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  1. I am currently reading this book from Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, I find it extremely illuminating and a great model to view reality. It talks about the four main archetypes of men, but before, it talks about those of the boy and the way they should evolve into a mature man. Every archetype has shadow sides, passive and active. Did Leo ever shoot an episode about this? He should. This is marvelous! Most important thing is that we are at all times incarnating an archetype or its shadow side. In every situation. So if you don't like how you behaved, you can think about what kind of energy you were representing. Were you too aggressive, so maybe The Sadist, the shadow side of the Warrior? How would a noble king have behaved? (Very interesting the idea of the king, that is actually in service of its people. Much like in LOTR) You can find it for free on libgen.
  2. 5meo is the most powerful susbstance in the world and you should approach it with respect. Think about it as the ultimate glimpse of the divine you can get. Something that imo should be given after an initiation or to "elders", not random people That said, I took it randomly and it has been amazing, but I needed a lot of time to integrate everything. I had no background at all, I was areligious, I didn't have the structure to support such a blast Somebody should create a pathway that leads to eventually taking 5meo
  3. So, I've dived into mysticism, spirituality, Buddhism, and such. Lost myself in it for a while. Was useful because I needed a lot of integration. But then what? Every tradition/culture ends with saying something like "let the mystery be the mystery". It is unknowable truth. Ok, figure out life is a dream/journey and that you are much more free than you thought, stop being scared of death and have the courage to go down your own personal path, remember to laugh along the way and enjoy all the magic around you.... that's it. Be mindful, appreciate things, don't forget who you are, be true to yourself there's not much more to it. be alive, do stuff. why the constant talk? why the constant search? you cannot figure everything out in this life, might just as well do your best to live it. i used to be in awe listening to Buddhists talk, now it just seems like repetition, their point is just "you identify with your physical body and that makes you suffer", so just zoom out, have a clearer picture of your role and belonging to the universe... done. why indulge in this? why dig deeper? that will take you further away from life instead of taking you closer same with psychedelics, they are a door to heightened perception, but as some famous dude said, once you crossed it you dont need to remain at the entrance i dont know, just a rant, but i tend to agree with people that say "spirituality is not something you talk about, it is not something you teach, it is something you live" of course its very welcome to take people that are unaware under the light, but i dont see the point in talking about this between conscious people
  4. very nice way to word it...
  5. That's exactly my point. If you felt what the teachings are about, you are gonna develop way more through experience rather than study or discussion This forum is more like a gathering place for like-minded people on a similar path, where sometimes you can go and read/write about particular topics you are interested in, which is fine. Far from being personal development, though, let alone spiritual development Im reading a book in which there is a 10 points list of traps in undertaking this sort of path. My favourite is "FUCK YOUR JOURNEY", he means yes, improve yourself, but stop telling us
  6. Why do you think such substances exist? Are they "keys" hidden in the world as a sort of game? Isn't it kinda funny that the most powerful drug (5meo) is found in the venom of a rare toad that lives in deserts and comes to surface just some months a year? Like, you wanna realize God? You gotta search in the most unthinkable of places. What the hell Shrooms growing in cow shit? Seriously? ahahahhahaha what do you guys think?
