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  1. Your heart. You must follow your heart in the most dalai lama sense and then learn from what happens. The key is the learning. If you miss the learning that's why people associate following the heart with suffering. We can't grow from life properly otherwise, eventually all that compensatory stuff we develop by not doing so is what eventually ruins us. Look at confident dark hearts and you will find the cause for narcissism. They have their appeal sure, but it runs thin super quick.
  2. @soos_mite_ah +1 on the handyman crafts (mens version of women's crafts).
  3. @Hardkill You've just got to learn to read the room, master that and you won't need to ask the question. I do business consulting on a daily basis and these skills translate into all other areas of my social life.
  4. @SamC It's a great question, before making money I worked too much and now I just strive for flow so it doesn't even feel like work.
  5. Self awareness. Sense of humour, "that's what she said".
  6. @Nomad13 +1. My brother and I decided on it together a few years back.
  7. @Someone here solid post. Good conversation
  8. @soos_mite_ah you're asking people that are socially conditioned to believe a certain position whether they can socially condition to help you believe whether or not its okay to want or not want to have sex either inside or outside a committed relationship? just checkin to see if I have you right
  9. @Alwaidbzh lol this made me laugh.
  10. minimal hassle just makes life easier. Seek balance.
  11. just do stuff that challenges you
  12. Lolz so funny
  13. @Revolutionary Think Agreed. If you're disciplined towards healing, candid about it + good communication skills you become an inspiration for people along with being more relatable.
  14. It's a good perspective from a psychologists perspective from the West in the USA who's mind hasn't cracked open to see the whole universe yet.
  15. @integral Practicing blindfolded chess certainly opens up your mind in ways you wouldn't expect.