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  1. Someone told me at a vipassana retreat that Dr octavio rettig tazered and pulled him into the sea half drowning him. This man was very obviously shaken up telling the story and he only spoke about it because I brought the subject up of going to this shaman. There are videos on his own YouTube channel of him pouring water down people's throats during the most intense part of their 5meo trip. There is also a video of him personally explaining "why he has to be physical" why he hits or kicks and uses the tazer during the peak of their trip because hes got to be 'strict'. It doesn't seem to me he's a legitimate shaman. Kind regards
  2. Me and my friend have deep conversations about enlightenment. And seems to be right in this case but I feel that I have done alot more consciousness work than him and he just smokes weed and has done lots of mdma before. We are both 19. And I have gone to a vipassana retreat for 10 days. I gained a few insights but it's interesting to hear from other just a bit confused about this
  3. I know this is an old thread. I watched this video.. ill have a look at your one
  4. Thank you for your reply, that was a really good answer!! I take supplements just like in Leos Supplement video, I just want to be healthy I should really take a blood test tho, I do eat healthily too.
  5. I've watched Leos supplement video and I have been taking supplements for over a year now. I take a few days off every now and then, I have about 30 supplements in total but sometimes I take 20. I watched this video and it made me think if it really is 'safe' Most people tell me a balanced diet is better for you (which I do but take supplements too Like Leo) Anyone on the same page as me???
  6. Thank you for the replies guys!! It's super interesting to hear, i'm very open minded to what has been said. My friend is a communist and he says a lot of stuff to me. I feel like I need to hear all sides to somewhat develop an understanding. In one of leos videos I cant remember which, but he mentions a long list (including if you think your a capitalist or communist) saying it's all bullshit. I don't know if it's in regards to 'ego death' but Leo does say hes a capitalist in his video 'How to escape wage slavery' I think maybe I should watch all the spiral dynamics to build a better picture as I've only seen Stage blue and orange.
  7. @Mezanti Yeah i know hahaha.. but Sounds good give me a message
  8. They say food is not a requirement for survival but I'm not too sure about the idea.. what do you guys think??
  9. They say food is not a requirement for survival but I'm not too sure about the idea..
  10. Isn't the reason there are poor and starving people because there are the rich that are stealing and using more resources so its difficult to sustain an equal amount of resources to everyone. If it was treated unbiased shouldn't the people doing the hard labour earn more? Like bin men, no one wants to do it but someone has to, and should a footballer really earn more than the average doctors wage.
  11. @John Lula thank you that's a very good idea. Yeah derren haha.. I saw psychedsubstance mention him on one of his videos. I would like to get koi fresco to maybe do the same. I share alot of Leo's videos on Facebook. It would be nice to get people more involved, so they can improve their lives like ours.
  12. True. I'd love to get more people to see his content. Surely theres a way we can help advertise it,
  13. I think we need to get Darren Brown to see Leos videos so that he can benefit humanity and hypnotise people to watching his content.
  14. Does anybody here believe the government is depopulating us with the chem-trails in the atmosphere?