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  1. Sounds like a concept you have no real reason for teaching. Sadghuru and many others say life goes on, so I think you're wrong and one of the other spiritual teachers are more accurate, see, here we have another personal talking about what they have no real understanding of what's being said. Simply a dog barking through a picket fence,
  2. @Zeroguy Your comment to me personally sounds like a Christian or Muslim spreading their religion to be correct, who says love is the answer? That might be your response to fear, and a projection onto the afterlife that love will save you from being in this perhaps tragic human predicament, but love is a perferred human emotion for survival here on Earth, and then projected into the afterlife out of fear of death, like believing a heaven or hell, or maybe its not love but peace you're hoping for? Or maybe karmic lives never ending?
  3. @Breakingthewall Tagging for above response,
  4. @Breakingthewall Now, you are saying 'You' are trapped by the ego's limitations, however, please allow myself the pleasure to argue that there is no 'invisible observer' or 'you' separate from the spontaneous arising of memories, emotions, thoughts and all the other complex goings on as the whole organism one takes to being their self? I understand one attends Satsang to loosen their spontaneous arising thinking patterns, to which that individual resist against as if these spontaneous thoughts or emotions were 'bad', and so they are asked to become instead an invisible observer, which be supposedly separate from their brain which creates these complex spontaneous thoughts or emotions to which this person attending Satsang considers negative, or bad. So, what I'm pointing out, these thoughts, emotions and so on, even my actions typing this paragraph, has nothing to do with any invisible observer, they arise spontaneously - And I've meditated on this and observed, right down to the core of what I take to be 'me/you' has its own spontaneous machinery which is not my own free will. I do not exist with free will, and no thought, emotion, or action is my own, these happenings are spontaneous phenomena that occur on its own, because if I could be of my own free will, I'd be able to stop this organism at will, but I cannot stop this beating heart, these breathing lungs, these arising thoughts, nor can I direct emotions to selflessness because I or 'you' does not exist, an invisible observer does not exist, OF COURSE an invisible observer does not exist because it is completely invisible, Furthermore, every Psychedelic experience is unique, never will a drug induced enlightenment experience ever repeat itself, no meditation or yoga will repeat in experience, and so all spiritual teachers may be experiencing completely different hallucinations to do with so called enlightenment and what they personally imagine to be 'love', which this love too is a form of survival pushed now into the afterlife saying 'god is love' which is just like saying there's a heaven or hell, or there’s karma one needs to clean after death, love is still a human projection for survival pushed onto the afterlife - which these spiritual leaders will manipulate their own hallucinations to fit in with society so that we too will follow them as correct, which they like to be on a pedestal and teach all the rest of us their self-induced special stories about a divine nature somewhere where we are unable to attend to, and some never do nor will, because it does not exist, the person who never accepts enlightenment all their life are just as natural a phenomena as a person who believes that they have done, but to say enlightenment is more special than the man who goes his entire life without enlightenment is disgraceful, Thank you, I'd love someone to suggest otherwise, Nor does love to exist, I have not felt love except for myself over these many years, and love for others has been for my own survival, Also one can experience a nightmare psychadelic experience quite easily, perhaps more easily than one full of love, so which expeirnece is more correct?
  5. Reading older posts - Ekhart Tolle was suicidal and then he reached enlightenment, which Leo says is rare? Side notes for ethical debate and reasoning ... I think suicide should be made legal, except you must be on a waiting list for six months and if you're still feeling like life is a trap you can opt out. And I do not believe in a terrible afterlife full of human regrets, because the body turns to dust which is exactly what we want, Now I get intense frustration, and people then say there is no 'I' or 'person' who is frustrated, but then they say oh you're such and such, stop being selfish ... but wait, there's not a 'person' or 'I' to stop being selfish? I genuinely do not think one can be any less selfish and become selfless, and anyone teaching so called selflessness, I can only continue to disagree; because surely the singularity will be selfish, as it cannot be selfless to an apparent 'other' if it were a singularity? Further on, a singularity I imagine goes inwards, not outward. Moreover, isn't the the apparent 'observer' of say intense spontaneous thoughts and emotions with all the rest of the complex processes occurring to the supposed frustrated experiencer ‘I’, also a dualistic teaching? To explain myself more clearly here, to say there is an invisible observer separate from the complex frustrating experiences which occur and make up the supposed 'I'? Isn't that a dualistic teaching? Third - Third, Leo said in a previous post that I was immature and perhaps I'm best to stay away from DMT, but I was joking around and the comment was more so a light hearted parody of lets say Ram Dass who rubbed his Ghuru's feet. Hence I got frustrated and I took it personally, because I hate people telling me things that aren't accurate and its likely a false judgement. So the question is, does one continue to take life personally, I mean lets say you're trying to be a certain way like working hard, but your partner in the household says you're lazy when you leave your socks on the floor each time you come in after work, and your partner doesn't understand how hard you have worked in the past, no one does, and yet there's not a whole lot to show up for the hard work you're commited to in the past, and your partner thinks you're lazy in the house hold? Side note - perhaps the comment Leo made was for my own safety to avoid drugs and not be immature about spiritual development, understandable, however I was still personal hence my question about things being personal in relationships that hurt, irritate and frustrate myself, Fourth - I do not think enlightnement exists, as does U.G. Krishnamurti, and two different people who preach about it probably have