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  1. one of the greatest problems people face and dont even realize it is taking action, i think it would be extremely valuble if you make a video on how to take action . not just do it but to see the root cause of it and put up a system to overcome it . please do
  2. guys i have been struggling all my life with resistance to do the work that i know i should be doing. the right thing, you know, like meditate, exercise, eat healthy, work on my business. at first i fall in love with it but then i get bored of it very quickly. especially when i set it as a high priority. im very productive and have all the time in the world and i knew i can be super successful, i have seen myself acoomplish amazing things, however when it comes to doing things that are good for me for some reason i avoid doing them and self-sabotage my performance.
  3. is the law of attraction book or concept legit ? is it true that we magically metaphysically could manifest things to our lives ? i know the old Leo thinks it's not the case but rather a psychological effect . i wonder what the current Leo thinks of this, because he had many awakenings and seem to know a lot about this stuff and i do take his opinion into consideration.
  4. @Breakingthewall sources: trust me bro
  5. what's most effective practice to develop positive thinking ? and is positive thinking worth it or it's just feel good emotions?
  6. so Leo and others told you that you are imaginary because you have no life or consciousness of your own ? ok and now you think Leo and all the other guys are imaginary and have no life or awareness of their own ? except we do, that's why we think you are fake and I am real and you think i am over here fake. but this is complete BS, all of us have life and consciousness of our own, we were here before you were born and we continue to exist after you die. and Spoiler Alert: if you kill yourself you probably going to vanish from existence and never ever experience life again not even in a trillion years you will never be here again, what a waste, why not enjoy it? why not have fun with it.
  7. No, you are an animal who was born few decades ago and have been brainwashed with some hippie ideas and now he thinks this way. the world was there before you were born, and will continue to exist after you die. by you i mean your body and mind. you can't know for sure that the world will continue to exist after your death but others will, logically you can. think of how others thought that they were imagining life but now they are very much dead and here we are in reality. you have to have a gigantic ego to think the world revolves around you, hippies thinks consciousness is not generated by the brain but rather the opposite, and that everything is consciousness and they are consciousness so therefore they are creating reality. but you just have to convince yourself somehow that this is the case by brainwashing yourself with ideas or with literally taking drugs that miss with your brain chemicals and make you think like people who are insane. mentally sick people literally see the world differently but of course we can demonstrate see this is not the case at all it's all hallucinations.
  8. @Razard86 as i said for sure i could do certain practices of brainwashing or consume some drugs that will convince me that i am imagining you, but you right there have awareness and life of your own and know it so how come you imaging me while i think im imagining you ? that's the argument that makes solipsism collapses.
  9. I watched Leo's deleted video on solipsism and he was basically saying that solipsism is true since everything I perceive is withheld or occurs only in my direct experience and therefor this is all a dream and you guys and Leo is just a dream character that I am imagining. but of course one of you who are reading this could think that i am the dream character and you are imagining me and a third person could come and say that we both are fake and he is right and a fourth person could say that all of 8 billion people are fake and he is imagining them. and if you are older than me you know that you existed before i was born. and when you ever have a mystical awaking and all of notion of others collapses I will be here living my normal life while you think that i am fake dream. you see it does not make any sense, Leo never addressed this point well in his video he kept basically saying: just accept that you are imagining others, go verified it for yourself by taking drugs and hallucinating that others are fake, if i did that im sure i could be convinced that i am imagining you guys but then again leo have already done that but here we are living normal life while he thinks we are fake. what's your opinion on this ?
  10. i do criticize myself harshly when i make a mistake or fail i mean really harshly i feel very terrible and talk to myself in a very harsh way that you could hear me screaming and i enjoy it to be honest i dont know why i deeply feel like it's effective method to get my ass moving but lately i have been having great procrastination and fear of doing the work im assuming thats due to fear of failure and victimhood i dont know if there is other effective way to motivate myself and i dont know if i should keep this habit or not
  11. i have GAD im super bad at socializing and stressed out by little things any effective tips ? give it your best shot dont just throw at me something you think might be true, im looking for something you tried or you know well to be effective, thanks.
  12. yea me too i love the 2017 leo i think he should have perused spirituality naturally that's much healthier because it's what our minds cant handle . i mean even that has some dangers let alone using drugs that shoot you to the moon in few minutes. i hope he is doing well. i love actualized .org i dont want to see it fall or turn into something different the aim is self actualization and practical self improvement and living the good life but what good will it do us to hear about leo's solipsism philosophy.
  13. he was very health charismatic rational and practical until he started using drugs and got into spirituality. the drugs fucked his mind up
  14. you are not uploading and you delete many videos, why ?