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  1. @nuwu this is good to bring to light as it seems most spiritualists and religious, they negate the direct nor are capable of educating on the continuum of experience. We are here to experience the divine, not look else where for it. This guy gets it and his work is blowing my mind:
  2. @nuwu You might find John Lamb Lash an interesting one to listen to. I'm reading his book, Not In His Image, and in his book and some of his videos he elaborates on the gnostic/telestai approach and methodology to communing with the divine, the divine goddess, the earth and it's intelligence and he states that mushrooms were an essential part in this. I'm seeing it all as an interesting story and yet he's articulating many things which I have encountered and yet not quite put to word. "where the endless ego knot potentially hides truth at all levels" - I'd love to hear you unpack this line of thinking more, feel free to ramble a riddle for me @Nercohype Interesting share. I'm now eyeing up his book, it's only $8 but looks like a useful self reflective tool.
  3. Something to consider, considering how humans are in the habit of playing the telephone game with language, maybe it's possible that what we name as buddhism , gnosticism, philosophy, etc, it has become something else entirely. This is what I have found. Most have never read the original texts in their original languages and so what do we really know? When we speak to something like buddhism, who's "buddhism" are we referring to? For one to claim, I am god, or that to become realized as god is the purpose of spirituality, this is one who is unknowingly still operating through an abrahamic lens and so we are still mimicking on some level without even realizing it. Considering that it is the abrahamic 3 that have desecrated and distorted the ways of old it might be wise for one to focus on dissolving ego and crystallized attachments rather than on achieving some preconceived notion of what the ultimate state of being is. Do the ground work, live in alignment with nature, and in turn one moves much closer to this so called "god state". But, if we are attempting to achieve this "god state" through drugs and the fast path, we create the dillusions and barriers which we so call claim to be beyond and yet one won't even realize it. Note though, sometimes the drugs and fast path can be an essential part to one's path of dissolving and breaking on through to the other side and so a paradox it is.
  4. @Zedman I wonder how angry they will be when they realize that internet persuaders were paid to push this gene therapy jab just as they have been doing for decades with entertainers and public figures in regards to traditional vaccines and war.
  5. @Bojan V How do you know that? do you have 10 thousand you's you can study to see the difference?
  6. @AuroraDream It's odd, isn't it. In most cases, those who fell for it, they will double down and defend the company's and government's decisions. My cousin was one of the first people to care for a covid patient in a hospital in BC, Canada. She was parroting the narrative at first but now is saying most of the doctors in her hospital are saying that if one gets 4 shots they will usually see all sorts of strange reactions. She herself had a stroke, bell palsy, bizarre vaginal problems and her sister has odd heart complications and fortunately they are now questioning it. It's bizarre, all the all knowing gods on this site who can't see the foolishness of manipulating the body on such a subtle level. Why are we treating the body as if it's like a computer or a car? Why has god forgotten how intelligent his design is and if you tinker with it like Bill Gates what do you think will happen? and why do people keep comparing this jab to other traditional vaccines? Is it because the tv and adults said so?
  7. @AtheisticNonduality Some call him the king of ASMR In unrelating news Al Qaeda and ISIS are being recruited to fight with Ukraine but american progressives won't care because orange man bad!!!! and so we must fund them with weapons.
  8. @AtheisticNonduality Thank you for the contribution. Here's a video of him going into this:
  9. @Thought Art What are your thoughts on those who pushed the narrative "weapons of mass destruction"? Being that it lead to the invading and bombing of a country should all those in media who pushed the narrative and be put to death? politicians too?
  10. @Leo Gura "God's logic is not human logic." A curious question which arose in reading your words; I wonder if there is a bridge between the two? Like the vesica piscis, do they overlap?
  11. @fictional_character I'd say no, you do not, and yet it can help to familiarize the mind with the patterns of the cosmos. Also note, what we are taught in public schools is garbage and so I'd reconsider your notion that you are bad in math. Occult Geometry is a great book which you can find for free online.
  12. @CameronsExploring it would imply the scientists have yet to properly study her; meaning they can directly commune with her but did they get that memo?
  13. Glad to hear you bring this into the conversation. Note the word philosophy (philo-sophy / love-wisdom), love for wisdom and yet for some, it was love for Sophia the wisdom goddess; meaning the earth and yet much much more. From their stance (gnostic/philosopher/pagan) she was/is the creator of this solar system and became embodied as the earth in order to be along side her creation and to evolve along side her creation.
  14. It's because they are gods chosen people - Leo, why did you choose them over other's?