two very different ideas or experiences about "enlightenment". Fifth - Love DOES NOT exist, it does as a selfish human experience. For example, I like the way you make me feel, but I dislike and hate the way the other people make me feel. I'm selfish and I want you to continue to make me feel good, and so when I receive extra affectionate and non sexual intimacy do I feel really good and call that love. But those people who disregard me as deserving special attention, I hate those people. Okay, and Leo, I've been liking and appreciating your videos on YouTube recently, although I'm going to stand on the otherside of the fence and debate - Now, people will revert to saying I need medication or to be locked up in a looney asylum when I make points that I feel are valid, like these ones, and it would get on my nerves and I could escape these people either - I'm willing to perhaps alter my current ideas if yours resonates, although perhaps you won't alter your own to see these few points of views I've made to begin with, which I also question, so at the moment there's a fence and I'm happy to question selfishness and if enlightenment is an illusion, and if love is a fake transaction for survival, and suicidal should be legalized as well as drugs, Thank you in transaction for anyone's response or reading,
  6. @Leo Gura I don't sound mature based on one comment, genius, thanks I'll avoid DMT
  7. @Leo Gura How can I get my hands on DMT, do you think? And how often do you recommend usage? I was using weed all day every day for years and absolutely hooked, but finally quit due to extreme paranoia and life deterioration over the drug and never having enough ... BUT, I was extremely productive and engaged with life also, while after quiting I am somewhat lazy and un-fasinated with daily life, because there's no highs, always sober, even quit cigerettes and just about everything except for porn, and I'm almost a 25 yr old virgin, porn is my one and only obstacle, and I'm aware you created a video how to get laid though I'm not watching another self help book or video how to attract women, I'd much rather drugs like DMT ... Anyways, I want DMT, and clearly you recommend this ... so I'm willing to go on an adventure with your permission, oh dearest ghuru Leo ... *massages your foot and between your holy toes, with your selection from finest oils available* ... I have tried it before without the breakthrough and my God was that extemely beautiful and alien and highly exotic and absolutely magnificent ... Should I conctact someone I once knew for the drug? An old enemy of mine, but he's in a mental ward with injections because of his heavy drug usage an imbalance with our agreed upon social world, so this may spook me a bit because I'd lose it if I joined him in the mental ward ... I crave an adventure with the gods,
  8. @OctagonOctopus I enjoyed reading your response,
  9. @Leo Gura There isn't a separate self who can fix themselves, can't lift yourself by your own bootstraps, you are what you are, and your idea of a better self is an illusion, a separate 'you' who can self-improve an imperfect 'you' is ridiculously preposterous, nor is there anything one can do to become a master ... ? Even the idea of a master is an illusion, a ghost and this simply goes against thee teachings about an illusory self, let alone there being a master over emotions? Perhaps emotions come and go, same with a storm which kills numerous animals and people, nothing YOU can do to be a MASTER over that storm, even if it makes you sad that your dog drowned, nothing YOU can DO to become a MASTER over that feeling of sadness and loss - Also goes for emotions, nothing YOU can DO, because YOU are those emotions/amongst said storm at that crisp moment, absolutely nothing YOU can DO to become a master, except perhaps observe and become more aware of that experience without attempting to distract away from suchness,
  10. Everyone is purely selfish, it'd be selfish to try and not be selfish, and second I'm quite sure Leo/Sadghuru describes life as a mere speck like an ant (who cares if someone stomps on an ant, and if the ant dies does it care any longer about the Queen's survival? Of course not !) ... I'm quite sure spritual leaders describe life like a dream and when one dies then none of this truely matters because only the body cares about the mother's love or to have supportive friends or to devour delicous food or sex with attractive people AND when the body dies, you don't have a body, so these insecure qualities that come with being a human speck in the cosmos really has no value once the body DIES ... so your response is fear based and really it shares no value with the topic starter or anyone else like myself actually contemplating if suicide is a great solution to not merely ending suffering, no, but to purely return back home which has been craved for a great many years and a disgust at the world and how imperfect it looks under the gaze of a persistant ego over the said years of craving through life's tormenting ciscumstances in order to finally return home,
  11. I don't believe this, I think you're sharing nonesense, plus my years of research easily calls out this to be bs, you're discussing karma and a sort of Christian eternity of suffering and damnations, a mixture of Eastern and Christian philosophies coupled with a fuel of fear and a dictator who will punish a soul for choosing suicide, not accurate, please think twice before making silly fear based comments,
  12. I don't buy into this, there's plenty of past mistakes I would love to fix that occured, and they don't show me any lessons I've learned nor do I reflect back and think any of what I have lived to be worth the endless acute painful suffering, ALSO I wouldn't allow a lot of the things to exist like alcohol addiction, or my desire to escape sobriety and even on the extreme like child molestation or a mother killing her new born because it won't shut up ... wow, very artistic, actually these are traumatic enough that anyone to kill themselves over it seems reasonable to me,
  13. Why are you interviewing your job interviewer? Just go where the money is, who cares about the environment
  14. Why do we experience salary slavery? Is this accurate? Can I easily make an argument that the bare bones of our economic structure to which humans thrive upon is actually stupid and rediculous. Can I also add that upcoming generations will awaken to what we're doing to ourselves in terms of Global Warming, Materialism, and of course overall wage slavery ... OR, are we priveledged and there's plenty of opportunities available to anyone willingly working towards satisfactory income and stability, with a guarantee that their patience and hard work will rake in justifiable earnings to survive and better yet play with?