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  1. Hello everybody! (Sorry if some of these questions have already been discussed in this forum) I have a few questions about the model of Spiral Dynamics, maybe you can help me here? The first question is how do I properly integrate the individual stages? Which aspects are healthy aspects of each stage (which are unhealthy?) And how do I integrate them (maybe you have a list or something)? I live in a very liberal (with a good amount of green) city in Germany. And just the fact that I'm studying here in this city raises me to the green level due to the culture and surroundings. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I really integrated orange / blue, does it? Only the culture around me emerged from these stages of development. So how can I personally integrate the lessons from each (!) stage? A question about the 2nd tier: It seems to me that the 2nd tier is all about knowledge? The individual accumulates amounts of knowledge in order to understand politics, society, globalization etc. etc. I think I have understood why the solutions of the 1nd tier are only individual perspectives, but that leads to a “not knowing” for me. Everything is so complex and incredibly difficult to understand. Who am I to be able to form an opinion about even a little thing? For me, this leads to a kind of "veil of passivity" in which I try to understand everything (often enough this fails). But it seems to me almost impossible for all people to acquire this amount of knowledge. Not all people are interested in politics / social issues, but rather prefer to live in private. So what does 2nd tier mean? That I read Wilber, Luhmann, Habermass? I mean have you done it? This is freaking complex! What does it mean in everyday life to integrate the yellow stage? I hope my questions are understandable, and we can discuss them