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  1. @Something Funny i hope you will meet a bad fortune! deeply from my heart.
  2. that’s what you are saying - i’m saying. bye
  3. @Something Funny you are an asshole. a dick head i can see that by your posts and i can tell you to go fuck yourself, because i don’t need to eat your shit.
  4. yeah please guys resort to prostitutes. you all don’t deserve nice women. which is why they go for the ten percent who do. this is as much self actualization as it is a relationship - it’s more like a sick exploitative workplace.
  5. @Something Funny because him teaching that to his audience is a bit like your dad buying you a prostitute as a birthday gift. funny enough? sorry a lot of women, i’d say most of them don’t like to be treated nicely because it costs money or is expensive to be treated nicely, but they really like that someone else cares for them. gifts, if you can’t make them yourself (which majority of guys can’t) cost money. nice gifts sometimes more. its often about stuff women wouldn’t buy for themselves because they dream about it, it’s not even luxury cars, it’s often small stuff, small luxury. no one says luxury has to be material. its all imaginary anyways. tastes are also different which is why some women prefer perfume and other sunsets. don’t be so capitalistic. if you can surprise someone with nothing, fine, but the next year that’s a bit old…
  6. @melodydanielluna thank you, this is inspiring, i mean watching you on social media felt pretty social. i mean you only share what is essential in that video, it feels good, to be reminded on how important that focus is. it motivates me to get back to that mindset, too. letting distractions be distractions. so thinking about buying yet another book… although i’ll try how i can reach that mindset maybe with your advices first. thanks for the motivation a lot! thanks for sharing! (i’m also getting back on with yoga ???)
  7. @UnbornTao wha, kidding me? i wouldn’t but maybe it has effects.
  8. @ChrisZoZo why put it into levels? you mean as a discipline of self-delusion? i’d put it into dimensions rather. there are dimensions where delusions don’t exist - maybe that’s the absolute.
  9. you basically pay for the recipe, but if you check the ingredients, a lot of them are b vitamins++ you don’t even know the amount of what is inside, difficult to say if the dosage of one pill per day is enough, to do what for example one ingredient alone could do in a supplement. some stuff on the lists, i tried as a supplement without noticing positive or negative difference, so i wouldn’t want them in the product as a filler. if you are good with neutropics you’d probably make your own mix. doesn’t sound bad, some of the stuff makes sense and maybe yeah they are probably one of the better products on the market and probably you can trust in the quality of raw material in the product. so you pay extra for the receipe. some of the pills you shouldn't mix, i can’t see warnings on that - so i also wonder on the ingredients, if they are thoroughly checked for compatibility.
  10. @K Ghoul thanks for your kind words. my mom also calls him asshole - sometimes we forget his real name. i also stopped gratulating him since one or two years. do you think they expect sth back for their birthday like a cake? or the same? maybe a plastic vagina? i would not give my boyfriend a cheap perfume my nose is sensitive…
  11. no it’s ok, at least i would never be with someone like that - i learned that very early on and i guess women who get presents from their family are the same. it doesn’t matter if no present culture or present culture - non-culture is a turn off. i mean if they don’t like their girlfriends at least these women get a chance to notice their value. everything has an equivalent, everything is in balance.
  12. @K Ghoul there is a reason why they are single. really don’t bother. i’m giving up on trying, who for? i have a father who not once in my life bought me a birthday present. i hate him.
  13. @Sugarcoat did you ever try dependent arising meditation? i don’t know what you seek, it’s easy to get lost while seeking. i‘m not sure if non attachment meditation has any meaning other than to get lost. (as if there was no suffering in that). sometimes i think to tell people completely detached from their reality: „go meditate!“ is the same as to tell people „go think!“ completely detached to „about what?“ or „what technique?“ for it. you will time over time meet people who got the wrong idea about what they are doing and what’s a good way. because somehow someway it’s def also working in a way. non attachment vs detachment meditation its still different than dependent arising meditation. in my oppinion everytime he says „it’s drying you up“ he‘s talking about how that’s too much how this already is detachment. water is in many alchemic systems an equivalent to love or source energy.
  14. i‘m a bit surprised sometimes that epigenetics seem to be more popular than a theory of potential food influence on the gene pool over generations. i definitely believe epics make a difference in genetics over time, though.