  7. very interesting! will check it out! thanks
  8. Hi guys, I would love to read something from people that are somewhat in the field. I won't bother you with my life story BUT [add 3 paragraphs of life story] anyway, I'm soon going to get my qualifications as expedition leader, as I'm young, energetic, kind of a monkey, love nature, excursions, blah blah so I feel the need to PUSH a little bit and roam the world, the total opposite of settling down but of course I dont want to bullshit in the jungle and in the mountains forever, even though it's cool. that can be fine and i will love the lifestyle, but i'll feel the need to work on something more that is undoubtably consciousness. i first thought about organizing expeditions with a psychedelic experience at the end, and even if that remains an option it might be trickier due to legal reasons and close-mindedness (mabye not in the usa, and i would be fine relocating there for a while, but at some point i would like to get back to switzerland). so my thought was to invent something like multiday excursions with mindfulness, forest bathing, stuff like that. i read a book ( about these guys that run retreats for vision quest, sort of like a rite of passage, a symbolic death to restart anew, etc. you go with a group in the wilderness, set base camp, then the participants go alone for 3 days and 3 nights in the wild, fasting. there is a whole set of rituals and things you can do meanwhile, anyway starving and being bored to death in the womb of mother earth is supposed to be a life changing experience. and i do believe that. i dont know what im actually seeking here. maybe someone in the field? it does sound very feasible, doesnt it? this could even get huge i would need to partner up with a psychiatrist or a psychologist at least (my ex would do just great ), since i will have wilderness and expedition experience but no recognized authority in the field of therapy. im also fine attending any course that brings me closer to this. you heard about anything? kind of a facilitator but cooler, and maybe even without drugs. just throwing it out here, any comments, feedback is appreciated!!!
  9. Also true. The process of humanity trying and selecting plants and fruits must have been a fun one. Try, spit it out, find out how to cook it, maybe die if poisonous ? Beautiful
  10. Fantastic. Hilarious.
  11. Thanks dude, you literally got the point...........
  12. Hi guys. I'm not here to promote an already running blog, or to spam. I just recently started a free website, I don't even have a premium plan and can't even be found on google. Butttt before making the step to buying premium features and actually trying to promote it and run it for real, I would like some feedback. If you could read 1 or 2 articles, tell me what you think about homepage and "about" page...whatever you feel! I know you're all super high consciousness and stuff, but my target audience is not. I aim to inspire people to travel and embark on the journey of self-actualization, which starts with self-inquiry, introspection. I would like to inspire to see things in not such a grey way, as most (young) people where I live do. Mainly, it's a genuine attempt to share some things I like sharing. I like to write, and have my personal style. I wanted to start a blog for ages (just a side activity). There are anecdotes I have told friends and strangers, and they especially capture the attention of teenagers. I feel good about it, I like the art, and I feel the content is more interesting (surely more original and sincere) of most boring blogs out there. As I will have a nomadic lifestyle, I hope I will have a lot more insights and stories to tell! Any advice for a better name, too? Thanks ! I don't show it to my friends because I'm shy
  13. Since I got a real motivational boost from 1 positive review, I insist i do feel that sometimes i can write this stuff just because i am in a privileged position. there are people who really are struggling financially, who arent free, what would they do with such an article? wipe their asses with?
  14. i think 30 minutes is fine, when you do it in company you can hold much longer i was with newbies (and i was one) in a kung fu retreat and we all did 30 minutes meditation just dont be silent all the time, sometimes remind to let the thoughts pass, etc, but dont be invasive either
  15. willpower, determination, vision that's all it takes. the rest is a by-product
  16. @aurum i do agree the travel blog is dead boring, just the name takes away all the motivation to read, for me. im trying to do something different, not about travel tips or places, more about the travel experience per se @Razard86 thanks man! its a word play between wanderer and wonderer, that who walks and that who thinks! i thought it was smart
  17. women
  18. Funny to read this stuff, I smoked 5-meo without even knowing what it was and without any background Just trusted my guts loved it. Had to process a lot to accept that I had actually seen the light, God, or whatever, especially as I came from a very logical and anti-religious family
  19. just take the promotion, and then you'll figure out one of a thousand solutions...
  20. golden age? you mean that age in which most people are oppressed by societal structures, stuck in poverty, in which labour is close to slavery, in which technology doesnt serve humanity and makes people live better lives but instead serves the rich, in which mental health is declining for these reasons and many others combined? that age in which individuals feel it's them against the world, no community feeling, law of the jungle, etc? i do agree that there is great infrastructure. but have you looked around ? people are miserable golden age...
