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  1. As we know Buddha taught after his awakening that One should strive to exist samsara, in other words, bodily existence, such as the human existence for example. However, other teachers such as Leo teach that one should do the opposite and marvel and fall in love with the human life. According to you, what do you think is the closest to truth? Should one fully immerses oneself into human life or try to fully detach oneself?
  2. But how could I know if this is truly true Friend? I know that it sounds beutiful, but how can verify its truthfulness? ??
  3. If I say you have 9 billion dollars, is it true? Who or what decides what's true? Lol. Think .
  4. Excuse me what? I am the conscious one, here lol, either I am consious or you are consious. But I don't need to trust your words, because I can expirue ce right now being consious.
  5. Didn't Jesus say about disbelieving people about his power, "oh you little of faith"? And didn't Jesus also tell that those who have a grain of faith could say to the mountains jump into water and it would? Do you Jesus just want to show off his powers, or he wanted to show others of little faith, what is possible if one believes? Huh?
  6. Wow, you look like another person ?. Kinda of proud of you to be honest. Great job!!! I gonna hit the gym too. ?️‍♀️ No more exuces, You are right Brother. One either makes excuesc or one either becomes a warrior and tries one best ri become the best version of oneself. Is it possible to have a private talk about dharma and just lufe existnce in general? All the people in my circle are only interested in basic human drama so to speak. Anyways, I sincerely thank you for the input, it did really spark something in me. A will to fight so to speak and not merely give up.
  7. I'm sorry but none of you exist other than I am exists.
  8. I don't knownwhat you are talking about there pal, but from my point of view, only consious entity there is , is Me lol.
  9. Hello beutiful people, I need to find knowledge about how can Me/God stop/exit my current dream/life? I really do not enjoy because I lost my health and looks, and this mediocre eixstnce that I have currently is below my standard. I'm just saying how it is for me, I am just being honest here.
  10. That's true hehe. But tinder usually isn't the ace where consiousness loving people dwell. I don't know that's what I got from it hehe. Anyways, if there is anyone out there on the opposite side of the "payphone" , DM me so we could video chat or something ?
  11. Any Actualized Ladies who would like to get to know a True Gentleman? I would love to find the only one and the special one who is into Consiousnes as I am.
  12. God....I'm so,so tired of being ill, I just want to be heLthy again, I know God it is not difficult for you to imagine, why do you imagine me being ill? I am missing out on my best years of life...
  13. If my POV is the only thing to exist, why God makes me suffer having a chronic illnes that makes me suffer everyday? Isn't God love? I can't takes this anymore, it's many literally years of unnecessary suffering.