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  1. Obviously, Leo is not some sort of soothsayer. but still he is a wise guy. so what are your thoughts ?
  2. how low? i mean what lsd dose i use when combo
  3. @bambi where is the video about ketamine? could you please send the link?
  4. 5meo is tryptamine and 2cb is phenethylamine
  5. @Benton unfortunately the only clinics we have are for treating ketamine addiction ?
  6. My mom is depressed due to an event that happened few years ago (break down of over 20 years relationship) right now she uses zoloft and a lot of other sedatives to help her sleep. we live in a country that even mentioning drugs is unwise, every psychedelic is banned and possesing one will get you to prison for over 10 years. Also because of mass propaganda noone understands how helpful psychedelics/ ketamine can be for depression. I really wanna help my mom and i read that ketamine can be very helpful. But she is very againgst drugs thinking there is no difference between acid and opiats... what should i do ?
  7. get ketamine, it can be even more powerful than dmt, but be careful as it can be abused
  8. he said quite clearly in his speech that if anyone will try to fuck with Russia he will make everyone face the consequnces that you have never ever faced in history
  9. idk but leo rlly acting sussy lately... to me this paywall looks like extortion