  21. Investing really seems like a videogame, just that it can make you rich or broke for real. I understand I should only invest money I don't need, and at some point I will inherit some, and I would like to be able to make them fruit. Is it reasonable to think I can get into the market and make money ? How much you think I'll have to study as an indipendent ? Any resources ? I like the idea of trading morr than long term investing. Buying on a low and selling on a high, with high numbers, for "small" profits in a short time. Is it better to hire a pro that does it for me ? Then also the ethical pov, morality etc is killing me, seems like you cant do anything these days that aint damaging the environment
  22. 7 years sitting at home? jesus christ, dude. get out there and do something and earn a living. becoming a sage? you dont even have maslow's need met i think this content is harming at least as much people as it is helping wtf guys
  23. Hi guys. I don't understand what's wrong. I'm a very present person, I enjoy the moment, I'm playful, positive, I'm currently travelling abroad and "following my bliss", I can do any task with zen-like attitude (or karma-yoga style, enjoying the sensations and not overthinking it), etc... But besides accepting the present and not struggling against it, going with the flow, I find it HARD to plan and organize my future. I do KNOW that I have to make plans as I don't want to be a volunteer and work for free forever and actually I have some ideas for my career, but just looking for job opportunities on the web is terribly tiring, I feel I don't care and I just want to get back to the present, deal with what's around me, doing my things... It's like I'm fucking 70. I'm 26!!! And yet I do dream about doing crazy nice things, adventures, a passionate life, meeting lots of people, commitment, work... I have nothing to work on. Some people are videomakers, some others are singers, programmers, youtubers, whatever the fuck. My special skill is being able to bond with animals quickly, wow.... Right now I'm doing horse work and I do have a great connection with them, yet I can't see myself stuck on a farm or ranch, that's boring. So you see, on one hand I want dynamism and adventure (actually top1 value on my list), but the process of looking for it throws me on the ground instead of exciting me, on the other hand I repel the idea of being stuck in one place WHILE I'm actually giving my full attention to the one place I'm at right now ! I think I need some serious wake up call as I might just be a spoiled brat that wants everything without effort ?!
  24. Hi all, I've done 5meoDMT, shrooms and ayahuasca, and I'm presently reading about the different chakras. I think psychedelics and chakras are closely related. When you take psychedelics, it's a matter of energies, perception, opennes, connection, etc... And healthy chakras are all that. But I have more specific examples. First, I had my spiritual awakening (even if my logical/scientific brain needed a lot of time to accept it) through shrooms and 5meo. It is not the experience that was mindblowing in itself. The shrooms I took were light, and I could remember just three distinct moments of Bufo. But for the first time in a long time I felt energies going through me, I felt the connection with nature, etc. Like energy could once again flow freely in me, I was receptive once again. And that's what chakras are about. But the most striking event was some months ago. I took a heavy dose of shrooms and had the most incredible trip. At some point I was sitting cross-legged in the forest, and it was like I became PART of the mountain. I could feel a huge energy flow coming through my ass and up my whole body. It came from underground. It was like I was breathing in unison with the whole forest. Better, like my breath WAS the forest breath. An individual breath not different from that of a tree, but not alien. I was part of a harmonious orchestra. And today I am reading about the first chakra, the root chakra, positioned between the balls and the anus, and that's supposedly the point where universal energy, life, Chi, whatever you wanna call it, enters our system/aura/body/spirit. Exactly where I felt it. The book was also listing visualization exercises like pretending you have roots that go underground etc.... And psychedelics can make you FEEL that sort of thing. How cool is this ? Does anybody have similar expériences ? Maybe someone that knows chakras better than me and that also did psychedelics. I feel there's a lot of material here. It's also logical if we think there's ultimately only one Truth, everything must point towards the same thing in the end... Anyways, would love to see your thoughts!
  25. Hi, I'm looking for an introductory book to gift my family members, about SP. Is Ken Wilber "a theory of everything" about it? Would prefer something short and relatively easy to understand, yet complete.