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  1. I got so closed to falling asleep on San Pedro and just before falling asleep I had an enormous release from the body with shaking and kryias.
  2. @Lynx hey yes it was successful had about 600ml of tea and it was quite perfect could maybe have been a bit stronger. I had it in the slow cooker for about 24 hours
  3. 5meo is highly stimulating and depletes your energy. It can still be used to heal though it’s just not always the best option for this reason thoe if you already have a weakened nervous system from too much fasting
  4. I think its good and benifits are immense, it make sense to me that the level of pleasure it creates comes at a cost of some kind. But the cost of nofap is that you don’t get to have sex so… It depends what you want, somehow I don’t think Jesus or Buddha would have been jerking off much
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AStUnsd4Rpo&pp=ygUdQmV5b25kIHRoZSBhbGNoZW15IGFscGhhIG1hbGU%3D very true can’t learn this stuff from a book
  6. Shilajit needs to be quality as there is allot of really bad ones out there with some nasty shit in it make sure it’s lab tested for heavy metals. I used to take a bunch of these on the list. For me i stopped because I needed to do more basic shit to improve my life. Also fish oil is a poly unsaturated fatty acid and cold water fish use as anti freeze, humans are tropical animals
  7. So I’ve got blended Catus in a slow cooker, has anyone done this before? Is a slow cooker on high hot enough?
  8. I find that if I relax all my muscles on acid I have profound insights. If I’m tense I feel into it works great with the LSD, it could be magnesium deficiency also
  9. I gave some weed do this girl who I've been talking to on and off for a few months.... haha idk she hot im dumb what can i say
  10. if your familiar with ram dass Kainchi Dham - Neem Karoli Baba Ashram.
  11. Bro dam, did she share some more of her experience?
  12. Combined with psychedelics make u smarter more creative
  13. @Hello from Russia @kylan11 @Sucuk Ekmek @Thought Art @universe Thanks guys Feeling really supported by your replies