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  1. Jan 2019.. Updates? @Leo Gura
  2. Gentrification seems to be a very controversial issue. How do you think the mindset of gentrification changes throughout the spiral? My ideas: Blue: Little interest in gentrification Orange: We need to buy real estate in up-and-coming areas Green: Government needs to provide for lower-income residents to be able to remain in their homes/ neighborhoods. Diversity in a community is welcome (Possibly the group that caused the initial drive of wealth coming into a neighborhood) Yellow: It’ll work itself out (Also possibly the group that caused the initial drive of wealth coming into a neighborhood) Turquoise: ? I could be completely off.
  3. Something that stuck with me from Leo’s blog is him writing, “The only reason we have a well-functioning government today (if we do) is because high consciousness people put a lot of blood, sweat, and thought into orchestrating and defending it.” After working through the majority of the Life Purpose Course and my own contemplation, I feel that my strengths and values are leading me toward local government. I have not yet crafted a purpose statement but… - My top value is love - My top strengths are: deliberative, maximizer, connectedness - I am strong in organizing / planning - I am passionate about helping locally and excited by the ripple effect possible from strengthening a community - I enjoy big-picture thinking Though, I have tremendous fear of entering the field. I worry that if I make the leap and sacrifice much of my time and resources I may find myself in a trap ——> ultimately unhappy. So, I reach out to you all for your thoughts. Questions… - Is it possible to escape the maze while pursuing a position in government? - Is there mastery in government work, where so much of the product is outside individual control? If so, what does it look like?
  4. @Leo Gura Please shoot a thyroid video. It seems like this is a prevelant issue.
  5. You eat one time a day!? How does that work?
  6. @SFRL Yes, most people I know who I believe to be strong Green are extroverts. People who go out and protest, are volunteering for community events, etc
  7. @Leo Gura I can't see you being a strong Green. Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, beyond... sure. Your personal example furthers my question about Spiral Dynamics and Myers and Briggs. Does Green appeal more toward extroverts? Do introverts find themselves dodging Green? If so, maybe it will help introverts be more compassionate when they see someone going overboard in Green. Maybe help introverts who are trying to grow understand why they feel like they have to fake it to move through Green. @Artaemis I very much agree. Perhaps some people are born with a natural Yellow / Turquoise advantage. Their personality type set them up for it. There seems to be a connection. What do you think... does personality type change as one moves through the spiral?
  8. Can one really move into Yellow without significant financial freedom? How can the mind stop worrying about survival without a large stash of money in the bank or an undoubtable way of making a solid income? Also, what is the relationship of Spiral Dynamics and Myers and Briggs personality types? Of course, I imagine you can find every personality type at every stage but, do biases exist? What personality types do you believe are most attracted to the second tier of the spiral? And finally, does personality type change as one moves through the spiral?
  9. If you are at all interested in / are aligned with the teachings of Actualized.org, I DO NOT recommend military service. You are much better off with something like Peace Corps, or working internationally on a farm (WWOOF), etc. This way, you are able to create space to grow without such a long commitment to an organization that is corrupt beyond your wildest imagination.
  10. I now see clearly that I was born into a Blue family. Even before I could articulate what I was searching for, I felt the desire to evolve beyond its mentality. Thankful for this model and application of it on Actualized.org as it is helping me to do just that. God bless everyone for their contributions
  11. As if the weekly videos weren't enjoyable enough BEARD, YES
  12. Do you file your own taxes?
  13. A happy hello, as this is my first post! I'm looking for a top notch Life Coach. I want to find someone who is aligned with Actualized.org and what it stands for. I've taken The Ultimate Life Purpose Course but feel the need to talk through the process of discovering my ultimate goal. Any takers? Recommendations of coaches who have helped you?