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  1. When I had my first psychedelic experience in college was when it first started for me. Before though… then I was pretty selfish and after college everything spiritually I felt like I had more traction with. I know though life experience played a part too. Still can’t undermine say the effect it has however.
  2. Meaning is RIGHT now. Go speak to people NOW lol we’re all living it. People don’t see each other is all. Loved your point all in all.
  3. I can’t find a meaning, I think it’s a waste of time, too many people spending time on navel. Early life work hard party harder, mid life work hard and with family and love, late life retirement with love and play as grandparent
  4. @Closed don’t do escorts. Escorts are like porn, it’s bad for business when it comes to having a smooth mind.
  5. @Epikur Owens been a massive help to me.
  6. @UNZARI Beautiful. Last night I had nightmares. Usually I never even remember my dreams. I came to the realisation that many of my own experiences of life were an illusion even though I’ve spent a large portion of my life running away from what felt so real. I feel like I need my existential crises to make sense of where to go, that seems to be the basis for them. Sometimes in therapeutic practice we can not only help people through them but encourage them to go there, let it wash over them, sit with it rather than repress it. Embrace the story first, then feel it all the way through the body until we can show the client to see all the way through it. I feel like you have a really steady handle over how you interact between your mind and emotions that you should embrace the confidence of. Good luck.
  7. @LSD-Rumi whereas Amber Heard is somehow standing up for feminists through her violence on Depp.
  8. @Manusia I play a lot of basketball, that’s my meditation in a lot of ways. Checks in with seeing if I have my rhythm. See multiple intelligences theory. It’s been discredited though many models that have been discredited can still be useful.
  9. @Cepzeu Practice makes perfect, onwards and upwards. Stay positive.
  10. @KoryKat feeling good really. Out here in Toronto for a while taking a break from Calgary. Toronto is the river to many other cities rather than say the Niagara Falls. It’s not as interesting then though it connects u to land so if u want a peaceful, stable and consistent place. Toronto’s ur ticket!
  11. @patricknotstar u see the person not the image u have of either urself or them. Emotional self awareness will mirror free love
  12. Hmmm…. Close. Wot other kinds of transcendence do u think there are? How bout emotional? How u think this achieved?
  13. @Julian gabriel I’d be interested in your ideas. Expand more in the thread if you feel the inspiration!
  14. @Focus do our perceptions match our sensory experience? do our perceptions beyond our sensory experience match reasoning? Is our reasoning able to push through any biases that we may have?