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  1. but still, you dont say don't use them at all? there must some way to avoid becoming addicted, right?
  2. i know most psychedelics dont develop physical addiction (like alcohol or heroin does for example), but they can develop (tho most of people say it cant) mental addiction i think? i just thought logically, if we experience very good and pleasant things while using psychedelics, cant i become addicted?
  3. what are your thoughts on morning glory seeds? are they good for beginners? how do you process the seeds? what did you experience using it ?
  4. that sounds interesting i should try it =)
  5. will it be still as powerful as breathing through the mouth?
  6. so yesterday i did my first session for about 25 mins a got a few questions 1. how to deal with mouth-drying when breathing? my mouth got dry only after a few minutes, it was very uncomfortable so i had to stop breathing a few times. and its better to breathe continuously... so how you deal with that? 2. also my hands and foots turned very numb while i was doing that, is it ok? 3. also i think i felt asleep a few times for like 3 minutes,im not sure but i think so cuz i dont remember some parts
  7. please stop with these threads lol and its much better not to do both
  8. sounds like just trying to bullshit myself into feeling good. it doesn't change anything
  9. i don't understand, please explain to me what should I do. so in the video Leo says go eat to a restaurant alone, enjoy yourself, i don't really get it. Well , the restaurant example is ok, I myself enjoy traveling and eating alone ( and i feel much better when im alone), but some activities are just not possible without other people or a hundred times less ednjoyable. If i call my friend to play some online games (playing alone in which is just not possible ) is it ok or what? also last week i was feeling emotionally bad, what i did is i talked with my friend and that was the thing that made me feel much better(and not something about trying to enjoy myself etc). Also if you do things alone you wont be happy simply because communicating and doing stuff with others is vital for your survival. Please understand that i don't say Leo's point is wrong. I think i just either didnt get the episode right or im missing something... please help (and sorry for my bad english:)
  10. watch Leo's video about Relative vs Absolute Truth
  11. whats this?
  12. so what is the answer?