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  1. I've had similar insights
  2. Exerting any part of the body past it's comfort zone will lead to inflammation, one symptom of which can be pain.
  3. Not dead, never born.
  4. Welcome back from Shoorum
  5. Even a cursory search regarding best practices with LSD would reveal this was a bad idea. Consider l-theanine, magnesium, and 5-htp. You'll be fine. EDIT: This can be a lesson in attempting to escape discomfort "And all this stress made me drink alcohol, smoke few cigarettes & take 1mg of xanax to calm down"
  6. If we're talking about 5-MeO-DMT hydrochloride, fumarate, or other salt, it is extremely shelf stable. Freebase on the other hand will degrade when exposed to light, heat, moisture, and air.
  7. While I appreciate your curiosity this won't work the way you intend. Reagent test kits won't test for degradation which seems to be the whole point of this experiment. For that you would need high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography mass spectrometry etc. Reagent kits are for the identification of substances and possible adulterants/contaminants.
  8. I have a batch like this all good.
  9. Yes what you described is a perfectly natural part of the exploration of consciousness. The nature of enlightenment is the subject of debate and is a matter of semantics and what we choose to believe. Some would say you had a realization, insight or an awakening, with the distinction being that enlightenment is a permanent shift or expansion in consciousness. What we call your experience matters less than how you integrate it. The primacy of love is a valuable and transformational realization.
  10. @Fluran In my experience we can and do create powerful sensory associations, especially when working with altered states of consciousness, such that something like a sound or song can cause a reactivation of that altered state. This is a well known phenomenon with 5-MeO-DMT in particular. https://youtu.be/K0rU_g7q1lc
  11. @Fluran what exactly are you skeptical of? Based on your post it's the relationship between brainwave states and the tones which claim to create those states such as seen all across YouTube. Have you heard of Hemi Sync or the Gateway Process?
  12. Ultimately yes if we go deep into this work we are required to surrender completely. That being said having precision tools and a protocol for approaching more gently is of profound importance. A full release dose for anyone, especially those without any context or experience with altered states of consciousness, can just be too much. A group I've sat with several times serves a lot of 5-MeO-DMT in a "traditional" manner (high dose single hit toad venom) and it can overwhelm people energetically leaving them ungrounded, sleepless, destabilized, confused frightened, and possibly traumatized. It is less about "control" and more about developing and implementing a protocol for maximum safety, beauty, healing, and awakening. More and more facilitators worldwide are moving to a titrated protocol using synthetic 5-MeO-DMT vape pens of varying strength. Risk mitigation and harm reduction are crucial when it comes to seriously exploring these substances, same preparation and integration. These topics just don't get as much attention because they aren't flashy.
  13. Plug and play. No choosing your atomizer or box mod, no messing with settings, no accidentally having your settings wrong and burning/massively overdosing as can happen when you have a full tank and too much power behind it. Especially with draw activated pen vapes, there's nothing to focus on other than the unfolding experience.
  14. "Also, no reason to use cartridges, they are inferior in every aspect to normal vape tanks. Their only advantage is they are cheap and as a drug dealer you can fill them and sell directly to noobs." "Take shorter tokes, spread them over longer time, or grow bigger balls. 1:12 is already a baby concentration, so you can't make it weaker on that front." @Girzo Cartridges are convenient and user friendly, people just overthink/overcomplicate things. Also one can easily make a lower concentration. Myself and many others in my circle use a 1:16, and for those that are extremely sensitive or want to wade in as slowly as possible even a 1:32 is used.
  15. We are talking about peak (peek) experiences. The shift in consciousness can reveal unimaginable truths which permanently recontextualize your way of being even while the primary effects of the substance are temporary.