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  1. Occasionally... it can sometimes come across... like you might... be using... these dots a little too... often??!!
  2. This became quite an obstacle while having to write a 20 page long text for university. I had so much resistance to sit down and kerp writing, because I knew that if I read through what I had wrotten the day before, there would be a good chance that it wouldn't make ANY sense and that I would cringe in confusion haha. Once during this phase I smoked a joint and thought that I had a massive breakthrough, so I wrote everything down on sticky postit notes, sticking them onto my wall and drawing all sort of intercomnections à la Sherlock Holmes mindmap. Wasnt the best feeling reading through that the next day after coming back down haha
  3. Okay haha i have a lot of work to do... considering all pros and cons you think a kundalini awakening is something worth directly striving towards? Kinda has a bad stigma to it in some circles...
  4. Do you think that the throat chakra must be "opened" first, whatever that means or do you just start feeling into the throat region?
  5. Who says that sleeping is the best thing we got?! Thats just group think! Yes, transitioning from nighttime dreamworld to daytime dreamworld is sometimes tough, because that is the nature of survival: not wanting to constantly change worlds, getting invested in a plot. But that doesnt mean one is better than the other. I routinly mess my sleeping rythm up, because I am so clingy to a specific day and don't want to let go when bedtime rolls around?? why are we all pretending that we are not totally ADDICTED to life hahah???
  6. I wrote down the question "what makes a human complete" in my notebook yesterday, today I see this. Communication is everywhere and all i need to do is be a sponge and let it be sucked in
  7. Its hilarious how you keep joyfully calling out holykaels patterns, and inspiring so to not get dragged into negative perspectives and instead just laugh it off. God i love this forum
  8. @BipolarGrowth back to the painting board… that sounds nice!
  9. @AtheisticNonduality i just give the imagination a nice place to latch onto
  10. https://we.tl/t-DSheqOrUUX here is the full quality if someone wants to download and pixel peep
  11. @Leo Gura hmu if you need any very specific thumbnail visualisations
  12. I agree with Terence McKenna that language based on a visual, on an actual basis, is more powerful, like the octopi do with their color changes or their fluorescent flashy dots. So here is my poetic description of a mushroom trip. Hope you enjoy
  13. It definitly helped me so you fulfilled your value for atleast one ego appearance I have recently been led to what I eould like to coin as: the insight into the absolute nature of back to the drawing board. So e your explanation was a nice flowong excursion "away from the drawing board" of what the drawing board has to say of itself. Now that the video is over the drawing board is empty, but im thinking back to the video and redrawing the drawing about the drawing.
  14. Dude no question about it, don‘t even think about whether people give you positive feedback, since it will be more than enough joy to self express. Also enjoy the little steps like picking out the pictures for the different topics. I like the slight lsd touch that they have to them, where did they come from? Keep grinding, and dont let any haters get to you my man