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  1. @StaraX I've got the same issue, same batch, same packaging with the extra Artvigil sample. Took 400 mg of Modafinil and felt no effect. Just Google Modafinil and the batch code on Reddit, and you'll find tons of posts with people experiencing no effects from this batch but having itching all over their body. So, it's not about your metabolism. I'd suggest getting rid of it.
  2. I've been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 7 years now and have already tried everything possible to find healing and to recover from the disease. Nutrition, supplements, Kriya Yoga, body therapy, personal development, spiritual techniques etc. I have been to over 20 different doctors and went through a lot of diagnostics and tests, but nobody can tell me what the cause is. Now I've heard @Leo Gura talking about the fact that you can go in a psychedelic trip with a specific question. Do you think I can try psychedelics to find out why I'm sick and to heal myself from chronic fatigue?
  3. My girlfriend and I are interested in psychedelics. However she suffers from chronic heart disease and I from chronic fatigue syndrom / fibromyalgia. My girlfriend had a heart operation as a newborn, now she is fine and can do almost anything. The doctors advised her not to do things that would extremely increase her blood pressure like for example squats with 200 pounds without exhaling. But she can do regular sport activities. So you could argue that it is not a chronic disease. However, she is fairly limited in terms of carrying out extreme activities as she has to take care of herself. So in this case i thought specifically about 5 meo, which lets your pulse go through the rooftop. I know you might advice "go consult a doctor", but their knowledge about psychedelics and 5 meo is very limited, often to the extent of not knowing anything at all in this regard. And I wouldn't hold your responses as a substitute for medical advice. Therefore, I would be interested in knowing your opinions. I remember that Dr. Octavio Rettig said that over the last years he worked with thousands of clients and in his 5 meo retreats, a very few died owing to underlying health conditions. My conclusions so far: In my case it’s probably not a big deal, maybe there is a risk that my chronic fatigue gets worse for a short period of time after a trip. With 5 meo I’m not sure. Regarding my girlfriend, some mild psychedelics with low doses, it's probably ok. However, not 5 meo because of its strong effect on the heart rate. What do you think? Is it quite a risk and perhaps refrain from psychedelics especially with chronic physical illness or worth the risk?
  4. Only 9 days left, the chances of the MB5 campaign reaching its goal look thin.
  5. I think he means this: "Trip Report: On Being God [...] I did this for a few moments and then just had to sit down again and just cried like a little boy for a god 5 minutes straight. I just couldn't believe what I had done to myself for my entire life and what kind of nasty game I played with myself. I just saw it before my eyes and couldn't believe it."
  6. @Leo Gura If physical death is the most beautiful thing, why not shooting in the head? I don't get it.
  7. Emotional inhibitions / inability to get emotional in front of anyone I'm struggling with expressing my emotions, whether it is in front of my family, girlfriend, friends, strangers, it doesn’t matter who. This leads to all kinds of problem like shyness, fear of public speaking, stage fright, being tensed, having difficulty to connect with someone and so forth. I've tried many things like visualizations, autosuggestion, i've also given tons of lectures in front of 30-40 people and have had many girlfriends, i talk to people on a daily basis, but still have emotional inhibitions.
  8. How should one raise children / teach pupils? In educational science it is often said rules are necessary whereas spiritual people suggest that rules are not required and you should become a good friend for the child / pupil. What are your thoughts? Do you have any valuable suggestions?
  9. Sadhguru explains that 99% of enlightened beings leave their physical body, so they don't stay usually. He is saying that most people die at the time of enlightenment and you never see them again. The enlightened beings have to consiously create karma to maintain their body. He quotes Ramakrishna Paramhamsa's obsession over food as an example for consiously created karma. Why should we become enlightened if enlightenment means actually dead? I thought enlightenment is about ego death. Now i'm afraid of practicing any more spiritual practices because of leaving the body. I have to take care of my children and can't leave now.
  10. Has anyone heard about dark room retreats? Any experiences or opinions? For example: http://www.hridaya-yoga.com/dark-room-retreats-2/ http://www.hridaya-yoga.com/dark-room-retreats-the-hridaya-perspective/
  11. @Leo Gura Maybe you could integrate at least a like button and views, so there is a little bit feedback but no discussions.
  12. Besides, i don't think i can become enlightened, because i'm too exhausted to be highly concentrated which is why i also think about 5-meo.
  13. I have chronic fatigue syndrome since 3 years and with chronic fatigue i don’t mean i’m a little bit tired all the day, i mean it in a pathological way. When i do sport, i get a headache, chills and huge exhaustion. When i’m in a relaxed state, i still have these symptoms, but less strong. I went to 20 doctors and a few psychologists, but they couldn’t find anything. All the physiological parameters were fine. I clean up my diet, do personal development and meditation. Nothing has changed. When i meditate, i fell asleep most of the time because of my chronic fatigue. So I heard Martin Ball talks a lot about energys and the energetic body. I thought maybe it is a possibility i have an energetic problem. Do you think i should consider 5-meo or is it more likely it has just the opposite effect and my health condition gets even worse? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronic_fatigue_syndrome Maybe @Leo Gura or @Azrael can also give their opinions, because you have the practice with the substance.