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  1. @dlof when we study ants, we build a model of understanding. when we study humans we build a model of understanding. as we get better model turns into models and back again to a better model.
  2. @Eternal Unity loved it ! we need a world band: internationals unite Country, Denmark
  3. @King Merk new vocabulary, thank you!
  4. @Jon_Bundesen meditate through all of that
  5. @Leo Gura an honest appraisal. This infinity thing however, what are people going to do jump from their skeletons to electrobeams? They will live and die in this body most likely inside small amount of time to live. Many ideas like this, it feels more like "prosletising" than good conversation. All these folk in social positions they gotta be called out though so its culturally healthy. Including you lol. You say lotta stuff but the tyres have to hit the road there. I would act like people do. This way you focus on how you can best articulate that. You say lotta good thing. But it feels like your words run around a bit.
  6. alright this good. i don't know sociology outside of psychology
  7. @tuckerwphotography reality just wants to be seen for and acted based on what it is, everything else is a social game.
  8. Sharing my favourite danish music. Would be amazing to hear what everyone else around the world likes from their country. State your country & music from there all there is to it! Country, Denmark. This for my wifey.
  9. @StarStruck wild animals across the savanna. Live life great stuff. It's so funny though that women just fall for it like they don't think guys just tryin to play a role even though there's all this stuff on it. Lots of smart ladies where I am.
  10. @fopylo u'll be "alpha" when you calm and confident in urself not needing to be alpha, in denmark lol such a different culture on these gender roles
  11. @tuckerwphotography great synopsis thx for sharing I've always liked Weinstein
  12. @Preety_India And lol at his journal. he thinks they're like the depiction of a "real person" more like a cartoon character People need to respect other peoples journals. He doesn't hence why I'm here, nor does he in his own journals, hence why I was there before. But.... yeah the brain power... so its going to be a repeating probs until mods put the forum first because stupidity is just well, kind of a regressive infinite loop of inferiority.
  13. @Preety_India He's like an old man about to cark it, except he's probs young so that's funny. He thinks I want him to respond to me, more humorous, hence why I don't address him at all. @flowboy nice one with the social memes to justify the nonsense. if u want to start 1, ahh, try ur mom first please
  14. @sorrytoch I am a visual artist, among other. I record copious amounts of art work and review while drawing so it gets into subconscious while im coming up with ideas on what to draw & everything else there
  15. @Preety_India does not surprise me dis guy thinks he was a slave, its the 21st century & he's still illiterate. U have to remember that slaves don't understand matters of intuition & higher reasoning, so there's little need to take anything he says seriously, he wishes for superiority coz of his inferiority for example, its the battle of the slave. He wants superiority in order to cope with his feelings of jealousy of the superior because he doesn't have the reasoning ability to mature his emotions to higher wisdom