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  1. sounds good
  2. @Ya know in common chackra theory there is this belief that you can push energy up from the solarplexus region towards the complex system of your third eye+crown chakra. it’s just not that simple as it sounds. ofc you use that energy in real fight situation, while sports in general today mostly is a training situation, so you got basically looped into a situation where yo skip over that more regulating yin energy a fighter would probably get of martial philosophies. maybe taking up another traditional martial arts sports as accomplishing training would help you. to transform translate energy into different kinds of channeling, meditation alone will probably not do it for you, because that information is deeply wired to your body movements.
  3. @fopylo you went from a movie towards reality, are you aware of that? it seems like you have high expectations to things really being perfect the way you expect them to be - in movies you never see odd talks about everyday or irrelevant stuff you can`t smell or taste what`s going on really. the heroin never sits next to the hero staring into a phone for minutes, hours. get real with building towards a moment like you had, maybe for the next encounter finding a nice spot for the next kiss. relax a bit more try to change topics if you are not comfortable and don`t be mad with her trying to resolve awkwardness by every day talk. have chewing gum or some kind of candy for fresher breath around for the next time, then she might taste as sweet as you expect her to taste. and you cant loose freedom from a kiss
  4. traumas often are connected to acute traumatic events - people change, stuff happens, prevention is difficult if a parent doesn’t want to be neurotic or even comes from a home or cultural past which was maybe rougher than what we live through today, but in sense of morals and technology also different. probably with a really good support, it might be easier for parents today to resolve traumas, as information and discourse about psychology is much more available than it was during the last centuries. i think much more people are emotionally receptive/sensitive to parenting demands today than they were in the last centuries. but yeah its probably possible to not traumatize a child depending on the circumstances, although a preventive divorce can also be traumatizing for example, if one partner is abusive in tendencies. so its really really difficult to give a straight forward yes (to a childhood utopia, whilst talking about shadow dynamics).
  5. @Arcangelo congratulations! dr ramani durvasula is also a really reall really good coach on narcissism and narcissistic family dynamics. if you need some follow up work. and thanks for the recommendations!
  6. would be much better to send parents to school. or do sth like obligatory parental therapy but it‘s not always the parent who traumatizes children (so many examples war, peer group, church, other family and family friends, death or illnesses of loved ones, neglect) and there are traumatized children of „well“ educated parents as well. so difficult to generalize that. although how nice would it be to send parents to school or therapy instead of children?
  7. what if the colours are a bit of a legend for spiral synesthesia for people who can read their code? it does not have to stick to the theory if its very plausible that there are almost no prime colours in nature. there is also no guarantee for personal development to always just go up the spiral - that‘s why it is a dynamics, in an orange society you will probably have all other colours backdropping into orange from time to time.
  8. it‘s because without emotions we would go mad.
  9. yes, ok if you want to stick very bluish to the graves model while ignoring that people have either tendencies to be more self centered vs being a bit more group oriented in their inborn personality, or more choleric vs sanguinic you could say there is no such thing as a personality type at all, so why giving them colours in the first place? so partially it is true, there is no such thing as a fixed colour setting, but when people arrive on earth through birth, they have already a preset condition which allows them to settle better in one or another colour and without the attempt to learn they would probably settle in one colour without ever developing towards another stage. healthy stage development during childhood is supported by ontogenetic/phylogenetic programs and educative stage development. a grown up personality has a predeveloped set of colours. why would anyone recommend to selfactualize in stages if it was not like that? even your family members leave an imprint of their colour setting in your memory and partially in your behavior.
  10. no, yellow has characteristics. there are def differences in personal development and personality typical tendency either towards the yellowish red colour spectrum or the turquoisish green colour spectrum and also leadership types in these aspects. if you were understanding what i‘m talking about you would be probably in yellow, at least mindset wise. the colors are not only mindsets they are systems thinking/interactive abilities, too. or do you think there are no red personality types? i was not saying that it‘s impossible to evolve from a blue/orange type towards more green and maybe step into visionary success oriented yellow (with the ability to integrate green thinking). but you know even understanding the spiral is relative at least to phenomenological observations. it also does not mean that yellowish people feel really good in orange jobs, they either change the job or they move towards other opportunities.
  11. a job with a network of people who have a mindset towards success, although success is more complex than monetary success in a yellow job it’s a solution/success. values in a job like that are often about integrity, yellow jobs are leaning towards making more conscious visions for the future happen changing ways of businesses which are stuck in old mindsets. that at least for the moment in development we are in. truly yellow are probably people who build businesses with different hierarchical structures who care more about their employees or tending towards building no profit organizations experimenting on the democratic aspects of business development with a perspective also towards the position of decisionmaker and individual capacities. i think some of these jobs seem more orange because we are still living in a more orange world. a job (at least in a leading position) like that also can‘t be filled by an orange personality. it lives through a yellow personality. i also think some of these jobs might seem green depending on what the business content/value is. yellow jobs are virtuous cycle jobs.
  12. @Nahm even though it`s just about autumn nahm, no leaves nahm no leaves. it`s almost autumn though, no leaves even though they might be yellow and read and crisp. edit: ok sorry the crisp thing sounds weird in this context. but what exactly is it really about - how is it that this guy is not able to relax and enjoy - what is really going on in his head, why is his head going on in the first place? supposing it`s maybe really an responsibility issue, maybe basic fear management? it`s def calling for therapy @Vzdoh or some deep relaxation practice, reconnection with the universe stuff - the direction is a matter of taste but he´s def lacking in universal trust. maybe floating tank experience could help. basic trust building like massage and foreplay stuff might also help.
  13. try to get out of self observation mode. the problem with social anxiety is focus on self. instead focus on other, be other. try to find out how that feels at least. might help.
  14. yellow and orange are in some sense a bit similar, in sense of economics they are both very pragmatically oriented towards success. that`s why i tend to compare both a lot because also yellow and orange differ so much of each other in sense of understanding how a business should work. if you understand that you might at least be in green i always think fully stepping into yellow means a yellow job. still difficult if you have a tendency leaning to the more bluish/green/purplish side (experience mode).
  15. @asifarahim thank you - it`s a really good explanation. for me it helps me to realize once again how ego is such a huge model, even in development, a theory which can not really be separated from somatic conditionings. it´s funny how he explains scientific behavior with the same underlying mechanism he explains addiction with. it leads towards systems thinking. the problem though with researching addiction in an introspective manner, what he asks of psychologists/medical practitioners would mean to get an addiction first, which would be counterintuitive, if we wouldn`t already have many. although one addiction/ego is not comparable to the next. i guess that`s why self actualization often leads towards awareness of some sort of suffering. it´s often a misconception about what part of selfdevelopment to really focus on.