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  1. The entire thing. Actually most of your responses are very hard to understand. Not sure if it's because I not a native speaker or its your way of expressing yourself in such a way that either you want to sound misterious or you yourself do not quite understand what you are trying to express
  2. That’s a good start. But treating your GF is important to feel up her love tank for you. My problem with that guy was I felt he felt resentment towards spending money on me. And that turned me off him completely. I didn't expect him to pay my bills actually. Never even had it in my head. But being generous overall communicates to a woman you will be there for her in case she is indeed in trouble. What would you do if your GF loses her job and does not have like savings and need your help?
  3. I would challenge this belief. The guy I dropped for Cheapness, was best sex of my life. 12 orgasms in one go. Never happened to me before. I still let him go. Because I am to live with a person and being able to give in a relationship is important for relationship to survive. Sex only won't save it or make it last. Do examine your beliefs about this. I think you have a blind spot. Understand that giving = generosity = support = care = containment for a woman. We love sex, but containment for us is a more primary need. A girl that just goes for great sex and tells you she does not need containment is most likely traumatised and doesn't know how to be in a relationship.
  4. Oh! I didn't take it personally at all. I saw it was his issue. He is quite rich actually. So he can afford to splurge and buy me dinner or a bag if I was into bags. The problem for women when we see the guy is being cheap is we imagine our lives with him and we can't trust him to take care of us or potential children. There is no security, there is no feelings of containment that Teal Swan is talking about, we don't feel we can rely on the guy. Cheapness in my mind and on a feelings level implies to me that in this relationship I will be on my own. If shit happens to me financially or whatever, he is not going to help. And who wants a partner like this? So for guys who want a serious committed relationship, being cheap is a predicament to solve. No self reapecting woman who is feminine and not in her masculine with you, would want a cheap guy. Cheap guys best luck is to attract a woman who is super independent, thinks men and women are equal, won't let you be a man in a relationship, won't let u to take care of her. And probably has a lot of unresolved trauma about being able to rely on another person in a relationship and ask for help. I didn't tell all of that to that guy as he was not ready to hear that. He still thinks he is a catch. But in fact he is handicapped and at 40 years old is still single.
  5. You talk in riddles.. Can u speak/express yourself clearer? My objective is not to get rich. I am already quite well off. The rest I really didn't understand
  6. So u r afraid of negatives before they happened to you and you don't even try to make it work? Great approach ???
  7. No. It's simple truth for traumatised people who are afraid of being afraid. For them working on trauma first is the key. Spirituality comes in later. It's hard to see the light when your window is stained.
  8. It's a good idea actually. I thematic portfolio option for contribution to the world investing in companies that main goal is to improve the world around us. ESG is popular right now but most ESG funds are not original. Same old tesla, google, FB etc I will think about it. I don't want to leave finace and markets as its my passion. I love trading and following the markets. I just want to also combine it with something meaningful and something where I can contribute. No tax in Singapore so no way to get tax rebates.
  9. Agree. Source love is the answer. But to connect to it, one need to be brave to face the fears and work with them. The more fears you face and process, the easier it becomes to connect to the source love. I had an experience where I felt connected to source love it was one of the most amazing feelings and experiences I ever had. Better than any tantric sex or anything. U r just full of love for yourself and others and you see suffering around you and your heart is filled with compassion. Literally nothing beats this!
  10. @Superfluo @Leo Gura not my case. I am not in a limbo. And these videos assume a relatively healthy and mature individual. If you have trauma and avoidant personality disorder it's a totally different ball game.
  11. Nothing to do with me. He is like this his entire life. I think he is FA - fearful avoidant. I told him that he is scared of commitment. We broke up. But he was super into me and still is i think. But fear is bigger than feelings,because that fear is about getting him safe when love is associated with pain and unsafety. That's what u do, u run. If u want to work on your attachment trauma, check out Teal Swan completion process. Worked wonders for me. @Superfluo @Leo Gura
  12. @Superfluo @Leo Gura Yeah! It is terrifying! Especially if he does not want to see himself too and running from himself. I do have a saviour complex of sorts. And too much empathy i guess - feeling what the other person is feeling. It's indeed terrifying.
  13. @Superfluo @Leo Gura Who said that I am unhappy on my own? He is a great human being with an amazing heart and I want him in my life. It doesn't mean though that I see him as a means to an end or a source of my happiness. Its actually a reverse, I want to bring joy into his life cause he lacks it and deserves to be happy. I am not talking about commitment as getting married and having kids. I am talking more of commitment phobia as inability to experience real connection and intimacy with someone because he feels frightened he will lose his freedom and himself. That's not the same thing.
  14. Heh? How did you arrive at me feeling lonely? And how is this related to my other post? I am asking for specific career related issue here and for a specific relationship issue on the other thread. Asking people for their thoughts does not mean being lonely ???? I have friends who I can talk to about my relationship issues but they are not at the same awareness level as me, so it's gonna be pointless cause I already know what they will say. And career wise, I can't share my plans with people I know in the industry as they are my competitors. Don't make assumptions please.