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  1. yeah because in your mother language you probably have much worse discrediting words. i didn’t even know this word for latinos - i don’t know if i would call you „cactus eater“ would that be sth you would dislike?
  2. @Arcangelo maybe you are a nazi. i mean hitler liked dogs in a way. but he probably didn’t like them biting - so what is it about biting that is wrong?
  3. who is going to decide on it then? marginalization is such an effective tactic. systemic abuse is not systems thinking.
  4. why would you want to use it anyways?
  5. i also try to sometimes not call (especially white) nazis with the n-word. (mostly i still do) unfortunately this is an n-word which never hit the right people. (i hope you can laugh about this and understand this in the context it was meant)
  6. @Tim R wouldn‘t be „son of a pimp“ be less discriminative? or wouldn’t be „son of a b****“ at least be the same as „son of a n****“ or is in your world selling out on female/human rights sth to be proud of even? if it doesn’t drag this mass of political connotation behind it (it might be that that’s a false belief)
  7. that’s the point it’s not upon victims to decide. sorry don’t have a definition. as a psychological phenomenon though you can’t separate racism from other forms of violent discrimination. historical is different, although one does not legitimate the other.
  8. i‘m going to talk about sth socially forbidden because it’s loaded like a machine gun (some guys here are not only racist but generally have fascistoid tendencies, while some at the same time fighting that, it’s not a problem of skin tone): what‘s the difference calling out n***** and calling out b**** ? like really really from how the word is and was used in the past. slavery is only a phenomenon of the past, is a lie. you have a right to get triggered by this, you wonder why the others are (is it for your sake or for the status quo?).
  9. mhh no, that’s not it - inspiration is not the problem. if anything shying away from uninspiring work. monotonous work is not attractive to me (in that i‘m uninspired to do monotonous work, so yes) i also don’t like hirarchical and power/pyramid/mountaintop aspects of business which is why i‘m sometimes uninspired. what i was referring to was more the lack of practical approach in this section. and how creatives (and non creatives) tend to be less good with business aspects, as they usually put idealistic values before personal material gain. so like with introverts and extroverts there are people mainly interested in these more materialistic-ideal-material aspects and people more interested in idealistic-ideal-ideals and less people interested in idealistic-ideal-material aspects. i mean @Nahm is having a point there with visualization techniques. although i was more refering to how to approach a new field of expertise without teachers for example - it is not the same, if i have a really good teacher i‘m lucky, if the teacher is not that good i might not learn what i was setting out to learn. so what if i don’t find good material to teach myself? or is it better in these cases to find a teacher who has already access to certain type of knowledge? but then even in that, teachers vary in their vision of how to apply knowledge, and the outcome might be completely different. or should i outsource completely? making myself staying a bit blind. realistically i figured: at least the basics, i’ll need to approach.
  10. that’s not entirely correct, there could be a tiny radio station in the radio and a lot of people would probably believe you if you‘d tell them.
  11. well that’s not exactly correct. at least locations in the neo cortex and cerebellum, hypocampus and so on are in the farthest sense subdevided into sensory and motoric fields and memory loss and rediscovery of memory are korrelative to loss of neurons. you can be sure that hormones/emotions/chemical-process are as well participating as homeostasis/balance/electricity/transport/connection and multilocality/process/bodymind. so in a sense memory is layered, too.
  12. not so sure if dudes from 100 onwards are still very much into data though. it‘s probably also not only about the physical age but also connected to other aspects of development if it comes across below 14 or older than 100.
  13. in neuroscience it is known for typical old age dementia for example that older people forget recent events faster than old memories they sometimes very vividly remember their childhood even if they had forgotten it for a long time. this is because how information is stored. a traumatic experience most certainly is stored in human memory, because of much higher hormone exposure during traumatic events. it might not be directly connected to a visual memory though, or the visual memory of such might be more difficult to access.
  14. @Leo Gura numbers? and proof. regarding the standards you might be snuggling more with jordan peterson. (i mean metaphorically) when do you think generally males are more receptive? at night or during the day?
  15. @something_else if you can’t see it for yourself i guess i can’t help you, won‘t do that work for you. its a pointless question starting to prove sth obvious. while you would first need to prove anyone ever being banned for sexism in this forum. if we are talking about toxic behavior being banned, it’s also just a partial truth. there is still plenty, most of it regarding gender biases (while lgbtq is out of frame in sense of acceptance, the absurdity about this talk is for most cis males: you cant ever get out of your birth gender, not even in thought, and there are two: one is superior to the other one, best we make this an undeniable truth) exclamationmark.