projection! The way leo dishes out critsim to others ruthelssly he deserves to be called out and held to his word.
  3. This hasn't yet been cleared up by the guy who posted the comments in the first place, all we've had is second hand opinions. It would be good if this had more time for him to come and explain himself on what the outburst meant and clear it up, rather from the words of others, maybe I'll learn a thing or two. If this gets locked it'll never be spoken about or cleared up again then we won't know, after all this outburst has indeed at least somewhat divided people and changed their outlooks towards him, I think this is an important discussion.
  4. That's fair, but its mainly the condescending, arrogantly elitst attitude that comes alongside it that should be made more greatly aware. That's textbook ego, the thing he claims to be against the most.
  5. it's not just that, it's these harsh, verbally aggressive and condescending teachings being ingrained into the young naive followers of these teachings that I once was, coupled with strong push of psychedelic use, which really opens to the doors to complete unpredictability and risk
  6. I suppose we don't really have an objective grounds for rules here. If I were to say to someone f*** you and tell them they're stupid, ignroant etc, I suppose if I claim it to be out of love or for they're own good then I can get away with it, because my abuse is just a form of love and teaching, leading them to new understanding or something. I don't buy it. My opinion is that no amount of abuse, being mean, is somehow for someone else's good, and is justified, that's why I made this thread. But this is just my opinion. If we're going to call each other cry babies then I suppose we are completely dismissing the fact, which I mentioned in the thread, that we have no idea what the person is going through that we are directing our "love" to, and that behavior could push them somewhere dark, or potentially even self harm or worse, as we have seen documented here. And Leo literally said 2 weeks prior he was trying to cutback on this himself, so why am I getting pushback? Hold the guy to his word!
  7. Nice I never knew that! I would love to join that group!
  8. @Thought Art good job, you got me good
  9. so i guess it was just thin air he was directing it to, no proof of directing it to the poster of the topic lol sure ok cheers buddy
  10. Sure, so it's adressed, and that people see the heights of the toxicity, I believe he is toxic, and I want other people to see it, and decide for themsevles, at the very least, I know very many people here would agree that this outburst was toxic. @Thought Art nah im good, how about you grow a conscience yes it was directed to the op
  11. @Devin to display the verbal abuse
  12. lol yeah ok buddy, how would you feel if the user had gone down a dark road after that abuse? would you then call me butthurt for standing up for myself and other people and trying to do whats right and point out verbal abuse, that is again, against the forum rules? yeah sure buddy, dont even get me started, youre the one not doing your job and overlooking when the leader of the forum is abusing their power, and worse yet, seeming to bow to it.
  13. The amount of toxicity and damage I've received from his work has been significant, far outweighing the benefits. I'm grateful to be calling him out, I used to be a avid follower of his. it's not overblown, he was being overblown, and violated his own guidelines, as a moderator shouldn't you do something about that? I think there's a fine line bewtween abuse and discipline, I would be openly ciritcal of zen masters if I could see some of theyre behaviors You seem to easily dismiss blatant verbal toxicity that's against the forum rules
  14. I don't believe in bullying people into awakening or being mean to people to get the "more awake", I view it as bullying and hurtful intent. I would never want to bully someone or be harsh with someone into awakening, because it's such delicate venture. Most people who are posting and being annoying are just young kids who don't know what theyre talking about, and don't deserve to be talked down to like the way he does. Also imagine a therapist bullying their clients into facing and releasing their trauma, calling them stupid and foolish and all that, I mean who would want that?
  15. oh my god buddy, dont even, yes it was clearly directed to him