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  1. yes the chemical mentioned in the video is 5-meo-malt
  2. what makes mxe so good? i see lots of people want it badly, why so ?
  3. are you planning on making videos about your latest awakenings?
  4. it appears to be very rare 5-ethoxy-dmt
  5. For example ketamine. Anyone achived awakening/enlightenment using it?
  6. i have been struggling with alergy for over a year now... gonna try it)
  7. i decide to try polyphase sleep, anyone tried that? what was the effect?
  8. ye lol, i once tried preparing tea on LSA (it was relatively low dose) and i spend almost 1 hour trying to do that because when i was coming into the kitchen i was instantlly forgetting why am i there and what am i supposed to do
  9. оо русские!!! не ожидал тут встретить )
  10. of course i do