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  1. @tuckerwphotography all humans have different destinies, 'enlightenment work' is purely just to remove all the clutter that holds a human being back from that
  2. @assx95 its only because you haven't reached the level of awareness that allows you to be beyond form. there isn't any other answer think of the `depressed` as the only place ur mind could go because that's where the block is that you need to confront with awareness and overome that's all it is, now get to it
  3. @Zeroguy experienced it all without them. 1 day I will when the time is right. don't get caught in it. Your awareness. Grow it is all the one needs.
  4. i didn't need drugs. a blessed one then
  5. @Zeroguy this is ur perception, what are you going to do with the perception?
  6. @Zeroguy happy to help. u reach awareness. once u reach awareness which basically no one is in that's full responsibility which is just total awareness and its not a thought loop and at 2:02:00 he answered my qn about not teaching to 1 percent.
  7. @Zeroguy u stuck in spiral again. one day u will see. and then again lesson from vid is take responsibility for all creation, u will find urself in the only infinite loop u need to be in until finally u will break to the other side again * again
  8. the human needs to discriminate between being conscious of and imagining, this is the line of reality, which is an awareness. Spiritualists attack reality because the reality they see is that the humans look at reality with poor perception. So we see.
  9. I feel it is wise to always respect the notion of realness, this will also give purpose, compassion and proportionality to word with feeling (on top of those insights of against)
  10. At 1:02:00 minute mark, yes I've reached this. There's nothing fantastic though. We still here. Hello. it's possible this just describes fluidity. its possible you've misinterpreted fluidity with infinity. we created infinity no? infinity is meant to point to something. the thing we used infinity for though may just be fluidity. we become more fluidity
  11. @Leo Gura who is your target audience? A relevant question because I am not a lay person. All so basic to me. I am 30 minutes in on double speed english third language and I'm still waiting for the video to make ground. A good idea is to timestamp the video into various sections so that people can choose a section to jump to. It is great title. So very interested. Though big drag when I'm waiting, waiting and waiting and then nothing.
  12. See no body likes this world anymore. Eventually that will become the status quo once the dissonance has cleared and humans become comfortable with the world beyond the financial system. People just want to create and those that don't wished they could create more. Everyone else is just distracted by the illusion of being instagram model or worse a fan of one. First financial system, then instagram illusion, then new way of life will be accepted. We are a tribe with enough meat, so all we have time to do is to create and have human nooky nooky.
  13. @gahzito Unbelievable!
  14. models are our ant mounds, bigger and bigger is to our better and better check out this ant hill lolz