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  1. I am currently reading this book from Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, I find it extremely illuminating and a great model to view reality. It talks about the four main archetypes of men, but before, it talks about those of the boy and the way they should evolve into a mature man. Every archetype has shadow sides, passive and active. Did Leo ever shoot an episode about this? He should. This is marvelous! Most important thing is that we are at all times incarnating an archetype or its shadow side. In every situation. So if you don't like how you behaved, you can think about what kind of energy you were representing. Were you too aggressive, so maybe The Sadist, the shadow side of the Warrior? How would a noble king have behaved? (Very interesting the idea of the king, that is actually in service of its people. Much like in LOTR) You can find it for free on libgen.
  2. Spirituality in gaming? With gamers? Have you seen the toxicity in the domain? Can't see this working People play to win, to feel better and not to think about their real lives. You are offering the opposite... Who'd be attracted to this? The screaming kid or the teenage loner? Christ? No way...
  3. It would be nice to have a collection of singers, groups, bands, orderer by level of consciousness, don't you think? Lyrics-wise, but also vibe-wise. Does it make sense?
  4. I have the chance to get to know them, it sounds interesting, but what's turning me off is them insisting that the first step for a collaboration is to go to a paid retreat (to see if I like it). Even though it makes sense, they could offer it to me. They didnt do it. And a 3 day retreat can cost more than 500 dollars. How are they helping people by charging this much? It all sounds weird
  5. Thinking yourself into inacfion.... Exactly Whats happening to me. Can you elaborate?
  6. During my travels I encountered this amazing substance and had a really wonderful and profound trip. The problem is, it put me in contact with the whole spirituality thing ( that for me was bollocks) and it made me understand how we are sons and daughters of the Earth and the same thing as a tree. That killed my interests in society. I love life and I'm happy to be alive, not saying that the ego vaporization made me depressed, all the contrary. But now I find it hard to find meaning in things. How can you even pick a career ? The career itself is just for the money in this much more interesting spiritual journey that is life. Basically I had 0 survival skills (had dropped out of university before starting to travel), no work experience, etc, and now gaining them seems uninteresting to me. I might need to turn Towards creation. Creating stuff is our soul's joy and could also bring money, no?
  7. What do you people think about travelling as a way to grow? I'm 26 and very undecided, I wish to do good and I have a desire to see and discover. I did travel for 1 year and met people that did it for a decade, or maybe 3-4-5-6 years in a row, working odd jobs or being digital nomads. Do you think those are years well spent? I honestly can't conceive of a better way to spend time, since I don't know what I want to master. It's the exploraration process at its finest I'm interested in your thoughts
  8. What I would really like to do would be jumping in the world and roam it doing different jobs, eventually leading me to my passion and vocation. But it feels unsafe, it might be stupid, it might not work and I might end up doing shit jobs forever. The alternative, though, is to fall back in line and go back to SCHOOL. Even though I have energy, love for people, humor, desire, ambition.... How do you do it by yourself? I dont see the way
  9. Hi everybody. I'm pretty new here and in general in the whole journey of awakening, and actually I'm not really sure if I'm really into it. I did watch Leo's video "should you go to university" and from that one it appears clear I should aim for something différent, but what? I started a bachelor in social sciences back in 2017 and quit after 3 semesters, although validating almost all my credits. I bought a one-way ticket to Ecuador and spent 10 months travelling, discovering things and living the moment. Covid came and I went back home. It's been a year. From one side I'm still suffering from reverse cultural shock (also because I live in Switzerland, a super conservative society), but in all this time I haven't figured anything out. I even bought Leo's life purpose course. I don't think it works because I don't have enough life experience and self-knowledge (how can I answer "what unique skill of mine can best serve me and the company I work for" if I have no working experience and no hobbies?). So I thought of finishing my degree, and I can actually finish it doing half of it in something else that interests me more: philosophy. It's about reasoning and big questions, still academia but in 1.5/2 years I will be done. What do you people think? I did think about what I deeply love and enjoy, and it involves animals, nature, but also girls and fun... You see, I'm not clear. I thought that I had to be an explorer because that's what I've always been (and I love travelling), but what is that? You can't do anything without a degree it seems. Then I thought about being a sport instructor, because I love sports, but I'm also not in extremely good physical shape. I'm more lost than ever. More in love with life, too, thanks to my travels, shrooms and 5meo (yes I did it), I love the mystical part of this and I recognize how miserable it was to be a nihilist... But you can't live off spirituality just like that. I would travel more if I had the money. Asia, looking for more. At the same time the very practical aspects of reality are escaping me.... Money, responsabilities.... I might just be a kid still, and need to toughen my bones (even tho im 26) What a mess