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  1. Okay great thank you @Leo Gura I don't eat sugar apart from mostly fruit. Traumatik is probably right about the flouride but idk if hes right when he says, "Ever heard of geo-engineering, yeah science is making clouds with nano-technology With fungal spores in the chem-trails raining down"
  2. That's interesting to know @Leo Gura thankyou. I am going to invest in some water like you. But probably not use flouride free toothpaste as we need some flouride to protect our enamel.
  3. Im based in England, Essex. I was wondering if it were possible to meet more open minded people. I'm 19 and I've been into Spirituality/Non-duality for about a year because i've watched alot of Leos content . It'll be great to meet people who listen to Leo and to learn from higher conscious friends
  4. Oh okay, hes a welsh rapper who sings about psychedelics, (One of my fav 'psychedelic ascension') Also one of the songs called 'Question everything' when he talks about scientists I believe is a conspiracy theory.
  5. Does anybody listen to him? A lot of his music is about enlightenment however in a few songs he mentions about conspiracy theories and how the government are the cause of chem-trails. I wondered what others may think on this topic.. @LeoGura Do you believe fluoride destroys the pineal gland??