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  1. yea me too i love the 2017 leo i think he should have perused spirituality naturally that's much healthier because it's what our minds cant handle . i mean even that has some dangers let alone using drugs that shoot you to the moon in few minutes. i hope he is doing well. i love actualized .org i dont want to see it fall or turn into something different the aim is self actualization and practical self improvement and living the good life but what good will it do us to hear about leo's solipsism philosophy.
  2. he was very health charismatic rational and practical until he started using drugs and got into spirituality. the drugs fucked his mind up
  3. you are not uploading and you delete many videos, why ?
  4. you should be grateful for that in my country we work 8-10 hours and get paid literally 8-12$ per day and sometimes nothing and we don't have capitalism in Iraq. we have corruption . maybe you have a little bit of too
  5. try not using the social media for straight 7 days and start socializing more see how this works
  6. get rid of your PC and your smartphone stop watching self improvement videos it's fucking stupid you aren't actually improving my watching videos YOU ARE NOT IMPROVING BY WATCHING VIDEOS i mean it you never will espically leos videos has nothing to do with self improvening anymore it's all about spirituality and drugs it wont help you at all if anything it would fuck up your growth like i said stop using the internt go out and have sex with real people and socialize more and work on your life giviing where you're at
  7. Damn you said monster in every line you must be super obsessed with THE MONSTER
  8. which book would you recommended me read on how to be creative ?
  9. @hyruga i feel like im arguing with a 6 year old. never mind.
  10. you didnt measure right try again. you probably missed the proper lines make sure you know where the actual lines are located
  11. dude just go for it with 100% commitment , if you actually made it . you will make tens millions of dollars you will be financially free doing little work and living the best life ever . dont have to work for a boss or fear of money problems
  12. lol how come you feel so certain that you will become a famous musician most people who try fail completely bcz it's extremely difficult
  13. im not very good at expressing myself especially through writing. what im trying to say that the mind is very tricky so maybe that feelings or emotions are based on beliefs and brainwashing rather than actual fundamental change in your body or psyche. this is an interesting example of how our minds can often be wrong about very basic stuff. and how it tricks us despite knowing. by the way those are really the same size try testing in with photoshop its really mind blowing